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State of Indiana Department of Homeland Security

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1 State of Indiana Department of Homeland Security
Rules and Regulations pertaining to Emergency Medical Services. presentation by: Don Hess, EMT-B, EMT-P, PI

2 Teach me and I will learn,
Tell me and I will forget, Involve me and I will remember. -Benjamin Franklin

3 Learning Objectives At the completion of this lesson, course participants should be able to: describe the state resources available to them through the internet; discuss the roles and responsibilities of training institutions; describe the paperwork necessary for various training programs; discuss the need for instructors to keep current with laws, curriculum changes, and state / federal changes affecting training.


5 Training and Certification contacts: Tony Pagano, Sam Steinhilber, Karen Allen, Melissa VanLue Division of Fire and Building Safety, Fire Emergency Services contacts: Sherrie Crain, Tom Nowacki, Bernie White, Robin Stump, Troy Morgan, Becky Blagrave, Gail Fennell










15 IAC 836 Article 1 Emergency Medical Services
Article 2 Advanced Life Support Article 3 Air Ambulance Article 4 Training and certification

16 836 IAC Article 1 Rule 1 Rule 4 Rule 5 thru 10 (Repealed) Rule 11
Definitions Waivers Reports and records Audit and review Training Operating procedures Rule 2 Certification of providers Rule 3 Certification for ambulances Rule 4 Communication requirements Rule 5 thru 10 (Repealed) Rule 11 EMS non-transport provider Rule 12 EMT-Basic Advanced provider organization

17 836 IAC Article 2 Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 4.1 Rule 7.2 Rule 14 Definitions
Requirements for paramedic provider organization Rule 4.1 Requirements for supervising hospital Rule 7.2 Requirements for EMT-I provider organization Rule 14 ALS non-transport provider requirements

18 836 IAC Article 3

19 836 IAC Article 4 Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3 Rule 4 Rule 5 Definitions
EMS Training Institutions Staffing Roles and responsibilities Staff qualifications Reporting requirements Rule 3 First Responder training Rule 4 EMT-Basic training Rule 5 EMS Primary Instructor Entrance requirements High-school graduation Current certification 1-year pre-hospital experience EMT-B written 85% EMT-B practical Certification requirements PI Training Program PI written examination Internship Affiliation Recertification requirements Continuing education

20 Primary Instructor Course Prerequisites*
Agreement of an Indiana certified EMS Training Institution to affiliate you as a Primary Instructor Candidate during your internship. The necessary form will be given to you during this course. Letter(s) documenting minimum of at least one year of experience in the delivery of emergency medical care in the prehospital setting. NOTE: the letter must state that the candidate provided PREHOSPITAL EMERGENCY MEDICAL care, stating that the candidate was merely a member of an organization does NOT meet this requirement. Be specific, give dates of service. Initial certification year:________. Certification period must be one year or more. Score received on the EMT-B Written Certification Examination:_____, this score must be 85% or higher to qualify for PI class. b. date examination taken:______. This exam attempt must be less than one year old on the start date of the PI course. Score received on the EMT-B Practical Skills Examination:_____, this score must be PASS. b. date examination taken:______. This exam attempt must be less than one year old on the start date of the PI course. Copy of HS diploma / GED Certificate. Copy of Indiana certification as EMT-B or higher. *The training institution presenting each PI course may make additions to this list for the course they present. Training Center Agreement One-year pre-hospital experience One-year certification as EMT EMT-B Written (min. 85%) EMT-B Practical Exam HS diploma/GED certificate

21 12-hours Adult Education Information
PI Information 80 hours of teaching, inservices or classes, at your certification level and below. Signatures 12-hours Adult Education Information

The Training Institution Official should complete this checklist as the Primary Instructor Candidate completes each Student Teaching Internship item. Once the EMT-B course has been completed and the candidate has completed their internship the Training Institution Official will sign this checklist and submit it to the state EMS office. The Candidate, to have successfully completed the Student Teaching Internship, will have achieved good instructor skills and routinely demonstrated their teaching abilities. Candidates who do not achieve or demonstrate good instructor skills will be considered to have failed their student teaching internship. Documentation is required for either situation, successful or unsuccessful completion of the Student Teaching Internship. The elements to be evaluated are to be checked as each element is successfully demonstrated during the internship. The evaluation is to be completed during actual EMT-B Course sessions in which the Candidate is student teaching. Items NOT successfully demonstrated during the internship time are to be noted with "0". Items identified with "*" are determined to be essential skills which must be successfully completed routinely by Primary Instructors.

