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NOAA Leadership Competencies Development Program Overview Facilitated by Tracy Levstik LCDP Program Manager February 18 & 20, 2014 Join us via phone at:

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1 NOAA Leadership Competencies Development Program Overview Facilitated by Tracy Levstik LCDP Program Manager February 18 & 20, 2014 Join us via phone at: 866-909-7872. Passcode: 433406#.

2 Agenda Webinar guidelines Introductions What is LCDP? What does NOAA get for this investment? Who are the LCDP alumni? How does the LCDP work? LCDP Class IX recruitment Advice from alumni Q & A 2 Join us via phone at: 866-909-7872. Passcode: 433406#.

3 Webinar Guidelines PLEASE put your phone on mute (to minimize background noise). Do NOT put your phone on hold – that will cause music to be heard by all participants. Take the opportunity now to focus on todays session by closing your email and other computer applications. 3 *6 to mute or unmute your phone

4 Tracy is a Leadership Program Development Specialist with the Workforce Management Offices Strategic Human Capital Division. Located in Boulder, Colorado she is the Program Manager for NOAAs leadership programs/projects, including: Leadership Competencies Development Program (LCDP.) Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program. SES Executive Development Plan Pilot Program. 4 LCDP Program Manager

5 Guest Speakers: LCDP VIII Graduates Kelly Denit (NMFS) George Jungbluth (NESDIS) 4

6 What is LCDP? Structure Purpose Audience Objectives 6

7 The LCDP Experience As an LCDP participant, you will have the opportunity to: Build your network; Complete assessment tools; Attend leadership training; Complete developmental assignments; Enjoy close support from a carefully structured network; and Gain increased visibility. LCDP graduates interested in future senior or executive level positions may compete for them under merit promotion procedures when openings occur. 7

8 Why Does NOAA Need LCDP?. 8 NOAAs Strategic Challenges: Declining budgets Increased public demand for services Succession for increasingly retirement-eligible workforce Low morale, reputation challenges Priority focus areas of the most recent LCDP Cohort: Change Management/ Leading Change Leading People/ Participative Management Building Collaborative Relationships/Coalitions LCDP Participants are learning the skills the agency needs to excel into the future

9 What Does NOAA Get for its Investment? LCDP graduates have the skills to excel in NOAA leadership positions: –47% of LCDP alumni are either GS-15 level (or equivalents) or SES, up from only 10% of participants that began the program at the GS-15 (or equivalent) level. –58% of LCDP alumni are supervisors, up from 23% at program start. –92% non-retirement retention rate, with specific LOs even higher. –29% of LCDP graduates have changed job series, 23% have changed duty station, & 17% have changed LOs/SOs at least once since graduating from the program; improving awareness, knowledge- sharing, & cross-line pollination. 9

10 What Does NOAA Get for its Investment? (contd) A survey of LCDP graduates supervisors demonstrate that alumni are highly trained and motivated: –86% reported that their graduate has used the network & contacts established in the program to advance the objectives of his/her team/function with clearly positive results. –86% reported that their graduate has improved his/her own performance & development as a result of completing the program. 10

11 Who Are the LCDP Alumni? 11 Dr. Holly Bamford AA, NOS VADM Michael Devany Deputy Under Secretary for Operations Dr. Russell Callender DAA, NOS Dr. Chris Fox Former Director, NGDC (Ret.) RADM Phil Kenul, Former Director, NOAA Marine & Aviation Operations Centers (Ret.) Buck Sutter Director, NOAA Fisheries Office of Habitat Conservation Dr. Bonnie Ponwith Science & Research Director, NMFS SEFSC Benjie Spencer Director, Systems Engineering Center, NWS Office of Science & Technology Dr. Jim Butler Director, ESRL Global Monitoring Division.

