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E8/E9 Selection Boards

3 Officer Promotion Plan
Completed by Promotion Planners in Washington (OPNAV-13) with input from community managers a 5-year plan used to estimate end strength requirements and promotion opportunities only current year is fixed - out years subject to change as needed to manage end strength Percentage to Select by Pay Grade and Board (MC, NC, MSC, DC) There is a lot of planning that must take place before any promotion board is convened in Millington. I will give you an overview of the promotion planning process. Every year a promotion plan is written by promotion planners in N13 in Washington, D.C. The promotion plan lists promotion opportunity and identifies the zones for the upcoming boards. This promotion plan becomes the basis for the Zone ALNAV which is released every year in December. The Zone ALNAV delineates who is eligible for a promotion board by lineal number. By Navy policy eligibles must receive 30 days notice that they are eligible prior to a board being convened. In addition a five year zone forecast is published to help detailers project when an eligible may be “In Zone” for promotion. A separate Flag Plan is released each year which cover flag officer promotion boards.

4 Promotion Opportunity
Opportunity: “Chance” of selection (determines zone size) Selection Rate: % of all officers selected for promotion Includes officers selected from above/in/below the zone Max Below Zone Legal Limit: 15% / Navy Policy 10% Above Zone: No limit Flow Point: Average years of service when an officer is promoted (paid) to the next grade.

5 Promotion Opportunity
Eligible by Zone Total Eligible 60 AZ 40 IZ + = 100 Eligible Officers But..! 40 IZ x 50% = 20 Selects

6 Help, I’m in zone! What do I do now?
Order CD online at BUPERS webpage View OSR/PSR online at BUPERS webpage Do this at least 12 months and 6 months before promotion board Check everything in your record -- if not there, send to the board.

7 Maintaining Your Record
Check for: Regular FITREP Continuity (no gaps greater than 90 days) Awards (NAM and above only) Education Information Service Schools (at least two weeks in length) Special Qualifications (AQDs)

8 Letters to the Board Not needed if your record is ready (recommend 30 days prior) Don’t send volumes -- keep pertinent Don’t send anything you don’t want the board to discuss! If you provide it, they can talk about it... Does not update your permanent record (except PERS validated FitReps)

9 Board Correspondence (Up to Board convening date)
Letter to Board: Addressed to Board President from the eligible officer May include anything eligible officer feels should be included in board deliberations. Use discretion!!! Normally used to forward Letters of Recommendation Fitness reports (usually included in Letter to Board) Validated by appropriate NPC authority (if not validated not accepted) No third party correspondence

Board Recorder Week STARTS ONE WEEK PRIOR TO BOARD Manual Reviews (DONE AS A COURTESY TO ELIGIBLE!) Regular Fitreps for the last five years Check that OSR/PSR accurately reflects fitrep grades and awards Verify Awards / Education Messages sent for missing fitreps only! YOUR PERFORMANCE IS UNKNOWN IF YOUR RECORD IS NOT UP TO DATE!!!

11 BOARD COMPOSITION 4 Community Members & 1 URL (minimum) 1 HCA 1 CCS
1 HCS Minority, Female, Reserve

12 Typical Board Flow Members report Members split into specific boards
Review Precept Take Oaths Recorders Admin remarks and briefings Members split into specific boards Members review and grade records in boardrooms Members brief and vote records in tank Review, grade, brief and vote until number of tentative selects equal the number authorized.

13 Precept Letter Membership, Date, and Location Selection Standard
Authorized Percentage to Select Show Cause Determination General Procedural Guidance Skills Guidance Equal Opportunity Board Reports Oaths


15 .


17 Reporting Senior’s Cum Averages are a snapshot in time
Not 100% accurate -- a snapshot in time. Will update 90 days after the end of a regular reporting period. Boards are told to use the reporting senior’s cum as a guide to promotion but not a absolute indicator.







24 SCATTERGRAM 100 97 94 93 91 87 83 80 77 74 71 3 2 5 6 8 11 13 16 21 27 TS Crunch 8 to select 4 DFC

25 Full Record Review & Brief (AZ/IZ only)
Random distribution to ensure impartiality First Review - Random Second Review - by same designator, if first review was not Member reviews all fitreps, etc -- annotates highlights on OSR/PSR for tank Grades record Briefs record in tank

26 Vote to Brief (Below Zone Records)
OSR / PSR projected with no annotations “NAKED BRIEF” - No scrub by Recorders Initial vote is either 100 (Yes) or 0 (No) Required number of 100 votes is determined by majority vote after all records are projected BZ records are added to the first crunch for review and a full brief BZ eligibles don’t incur a failure of selection

27 FITREP Observations Write your FITREP for a board member. Writing FITREPS is an art, master it. Include career milestones Rank in peer group Awards Don’t use job specific language/acronyms Warfare Qualifications future billet / promotion recommendations If 1/1 get ranked out in narrative

