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Good morning…. Introduce Duane, Ray, and self NEXT CAPT Leigh Wickes, MSC, USN CAPT Clarence Thomas, MSC, USN CDR Ray Stiff, MSC, USN LCDR Chris Morrison, MSC, USN

2 OVERVIEW NPC Mission Assignment process Fitness Reports
Selection Boards Preparation/Selection Boards During this brief we are going to discuss the NPC Mission The Assignment Process Fitness Reports And Selection Boards NEXT

3 To support the needs of the Navy by providing the Fleet with the right person in the right place at the right time.  We strive to satisfy our Sailors’ personal goals and improve their quality of life; we will provide them with meaningful and rewarding career opportunities, promote and retain the best, and ensure fair and equitable treatment of all hands, by all hands, at all times.   Mission First…Sailors Only You can read the NPC Mission Statement here but the bottom line is that we are charged with taking care of our PEOPLE while properly satisfying Navy mission needs. In doing so we are always focused on: Getting the command the right person they need to accomplish their mission Ensuring the officer continues to grow and progress in their career Tending to the personal and family needs of the member NEXT

Detailer - Officer’s advocate; ensure career and personal concerns are balanced with the needs of the Navy; advocate for all subspecialties; career counseling/career management/assignments. Specialty Leader - SG’s advocate for community-specific concerns including: billet distribution, training, accessions, professional and career development. Specialty Leader advises Detailer on requirements and Officers within their community – does not detail! Placement Officer - Command’s advocate; single POC for manning concerns; work collaboratively with BUMED, Regions, Commands, Detailers and Community Managers to properly distribute personnel resources across the enterprise. Three players in the Assignment Process Detailer Specialty Leader Placement Officer Of these three WHO is responsible for the assignment? The Detailer… NEXT

5 ASSIGNMENT PROCESS Duties of the Detailer:
Negotiate and propose orders Provide career counseling to service members Detailing Triad (needs of the Navy, career needs, personal needs) Communicate with the Specialty Leaders Nominate members and recorders for Boards Visit commands to speak with service members Duties NEXT

6 ASSIGNMENT PROCESS Rules of Engagement:
Billet Funding – “No billet/No body” Billet Coding (Grade, SUBSPEC, AQDs etc…) e.g. One-up/One-down Projected Rotation Date (PRD) – Members are expected to remain in their assignment until their PRD Minimum Tour Length CONUS to CONUS – 24 months CONUS shore to CONUS sea – 12 months To OCONUS Sea or shore – DOD prescribed tour OCONUS to CONUS (sea or shore) – 12 months Special circumstances E.g.. Overseas – Over 3 dependents requires a waiver EFM - Ensure update is completed every 2 years GSA orders are PCS with follow on negotiated IA orders are TDY from your local command

7 ASSIGNMENT PROCESS Talk with SL about Specialty needs/options
Contact detailer early…12 months from PRD Be honest – lay out all cards, family, school Remember diversity of assignments Consider promotion timelines Have facts correct Detailers take notes and network constantly s > 1/4 page…indicative of phone call Military bearing will show in an /phone call “Hiding out” will lead to disaster Don’t use “retirement trump card” – difficult to reverse


9 FITNESS REPORTS Single most important personnel management tool - impacts all personnel decisions. Performance documentation from entry to separation - continuity. Performance is everything! Make the best of every situation. Boards select based on the written record - the written record IS the individual.

Do not write a job description in block 41- already in block 29. State performance with outcomes and metrics. Does the narrative match the grades? Is there a written promotion recommendation? If you have questions/concerns regarding your FITREP, discuss with reporting senior before signing.

Reporting Seniors must clarify marks/also break out MP and P officers if large groups. Forced distribution. “My #1 MP, would have been EP but ranked against highly competitive senior officers”. “My #1 LCDR out of 25 of all designators” Headquarters commands—large pool of “stars”—comments especially important. Reporting Seniors should clarify any “blanket command policies regarding ranking” in the narrative (i.e. newly promoted officers do not receive “EP” rankings).