12 Golden Ticket To date: 189 program alumni in 8 cohorts since the program began in 2000. Cohort 8 had 22 members; graduated 1/31/14. LCDP gave me the opportunity to see how the entire agency works together, for the first time. I got to meet and learn from highly-motivated people from all the line offices. The training at FEI, along with this top-level view and a network of peers across the agency has made me much more effective in leading my home office, especially as we go through some pretty serious changes. I call LCDP my golden ticket because I was exposed to a world that I couldnt have imagined before. - Former LCDP Participant 12

13 How Does LCDP Work? Recruitment: –Eligibility –Selection Process: Online Application Rating and Ranking Interviews DAA signs off DUS approves final selections 13

14 LCDP Cost & Funding Cost: –FEI training for cohort IX will range from $21,194 to $26,865 depending on the size of the cohort. –Estimated $10K per person for developmental assignment costs & supplemental training (variable and highly dependent upon LO/SO budget, location and duration of assignments.) Funding: –Each LO/SO funds LCDP differently. –Talk to your LCDP LO/SO Coordinator for more information: 14

15 LCDP Class IX Recruitment & Program Requirements Online application open: February 18 – March 11, 2014. Apply online at: 15 Recruitment and Training TimelineDate Supervisor Statement Due3/14/14 Application Rating & Ranking3/31 - 4/04/14 Applicants NotifiedOn or by 4/11/14 Interviews4/21 - 5/02/14 Selectees and Non-Selectees contactedOn or by 5/23/14 Orientation Week at FEI7/13 – 7/18/14 (Sun. – Fri.) Leadership Course #1 at FEI1/25 – 2/06/15 (2 weeks, starts Sun., ends Fri.) Leadership Course #2 at FEI7/12-7/17/15 (Sun. – Fri.) Leadership Course #3 at FEI1/24-1/28/16 (Sun. – Thurs.) Graduation in Silver Spring, MD1/29/16 (Fri.)

16 Advice from LCDP Alumni Kelly Denit: Current Chief of the Fishery Management & Coordination Branch in the NOAA Fisheries Office of Sustainable Fisheries in Silver Spring, MD. Prior to joining NOAA in 2005 as a Knauss Sea Grant Fellow, Kelly received an MSc from the University of Miami in Biological Oceanography. Two LCDP developmental assignments: –Chief of the Applied Ecology and Restoration Research Branch in the Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research in Beaufort, NC. –Deputy Director of the Office of Sustainable Fisheries in Silver Spring, MD. 16

17 Advice from LCDP Alumni George Jungbluth: Current Deputy Chief of Staff/Director of Communications for NESDIS. Prior to joining NOAA, George worked in corporate strategic communications in Washington DC and Moscow, Russia. George is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in International Relations and Russian language. George joined NOAA in 2008, working in the NESDIS International Affairs office, where he focused on relations with China and Russia. Two LCDP developmental assignments: –Program Specialist, NESDIS TPIO in Silver Spring, MD. –Chief, IOOS Management, Budget & Planning Division in Silver Spring, MD 17

18 The Bottom Line LCDP is a proven means of preparing NOAAs most promising employees for effective leadership roles in the organization. The LCDP curriculum is based on industry- wide leadership best practices & focuses on how to lead well in dynamic and changing environments. LCDP is focused on the key skills NOAAs future leaders will need. LCDP alumni are recognized as high- performing, effective leaders & advance to higher levels of responsibility. 18

19 Questions Thank you! Program Contact: –Tracy Levstik, LCDP Program Manager –303-497-4231 – Questions? 19

20 Supplemental Slide: LCDP VIII Class Composition NameLO/SODuty Station Tanya DobrzynskiBudget OfficeWashington, D.C. Mark EakinNESDISSilver Spring, MD George JungbluthNESDISSilver Spring, MD Daniel MullerNESDISSilver Spring, MD Ken PavelleNWSSilver Spring, MD Scott WeaverNWSCollege Park, MD Kevin WernerNWSSalt Lake City, UT Jeremy PotterOARSilver Spring, MD LCDR Nancy HannOMAONorfolk, VA CDR Todd BridgemanOMAOSilver Spring, MD 20 22 participants; 8 Field, 14 D.C. Area; 10 Female, 12 Male NameLO/SODuty Station Sally BibbNMFSJuneau, AK John CroftsNMFSLong Beach, CA Kelly DenitNMFSSilver Spring, MD Lindsay FullenkampNMFSSilver Spring, MD Rosemary FurfeyNMFSPortland, OR Kirsten LarsenNMFSSilver Spring, MD Arlene PangelinanNMFSHonolulu, HI John ArmorNOSSilver Spring, MD Beth DieveneyNOSKey West, FL Geno OlmiNOSCharleston, SC Laura Rear-McLaughlinNOSSilver Spring, MD Jon SwallowNOSSilver Spring, MD

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