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2 2 Structure 1.Monitoring and Compliance 2.De-registrations of NPOs

3 3 Defining NPO The NPO Act 1997 (Sec.1x) defines an NPO as: a trust, company or other association of persons:- established for a public purpose. the income and property of which are not distributable to its members or office bearers except as reasonable compensation for service rendered

4 4 Other Names for NPO Non-governmental organisations. (NGOs) Community Based Organisations. (CBOs) Faith Based Organisations. (FBOs) Civil Society Organisations. (CSOs) Public Benefit Organisations. (PBOs)

5 5 NPO Act objectives (cont:) (S2) NPO Act are to: encourage NPOs to maintain standards of governance, transparency and accountability and to improve those standards create an environment in which the public may have access to information concerning registered organisations promote the spirit of co-operation and shared responsibility within government, law enforcement agencies, donors and other interested persons/institutions

6 6 NPO Act Objectives (S2) To encourage and support NPOs in their endeavor to meeting the diverse needs of the population of the Republic, by: –creating an enabling environment in which NPOs can flourish; –establishing an administrative and regulatory frame work within which NPOs can conduct their affairs;

7 7 NPO Directorate mandate (S5) Facilitate the process for developing and implementing policy; determining and implementing programs, to support NPOs in their endeavor to register; to ensure that the standard of governance within NPOS is maintained and improved; liaising with other organs of state and interested parties; facilitating the development and implementation of multi- sectoral and multi-disciplinary programs

8 8 Classification of NPOs in SA United Nations Nonprofit sector classification, clustered according to sector, objective, theme and description of activities. Eleven (11) Clusters. 1.Culture and recreation 2.Education and research 3.Health 4.Social Services 5.Environment 6.Development and housing 7.Law, advocacy and politics 8.Philanthropic, intermediaries and volunteerism promotion 9.International 10.Religion 11.Business and professional associations and unions

9 9 Responsibility of Registered NPOs (3) Every registered NPO must preserve each of its books of (in an original or reproduced form, for the prescribed period): account, supporting vouchers, records of subscriptions or levies paid by its members, income and expenditure statements, balance sheets and accounting officers reports.

10 10 NPO Monitoring and Compliance means: 1.Monitoring and compliance of NPOs as prescribed in S18 & 20 2.Deregistration as prescribed in S21 3.Appeals Process as prescribed in S22 Monitoring and Complience

11 11 Compliance S 17 & 18 prescribes that: NPO to submit the NPO Directorate with annual report within 9 months of the end of its financial year.

12 12 Duty to provide Reports Department of Social Development 1. Narrative: Office bearers Contact details Id numbers Telephone numbers Number of meetings Annual General meetings 2. Financial: Assets and Liabilities – balanced Closing balance correspond with opening balance Income and expenditure statement 3. Accounting Officer: Report Professional status

13 13 Narrative Report: Organization's activities over the previous twelve months, and includes the following sections: Section A: Basic details about the organisation on the form provided. Section B: The organization's major achievements over the year, in response to the questions provided. Section C: List of important meetings held during the year, and details of any changes to constitution.

14 14 Financial Reports Department of Social Development (s17) Prescribes that: organisations must keep accounting records to the standard of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP): Income and Expenditure (statements) Assets and liabilities (balance sheet) Arrange written report compiled by an accounting officer.

15 15 Duties imposed on accounting officer (sect 18(4 and 5)) If the accounting officer becomes aware of any instance in which the organisation has failed to comply with the financial provisions of this Act or its constitution, the accounting officer must notify the director of the occurrence –(a) within one month after becoming aware of it; and –(b) in writing with sufficient detail to describe the nature of the noncompliance. The duty imposed on an accounting officer subsection (4) supersedes the duty of confidentiality owed to the organisation by the accounting officer.

16 16 NPOs duty to provide information ( S18) provide to the Director in writing with –any appointment or election of its office-bearers even if their appointment (even in swapping of capacities); –the names and physical, business and residential addresses of its office-bearers –a physical address in the Republic for the service of documents. –of any change of address; and –any change of contact details (physical and postal) in the Republic –such other information as may be prescribed.

17 17 Noncompliance Non submission of reports in terms S18 Deviation from the material provisions of own constitution –Acting contrary to the procedures of own constitution –Non-adherence to the objectives Non-adherence to conditions or terms of any benefit or allowance conferred in terms or reference to the Act (S11)

18 18 Ignorance of Obligations Reminder to comply Notice of non-compliance Cancelation of registration and notice of cancellation

19 19 Types of cancelation Cancellation due to noncompliance Voluntary deregistration (requests from organisation for deregistration and reasons thereof plus effective date) Closing down/wounding up

20 NPO register… In January 2013 the status of NPO Register was reflected as follows: –Registered NPOs: 29 286. –Non-Compliant NPOs: 35 190 –Deregistered NPOs: 36 428 The reflection of this status on the register had major implications for the NPO and the sector and put a lot of pressure on the Department. In January 2013 the status of NPO Register was reflected as follows: –Registered NPOs: 29 286. –Non-Compliant NPOs: 35 190 –Deregistered NPOs: 36 428 The reflection of this status on the register had major implications for the NPO and the sector and put a lot of pressure on the Department. 20

21 …NPO Register After the Minister met with the Ministerial Task Team (MTT) on 31 st January 2013 a determination that all NPOs should be reflected as registered in the NPO register. It was agreed that all NPOs will be given a period of six months (1 st Feb- 31 st July) to file their reports. In this same meeting, it was also agreed that – a reporting compliance drive (Road Shows) should be design to reach-out to these affected NPOs and the MTT should a meaningful role.

22 Comparison of the NPO Register Before 31 st Jan 2013 22

23 NPO Register Status per Province 23 ProvinceRegistered NPOs Submitted Reports Outstanding Reports Gauteng33 5794 79231 895 Kwazulu Natal20 5552 75019 650 Free State5 3278154 955 Western Cape10 5901 8569 758 Northern Cape2 1782692 065 North West5 6197875 365

24 NPO Register Status per Province 24 ProvinceRegistered NPOs Submitted Reports Outstanding Reports Eastern Cape9 0909598 703 Limpopo11 4262 24310 855 Mpumalanga6 5311 0656 120 Total105 06915 53699 366

25 25 Effects of cancelation of registration Cessation of all conditions or term of any benefit or allowance in terms of sec11 Cancellation of certificate Reflection on Register

26 26 Offences (S 29) A person convicted of an offence in terms of this Act is liable to a fine or to imprisonment or to both a fine and imprisonment –Being wound up or dissolved, to transfer its remaining assets otherwise than to another NPO with similar objectives as contemplated in section 12(2)(o). –represent themselves as being validly registered; –Use of a registration number, a registration certificate or any information contained in the registration certificate if they have not been registered –Make material false representations in any document or a narrative, financial or other report submitted to the director.

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