28 FITREP Observations Pay attention to Promotion Recommendations. Trend to the right. Pay attention to your averages and RS averages. Earn a “KISS” goodbye

29 FITREP Observations Avoid NOB FITREPS for long periods of time at the wrong time. Get LTRs from Program Directors as substitutes or bullets on the back of your NOB FITREPS Say what needs to be said…..board members struggle with “what message is the reporting senior trying to send?” Wow the reader of the FITREP

30 Promotion Observations
Performance in competitive jobs is the number ONE indicator of success - past and future Hard jobs are better Filling in blocks of OSR is very good: Additional quals Masters/Advanced Degrees Subspecialties

31 Written Comments (Block 41)
A recent Reporting Senior wrote: “Read this carefully…the rules force me to make him only a Must Promote. He is an Early Promote! He is rated against another O-X who I anticipate will be promoted. Joe’s turn is next. Joe would truly be number one in any other setting.”

32 Written Comments (Block 41)
Reporting Seniors who do not give “EP Kisses” goodbye should explain philosophy in narrative: “Please note it is not my personal philosophy to give EP Kisses goodbye. This should not be viewed as a negative mark, LT Smith is an outstanding officer who deserves to be promoted.”

33 Written Comments (Block 41)
Reporting Seniors who readjust their average should explain in narrative: “Please note while it may appear that this is a declining FITREP, it is not. I am simply readjusting my average. LT Smith is well above my new RS average of He is an outstanding officer and deserves to be promoted at the earliest opportunity.”

34 Written Comments (Block 41)
Translate clinical skills into Leadership traits: “LT Smith’s clinical skills are impressive, he is sought out by patients and staff, his leadership skills are just as impressive. Juggles the multiple demands of being a staff provider both clinically and administratively with ease usually seen in more seasoned providers.”

35 Written Comments (Block 41)
A recent Reporting Senior wrote this bullet: “Lacking situational awareness, he failed to compartmentalize between personal and professional issues..…engaged in crude, socially unacceptable behavior and frequently spoke before thinking, compounding his poor oral communication skills.”

36 Written Comments (Block 41)
Opening: “My #1 LT regardless of designator. Ranked as the # 1 EP” Closing: “He has my strongest endorsement and recommendation for positions of increased responsibility. LT Smith is already performing at the level of most senior LCDRs, promote him at the earliest opportunity”

37 Recommendation for Promotion

38 Recommendation for Promotion
Don’t send mixed signals! OR??

39 FITREP Observations WE are all Medical made up of one team with one overall mission, Let’s start taking care of each other. Take the time to learn the system and share your knowledge. Your competition should be the person staring back at you in the mirror, Just do your best!!

40 DUINS/MSCIPP BOARDS Administrative not statutory board
Board sponsor is NMETC Conducted same as statutory board

41 DUINS/MSCIPP BOARDS Membership 5 Community members Corps specific
Female, minority HCS HCA

42 DUINS/MSCIPP BOARDS Quotas established by NMETC Alternates:
Board discretion Not all programs/specialties Priorities established by communities and NMETC

43 DUINS/MSCIPP BOARDS Review process similar to Selection Boards
Initial double review of records Marks/grades Competition or not Board room vs. Tank decisions

44 DUINS/MSCIPP BOARDS Selection Criteria GRE/GMAT GPA Program Relevance
Career Potential Promotion Zone Flow Point

45 DUINS/MSCIPP BOARD MSCIPP Applications Interview sheets
Potential for promotion Applications SPELL CHECK/GRAMMAR Shadow MSC Personal Statement

46 DUINS/MSCIPP BOARD Advice to Non-Selects Try again if really serious
Don’t shop for a program Get involved in command/community HCA vs. HCA Masters

47 Failure of Selection (FOS)
Have your record reviewed by a senior officer (or several) Listen to their comments/suggestions MUST prepare letter to the board Include 2-3 recommendations from current/former COs, specialty leader or O7 and above

48 Failure of Selection (FOS)
Any new or missing information (maybe assumed a position of increased responsibility or earned an award) Don’t send in too much information No videos/CDs/thesis/etc.

49 Failure of Selection (FOS)
Cover letter to the board Keep it short/brief If explanation of perceived decline in performance, state facts (don’t attack rater) Why you deserve to be promoted to the next rank (keep it short, no more than one paragraph) Explain competitive group dynamics (rated with other directors/department heads)

50 Failure of Selection (FOS)
Keep your chin up! But….be realistic. Even the best can be passed over, sometimes it is just a “numbers game” Talk to others who have been in the same situation. They have much advice to offer.

51 E8/E9 Selection Boards Difference between selection processes
Writing Fitreps for the E8/E9 selection boards Factors for selection



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