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A Masonic Journey to Hull and Back

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1 A Masonic Journey to Hull and Back
Right Worshipful Brother Richard John Anderson The Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Yorkshire North and East Ridings 2002 – 2013

2 Richard John Anderson Born Saltburn-by-the-Sea in 1939
One of a pair of identical twins. Qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1962 Round Tabler, becoming their National Secretary Married to Sue Gifted with a son Paul, daughter Charlotte and 3 lovely grand children

3 From little acorns mighty oak trees do grow
let us review your Masonic journey

4 Early years with two key lodges
Huntcliff Lodge Lodge No. 4539 grandfather was a founding member. initiated 3rd December 1981 exalted into Hunctcliff Chapter 20 Nov 1984 Master 1995/96 Tees Tablers Lodge No 9564 Founder Member 1994 Secretary until 2001

5 Provincial 1993 Provincial Grand Pursuivant
1996 Founder Member Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies then Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies Provincial Grand Master Yorkshire North and East Ridings Appointed on 13 November 2002 Installed 8 February 2003. There followed many Provincial and Grand Lodge honours, great achievements with many lodge visits each providing leadership, guidance and inspiration. We have time to review only a few …

6 Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys 2006
First achievement was completing the initiative of the preceding Provincial Grand Master Target £2 million Raised £2,325,736

7 Charity Appeals 2008 year long appeal aim £75,000 raised £151,000
Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service Great North Air Ambulance Service 2010 Yorkshire Cancer Research £124,000 plus £ 80,000 Masonic Charity Fund £204,000 total to support Professor Norman Maitland Prostate Cancer Research

8 St John Ambulance – Defibrillators
PGL initiative to introduce Defibrillators into All Lodges 10th March 2008 Bro Ronald Jackson of our own lodge collapsed His heart stopped beating WBros Sam Judah and Mike Steel gave mouth to mouth and cardiac massage Two defibrillators shocks delivered by Bro David Duffill Bro Ron Jackson continues to attend, participates and inspires with expert ritual

9 Festival 2018 To an audience of 700 brethren
Simple aim to raise £1.6 Million for the Masonic Charity Fund Immediate announcement of £250,000

10 Lennox Lodge No years

11 To Hull – De La Pole Lodge No 1605
3 Visits to De La Pole 14th June 2002, WM SSS Judah, to raise Bro George Taylor 10th Sept 2010, WM Ray Platten, to install WBro Ron Stone 11th Sept 2013, WM John Todd, to install WBro Jim Kerr

12 Appointments and Promotions in the years 2002 to 2013
1st Appointment 1st Promotion 2nd Promotion 2003 John Taylor PPADC 2004 Ray Innes PPGSuptWks 2005 Mike Steel PPGStB. John Barnaby PPGReg 2006 Rob Dinsdale ProvSGD Alan Dinsdale PPGReg 2007 Les Lancaster PPJGW 2008 Sam Judah ProvSGW John Appleby PPGSwdB 2009 Grahame Deighton PPSGD John Taylor PPSGD Ray Innes PPGReg 2010 Mike Steel PPJGD John Barnaby PPJGW 2011 Stan McEwan PPGStB. Rob Dinsdale PPGSwdB 2012 Sam Judah ProvGMentor Alan Dinsdale PPJGW 2013 Stephen Bland ProvAGDC John Appleby PPJGW

13 A Masonic Journey to Hull and Back
Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Richard John Anderson Congratulations Thank You Bon Voyage

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