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PROFILE OF ECUADOR Name: Republic of Ecuador

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2 PROFILE OF ECUADOR Name: Republic of Ecuador
Government type: Democracy Capital: Quito Continent: South America Business Languages: Spanish (official) & English Area: 256,360 sq Km Time zone: GMT -5 hours Currency: US Dollar Population: million (Nov. 2012) Median age: 26 years .

3 ECUADOR Location: Between Colombia & Peru. The country enjoys a coast line with the Pacific ocean. Weather: Tropical along coast; mild weather at valleys in the highlands, getting cooler at higher elevations; tropical in the Amazon Coastline: 2,237 km Biodiversity: Tropical coast, cloud forest, moorlands, highlands, valleys, jungle, plus a wide arrange of flora and fauna Main cities w/ population: Quito (2.2 million) Guayaquil (2.4 million) , Cuenca (506,000) & Manta (226,000)

4 PRO ECUADOR is the formal Trade and Investment Promotion Organization of the Republic of Ecuador, responsible to promote the Ecuadorian Exports and Investments; operating under the umbrella of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Trade, with the objective of enhancing the competitiveness of Ecuador as a preferred trading and investment partner. PRO ECUADOR has more than 32 Overseas Trade Offices, focusing on research, trading and international business development bridging the Ecuador economy with the Globe. Our mandate: 1- Export Promotion Investment Promotion Tourism Promotion

Export Advisory Services 3,108 Registered and validated exporters 3,488 people that received technical training Investment Promotion 14 missions from China, Turkey, USA, UK, Guatemala, South Korea, among others More than 350 businessmen and women participated. Export Promotion 616 new exporters and 234 new products exported to markets where the Trade Offices are located Market Intelligence 1.402 Market Access Reports delivered Tourism Promotion 6,2 Million passengers with 5% annual growth

Developing trade promotion strategies in coordination with PRO ECUADOR HQ and UAE Stakeholders Generating trade opportunities by working closely with UAE Companies Bringing Ecuadorian Companies to participate in UAE major Trade Exhibitions and arranging B2B meetings with UAE Businesses. Hosting UAE Companies to be part of ECUADORIAN major events (AEBE, MACRORRUEDAS & AROMAS DE CAFÉ), organized by PRO ECUADOR Facilitating business meetings and visiting Ecuadorian Companies /delegations in the UAE with local businesses and partners Provision of a Business Centres facilities for Ecuadorian companies to work closely with UAE counterparts in a professional environment. Partnering with UAE Government and Semi-Government bodies to organize official missions, events Working with domestic Airlines and ports authorities to enhance connectivity with Ecuador


8 REASONS TO INVEST IN ECUADOR Main Commercial Sea Ports:
INVESTMENT PROMOTION Airports: 20 · 4 international · 11 domestic · 5 local REASONS TO INVEST IN ECUADOR Stable and Growing Economy Strategic Location and Logistics Hub Qualified and Competent Human Resources Easy Access to Andean and World Markets Protection and Incentives to Investors Dollarized economy Main Commercial Sea Ports: Guayaquil, Manta, Esmeraldas INVESTMENT SECURITY National or International Arbitration No confiscation or nationalization allowed Investment Contract for 15 years, renewable for another 15 years

9 9 PRIORITIZED SECTORS Metal Works Tourism Fresh and Processed food
Forestry, resulting in manufactured products Metal Works Tourism 9 PRIORITIZED SECTORS Fresh and Processed food Renewable Energy Petrochemical Biotechnology and applied software Pharmaceutics Logistics services

10 Fortune Global 500 companies 2012
In Ecuador there's around 50 Fortune Global 500 Companies, that operate in Ecuador. The following is a list of some of the companies that operate in our territory: General Motors Sinopec Nestlé Petrobras Telefónica de España (Movistar) Repsol YPF Johnson & Johnson Unilever Microsoft Pfizer Bayer Sanofi Aventis Novartis Pepsi Co Coca Cola Kraft Foods FedEx America Movil Abbott Laboratories 3M Schlumberger Holcim Mapfre Group Kimberly-Clark SABMiller GlaxoSmith Klein Veolia Environment Merck Lafarge

11 PRO ECUADOR Overseas Trade Offices (33)
PRO ECUADOR Local Offices (7) 11

Exhibitions Participation (January - September) in 29 international Exhibitions in countries like: Germany, Japan, Russia, UAE, Brazil, Chile, China, South Korea, USA, among others Participation of 199 companies: small medium-size, and big enterprises and other relevant stakeholders Trade Missions Arranging 14 missions from countries like China, Turkey, UAE, USA, UK, Guatemala, South Korea, among others More than 350 businessmen and women participated

13 PRO ECUADOR (UAE) Commenced Operations in October, 2012
With the Full support of the Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai & Dubai Chamber of Commerce Inauguration, 1st May, 2013

14 Annual Investment Meeting (AIM)
Participation in 2 Domestic Trade shows Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) 30 April – 2 May, 2013 GULFOOD , February, 2013 Awarded Best Stand in its category we are tripling the Exhibition Pavilion Space and doubling the number of Ecuadorian Exhibitors Awarded Best TPO Performer

15 UAE Business Delegations to Ecuador
AEBE (Banana International Forum), June, 2013 MACRORRUEDAS (B2B Matchmaking), July, 2013 AROMAS DEL ECUADOR (B2B Matchmaking), Sept., 2013

16 Strategic Partnership with DED Agencies
PRO ECUADOR is looking forward to building more Strategic Partnership!

17 PRO ECUADOR Office in UAE
Reception Area Exhibition Area Incubation Model

ECUADORIAN EMBASSY IN QATAR Street No. 502 – Zone 66 Doha – Qatar Tel: +974 (40) / +974 (40)

19 PRO ECUADOR TEAM IN UAE www.PRO Hussam Hassan
Head of Commercial Office Daniela Muñoz Marketing Manager Unit No. 504, 5th Floor, Nouf Tower Plot No , Port Saeed, Deira P.O. Box: Tel: +971 (4) Fax: +971 (4) Dubai - UAE Christian Merizalde Business Development Manager


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