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1 The Journal of Information Systems Editor (2008-2010): Paul John Steinbart

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1 1 The Journal of Information Systems Editor (2008-2010): Paul John Steinbart

2 2 Thank You, Brad Tuttle Editor 2005-2007 5 issues produced 49 papers accepted 175 new submissions processed

3 3 New Submissions 1998-2007 Half year

4 4 First Round Turnaround

5 5 Acceptance Rates 2002-2003 = 16.1% 2003-2004 = 17.3% 2004-2005 = 20.2% 2005-2006 = 17.7% 2006-2007 = 16.7%

6 6 2007 Special Forum Guest editors –Chris Wolfe –Bruce Dehning 34 proposals 13 proposals accepted 3 papers accepted

7 7 Special REA Model Anniversary Section Guido Geerts, University of Delaware is guest editor for the special REA Anniversary Section 17 papers submitted Revisions in process Some papers encouraged to revise and resubmit under normal JIS procedures

8 8

9 9 Introducing the new Associate Editors

10 10 T.S. Amer Northern Arizona University Ph.D. The Ohio State University, 1989 M.S. (Acc) Texas A&M University, 1984 B.S. Management and B.A. Music, California State University, 1981

11 11 Guido Geerts University of Delaware Ph.D. Free University of Brussels, Belgium B.A. (Econ) Free University of Brussels, Belgium

12 12 Stewart Leech University of Melbourne M.Ec. – University of Tasmania, 1976 B.Com. – University of Melbourne, 1970

13 13 Andreas Nicolaou Bowling Green State University Ph.D. Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, 1993 M. Acc. Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, 1983 B.S. Athens University of Economics & Business, 1981

14 14 Jacqueline Reck University of South Florida James E. Rooks Distinguished Professor of Accounting Ph.D. University of Missouri – Columbia, 1996 M.Acc., University of South Florida, 1989 B.S. (Acc), University of South Florida, 1988 B.S., Education & Dietetics, North Dakota State University

15 15 Book Reviews Editor: Robert Pinsker Old Dominion University Ph.D. University of South Florida, 2002 M.A.S., Northern Illinois University 1995 B.A. Michigan State University, 1993

16 16 Gregory Schymik Editorial Assistant Third year Ph.D. student at the Arizona State University M.S. (CIS) University of Detroit-Mercy B.S. Computer Engineering, University of Michigan

17 17 AIS Research Theoretical Empirical Prototype Non-Experimental Experimental Small Sample Field Studies Archival Survey [SEM] Decision Cases Lab Field Experiments SimulationAnalytics JIS welcomes and has published all kinds of research

18 18 JIS Topics Decision Maker Regulations Organizational Context Task IS/IT

19 19 The future is bright Relevance of AIS research is growing Regulations recognize need for accountability New technologies need to be studied –Usability –Effect on organizational performance IS research on economics-related issues CPA exam includes more IS The accounting profession recognizes importance of IS

20 20 The future is also cloudy JIS > 20 years old, but still not included in citation indices Academic accountants dont seem to get it –Number of new PhD students –Tenure –Position of AIS course in curriculum

21 21 Action Items Additional special issues and forums – send me your proposals Call for reviewers and update reviewer database Increased visibility and influence Increased number of submissions – send me your papers

22 22 Thank You Past editorial boards and reviewers IS section Authors Current editorial board and reviewers

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