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The Export Council for Medical Industries - ECMI

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1 The Export Council for Medical Industries - ECMI
Ms. Nevin Hossam Executive Manager

2 Content ECMI role ECMI vision and mission ECMI goals and objectives
ECMI services’ facilitator ECMI stakeholders and partners Medical sector drivers The sectors’ projection The sector exports’ development (actual)

3 ECMI role ECMI is designated by the Minister of Industry and foreign Trade that gather industry related policy makers “producers, exporters and government representatives” to draft and implement export strategies that are compatible with the changing business environment and work as a consultative body to the minister . The medical industries consists of three main sectors: Pharmaceutical sector Cosmetics sector Medical devices

4 Vision and Mission Vision: Positioning Egypt as a premium medical vendor to the regional & global community with an unremitting drive towards innovation, competitiveness and transparency. Mission: Boosting the sectors industrially, economically and socially , leveraging sectors’ exports, improving workforce education and training, encouraging international business investment and opening new markets plus helping achieve economic prosperity and worldwide recognition.

5 ECMI goals and objectives
Promote Egypt’s image and penetrate new markets Stakeholders integration to the sector strategies implementation Support the companies registration processes in the overseas markets Drive the simplification of export and registration procedures domestically. Develop technical services and trainings to enhance the sector’s capabilities and competitiveness. Doubling the sector’s exports in 3 years.

6 ECMI services’ facilitator
Promote and subsidize the exports of medical supplies and cosmetics sectors, in line with Egyptian Development Export Fund regulations. Subsidize the participation in specialized trade shows and business missions (up to 70%), according to the regulations of the Egyptian Expo & Convention Authority. Subsidize the export shipping cost to African countries (up to 50%) as regulated by the Egyptian Development Export Fund. Conduct inward and outward promotion missions. Subsidize the product ‘s registration and needed quality certification for medicine and medical supplies in the target markets as regulated by the Egyptian Development Export Fund. Sector studies and market intelligences.

7 ECMI stakeholders and partners
Ministry of Health - MOH Ministry of Industry - MOI Ministry of Planning and Int’l Cooperation – MOPIC Ministry of Investment Donors, related NGOs and associations (i.e IMC, ITC..) ECS offices Expo and Convention Authority Business councils Foreign embassies / commercial sections Export Development Fund

8 Sector’s value propositions
Low labor cost and taxes structure Low logistics cost High healthcare expenditure* Expansion of social health insurance Governmental support Int’l sector growth by 7-10% yearly Domestic investment increase by 15-20% yearly Biomedical researches and educational academies Trends to OEM and private labeling business * Government spending on healthcare has increased by 200% over the past 15 years.

9 Projected regional changes in health spending due to population growth and aging, 2000–2020(%)
It is the simple facts of demographics that drive the Egyptian healthcare system changes. Total population has reached about 78M and annual growth is about 1.8M. Growth in population between 2000 and 2020 in Egypt is projected to add 34%, and the aging factor (increase in cost per capita) to add another 24% to total health spending (at total of 58% increase). This translates to an average annual growth rate in health spending of 2.9 percent in real terms. Since this estimate is based on the assumption of constant medical technology and cost structure, it represents the lower boundary of the projected health expenditure growth rate. The following graph presents the regional changes in health spending.

10 2010-2013) )Sector Export Projection

11 Sector Investment Projection (2010-2013)

12 Sector Employment Projection 2010-2013

13 The (actual) sector exports’ development (2007-2011)
2008 2009 2010 2011 Growth Rate% (10/11) Pharmaceutical 876.9 1017.4 1144.2 1325.3 1428 10.7 Cosmetics 883.6 948.2 1157.2 1529.2 1654 10.8 Medical devices 1075 1150 1285 1392 1529 10.9 Total exports of medical industries 2835.5 3115.6 3586.4 4246.4 4611 Values in million Egyptian Pounds Source: The General Organization for Export and Import Control

14 The sector exports’ development
Values in million Egyptian Pounds




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