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1 Investor Education in Your Workplace®

2 What Is Investor Education in Your Workplace®? The Investor Education in Your Workplace® program is a NATIONAL investor education program that helps participants build financially strong, self-supporting families and communities. General Program Outcomes (2009-2012): Nearly 400 employers have offered the program Over 16,000 individuals have participated The program has won several awards IEiYW®: General Overview

3 IEiYW® is event-based learning, so its fun and exciting! IEiYW®: General Overview Similar to popular reality-based competitions…. We challenge you to complete one course per week. And we help you by providing: Award-winning curriculum and technology Unbiased and independent content Convenient, simple, and engaging user experience Pre- and post-testing to track changes in knowledge and behavior Weekly progress updates via automated emails from

4 IEiYW®: Proven Results. Expect Success! Investor Education at Work Improvement in Knowledge Participation Rates Want to Learn More 40 % 80 % 92 % Significant Improvement in Behaviors Build a Budget Build a Budget Financial Plan Financial Plan Retirement Savings Retirement Savings New Savings New Savings Decrease Debt Decrease Debt Fewer Late Fees Fewer Late Fees Less Financial Stress Less Financial Stress Up to improvements in behaviors 50%

5 5 Program Timeline Simple Four-Step Process Timeline: May 6 th – August 16 th (14 weeks) IEiYW®: Program Overview

6 6 Program Timeline (May-Aug) bb DateMilestone 05/06/2013Spring 2013 Program Starts 05/17/2013Initial Quiz and Survey Complete 05/24/2013Course #1: Saving and Investing 05/31/2013Course #2: Personal Finance 06/07/2013Course #3: Investing Basics 06/14/2013Course #4: Investment Strategies 06/21/2013Course #5: Investment Risks 06/28/2013Course #6: Retirement Planning 07/05/2013Independence Day 07/12/2013Course #7: Retirement Plan Options 07/19/2013Course #8: Mutual Funds 07/26/2013Course #9: Financial Advisors 08/02/2013Course #10: Putting It All Together 08/16/2013Final Quiz and Survey Complete

7 IEiYW®: Participant Dashboard

8 IEiYW®: Participant Experience

9 IEiYW®: Participant Experience

10 10 Program Completion Certificate

11 Organizational Awards Gold Status of Achievement – 75% participation Silver Status of Achievement – 50% participation Bronze Status of Achievement – 25% participation 11

12 IEiYW®: FAQs Q: How much will I have to pay to participate? A: NOTHING! IEiYW® is available at no cost to you thanks to over $500K in grants from the Investor Protection Trust. The program is valued at over $100 per participant. Q: When do I complete the IEiYW® program? A: IEiYW® is available ONLINE 24/7. You can use your home or work computer, as well as your tablet and even your smartphone. Q: Do I need audio speakers for the IEiYW® courses? A: NO. The program is designed to NOT require audio. Q: If I need to stop in the middle of a course, can I pick up where I left off? A: Absolutely. The system keeps track of your progress and indicates where you left off. Q: What is the passing score for each course? If necessary, can I retake the exams? A: You must earn a 75% or higher on each course exam. YES! You may retake exams as many times as you need; only the highest score will be counted.

13 IEiYW®: FAQs Q: Why is investor education important? A: Average Americans score less than 55% on basic financial literacy tests. A: Many individuals find financial jargon intimidating. A: 67% feel they dont know enough to make sound financial decisions. A: 70% want more information about budgeting, investing, and retirement. Q: Why should I participate in IEiYW®? A: Increase your knowledge on the use of investments, saving, decreasing debt, etc. - Greater financial knowledge leads to improved financial decisions/behavior A: Enhance your understanding of benefits like 401(k) plans, retirement saving plans, and more. - Invest in yourself by making smarter decisions for your future A: Understand investments as a wealth-building opportunity. - Learn more about how to make your money work for you A: IEiYW® is a WIN-WIN-WIN. - Members interact with better-trained professionals who are more likely to meet their needs - You learn how to prepare for your financial future while gaining useful knowledge to use on the job - Your organization gains better-equipped employees, which leads to happier members and happier employees

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