Short opening statement – Breakout! #3 of 15 LCDRs regardless of designator (esp. if 1/1 billet) “If not for forced distribution and being junior LT…” White space Several bullets with most important listed first Cause and effect (impact) bullets Closing statement with promotion recommendation. Command recommendation if up for CAPT. Statement is critical when serving in 1/1 assignment. EP marking is not a stand alone if the narrative is weak/marginal.

Block 29: 14 character/space primary job abbreviation—use your leadership role, e.g., Director, DH, etc. rather than specialty. Include job scope - # of people supervised, budget oversight if applicable (optional for operational billets). Block 40: Don’t leave blank! Milestones should be consistent with rank and specialty. Be realistic—don’t recommend a brand new O-4 for MTF CO.

14 FITNESS REPORTS Don’t repeat bullets from previous fitness reports—each FITREP should present new material. If each FITREP sounds the same during a tour, it doesn’t show growth and development—can be a negative factor. Be smart and know the BUPERSINST A—don’t depend on others to know it. It is your career, manage it.

Detailer perspective when reviewing Failure to Select (FOS) Fitness Reports: Narratives - not written for impact, too technical, job descriptions rather than performance, no demonstrated growth or increasing responsibility, no further job/promotion recommendations, stock comments or phases—not meaningful comments, and too much repetition from report to report. Did not break out from the pack either in EP or MP ratings or in the narrative. Accomplishments/contributions as a Naval officer, MSC officer, and a professional--must be addressed in the narrative.

16 FITNESS REPORTS SUMMARY Performance, performance, performance!
Diversity of assignments and responsibilities. Remember – no specialty-specific jargon…write so ALL board members will understand Write cause and effect bullets Not just a list of what you did; emphasize IMPORTANCE of accomplishments Lastly, do spell check—sounds like a no-brainer but it happens and it reflects poorly on both the command and the officer………


Start about 1 year before in zone Request record review with detailer (optional) Order your record on CD Check OSR/PSR/ODC online - Regular FITREP Continuity Personal Awards Education information-- degrees & service schools AQDs


20 RECORD PREPARATION The week before the board convenes, Head Recorder & Assistant Recorders review each eligible record for completeness. Manual Reviews - Done as a courtesy to eligible FITREPS for last 5 years Verify Awards/Education Check that OSR/PSR accurately reflects FITREP grades & awards Missing FITREPS are identified and posted on BOL; “missing FITREP” messages are NOT sent from PERS – Officers in zone should check BOL periodically for this information Records NOT up to date reflect on the eligible officer being considered!

21 BOARD CONVENES Voting members arrive and are sworn in
Records are randomly assigned to a primary reviewer - members review & grade records in boardrooms Reviewers go through your record and make notes to brief your record before the full board Members brief & vote records in tank Some board presidents will allow members with personal knowledge of the member to voice positive comments. No negative information is ever permitted, unless it is documented in the fitness report! Review, grade, brief & vote until number of tentative selects equal the number authorized

22 RECORD REVIEWS The Selection Board reviews your digital service record through the use of EMPRS, the Electronic Military Personnel Record System Contains Fitness Reports and information from your microfiche/CD

23 IN THE TANK Reviewed records (OSR/PSR with member annotations) are electronically forwarded to the voting area (“The Tank”) Head Recorder calls your name and number, and your primary reviewer begins to talk about your record Other members listen and vote when they’ve heard enough Simulated tank session with fictitious training record



Performance is the Number ONE indicator OSR cover page complete/up-to-date Additional Qualifications Other Degrees (outside of specialty) Subspecialties Avoid “NOT Observed” FITREPs for long periods (if possible)

27 QUESTIONS? CAPT Leigh Wickes (901) 874-3756
CAPT Clarence Thomas (901) CDR Raymond Stiff (901) LCDR Chris Morrison (901) Web Site: Address: Detailer Name Navy Personnel Command (PERS 4415) 5720 Integrity Drive Millington, TN 38055


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