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Promoting Digital Citizenship through New Technologies.

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1 Promoting Digital Citizenship through New Technologies

2 Contact Us Feel free to contact us during the presentation Twitter: @cesare_martino Roberto Garth Cesare

3 Digital Literacy & Citizenship Digital literacy is the ability to effectively and critically navigate, evaluate and create information using a range of digital technologies. Digital Citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.

4 Values & Beliefs Social Responsibility School Goals “To provide a happy, safe, supportive and challenging learning environment where our children learn to become compassionate citizens able to contribute in a global community.”

5 District Goals Have a district Network Acceptable Use Policy outlining the responsibilities of all users on our network. Have staff and parents understand their roles and responsibilities in supporting Digital Literacy and Citizenship for students. Engage students in understanding Digital Citizenship through meaningful activities at home and school. Provide cross-curricular units/lessons to address digital literacy and citizenship topics in an age/grade appropriate way. Provide access to these resources at the schools and online for everyone.

6 Digital Citizenship CORE TOPICS Relationships & Communication Credit & Copyright Footprint & Reputation Cyberbullying Internet Safety

7 Implementation Strategies Kindergarten to Grade 6 District Learning Technologies Team Grade 7 – 12 Coordination with Schools, Mentors, Teacher - Librarians Clear Goals, Incorporated into School Plan, Curriculum and Lessons District Online Team, Learning Technologies Team Resources and Support for Teachers Developing an Online Interactive Course Consultation with Jesse Miller, Social Media Safety Speaker Video Case Studies developed by Burnaby North Media Arts Lab

8 Digital Citizenship Scope & Sequence

9 Digital Citizenship Curriculum and Lessons

10 Digital Citizenship Age and Topic Appropriate Media and Case Studies

11 Implementation Strategies – 7 to 12 Online Course starting in Grade 7 through Burnaby Online Credit for Courses? Digital Leadership Students Digital Citizenship activities designed to create conversations about technology use at home

12 Parent and Community Involvement School PAC Involvement and Awareness Keynote Speakers on Digital Citizenship Topics for Parents Topic of the Month School Newsletter School Website

13 SD 41 & SFU Partnership - Partnership with New Media Lab began in 2010 with the programming of Learner Profiles - iPad specific app was developed in 2011 and implemented in Burnaby schools in 2012 - the Tutor Learner Management System (LMS) was developed by the New Media Lab for teaching language courses - Have since helped adapt a variety of courses for Burnaby Online

14 SD 41 & CODE at SFU/ Beedie School - Have also begun a working partnership with CODE (Centre for Online Distance Education) at SFU along with the Beedie School of Business - Developing several courses in conjunction with SD 41 and SFU staff - Articulation – transition from secondary school to university - Courses in development include: Entrepreneurship, Business Writing, Android App Development

15 Partnership with Mediated Reality - Working with Mediated Reality founder and renowned Internet safety speaker Jesse Miller - Worked extensively with our Learning Tech Team and other staff to develop materials for the course - Content is current and relevant to youth of today

16 Work Flow & Course Interactivity -Students complete coursework on the web -Some assignments involve class discussions, most encourage discussion at home with family -Once work is completed the teacher/instructor can see completed work on their end -Teacher assesses work and student sees progress

17 The Tutor Platform & Course Preview


19 Admin View & Course Prep


21 What’s Next -Implement Course in Semester Two -iPad Application -Work with Jesse Miller and continue to refine content with our Learning Tech Team -Link with Learner Profiles -Implement K – 12 Digital Citizenship and Literacy in Burnaby

22 Web Site Address & Login alcitizenship/ Login: guest Password:pass

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