23 Candidates must master these items during their internship:
Introduction Use of Training Aids Skill Teaching Class Participation Review and Critique Didactic Presentation Preparation Speech Techniques Instructor Qualities Administration Duties



26 Rule 6 Rule 7 Rule 7.1 Rule 8 Rule 9 Rule 10 Advanced EMT training
EMT-BA certification requirements Rule 7.1 EMT-Intermediate certification requirements Rule 8 EMT-Paramedic certification requirements Rule 9 Emergency Paramedic Certification Rule 10 Penalties

27 Primary Instructor Course
2002 National Guidelines For Educating EMS Instructors Amended, adopted and approved by the Indiana EMS Commission July 23, 2004 For a complete set of DOT lesson plans: National Association of EMS Educators U.S. Department of Transportation U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Indiana EMS Commission

28 Module 1: Introduction 1 Module 2: Roles and Responsibilities 20 Module 3: Administrative Issues 40 Module 4: Legal Issues In EMS Education 43 Module 5: Ethics 50 Module 6: The Learning Environment 55 Module 7: Learning Styles 63 Module 8: Domains of Learning 68 Module 9: Goals and Objectives 74 Module 10: Lesson Plans 84 Module 11: Presentation Skills 95 Module 12: Evaluation Techniques 103 Module 13: Facilitation Techniques 117 Module 14: Communication And Feedback 128 Module 15: Motivation 132 Module 16: Teaching Thinking Skills 135 Module 17: Teaching Psychomotor Skills 139 Module 18: Affective Domain 144 Module 19: Discipline Module 20: Remediation 153 Module 21: Cultural Awareness 157 Module 22: Teaching Resources 162 Module 23: Research 170


30 Aspirin Module SIDS/Abuse Module Geriatric Module HazMat Awareness EMS Response to Terrorism Suggested teaching hours of 144.5 Skills require 1 instructor : 6 students EVOC Awareness IV Line Maintenance IN Driving Laws Epi-pens on vehicles

31 Course Paperwork

32 Training Institution Information Course support information
Requested Training Institution Information TIO signature Course support information

33 Appropriate signatures for respective courses
Must be submitted with all required documentation a minimum of 30 days prior to the start date of the class.

34 Course Approval Letter
written from the state training offices to the Training Institution Official and copied to the instructor. this letter advises the program of approval of the course do NOT begin class without approval!

35 Reference Materials TRIPP Manual P. I. Textbooks Skills Guides

36 Course Number Course Type Training Institution Course Information Faculty Information Signatures

37 Student Information Name County Age Address Scores Course Hours per student Every student that begins the course should be listed on the course report, even if they didn’t finish.

38 Practical Skills Examination Coordinators’ Manual
Listing of required skills, random for basic, 4 for basic advanced Explanation of Practical examination Listing of random skills Equipment list Skills Sheets Information for setting up skills examination sites Open or Closed examination site EMT-B or EMT-BA skills Candidate names Staffing needs / requirements .. NO ONE on duty! Space requirements

39 Check one:_____We will NOT be able to accept additional students
Check one:_____We will NOT be able to accept additional students. You MUST have 15+ to close, this is the “2002 Tony Rule”. _____We WILL ACCEPT additional students to our roster. Practical Skills Examination Reservation for EMT-BA or EMT-B (circle one) To be received by Training Staff 30 days or more prior to the requested date. You may FAX at your own risk. MINIMUM of NINE (9) ROOMS REQUIRED. (SIX for EMT-BA). Training Institution:____________________________________________________________________ Training Institution Official:______________________________________________________________ Telephone Number:____________________________________________________________________ Primary Instructor:_____________________________________________________________________ address for PI:___________________________________________________________________ Date Requested:____________Orientation Start Time:______________Course Number:_____________ Location/Address of Practical Site:_________________________________________________________ _____________ Examinee /Student Names: Initial or RT Crs # _____________ 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. *Minimum of 10 examinees/students per practical examination site. If you have fewer than 10 you will need to consolidate with another course or accept additional students (see above) to increase your site roster to 10 or more. You may submit a practical application that is “OPEN” to additional students.

40 Practical Skills Report
(your State Practical Rep will bring these) Candidate Information Course Information Site Information Training Institution Name Pass / Fail Requirements Candidate Signatures

41 When you hear hoof beats, look for horses, not zebras, and you will be right most of the time.

42 The Five “D’s” Dress Defensiveness Demeanor Dignity Dialogue

43 Teach me and I will learn,
Tell me and I will forget, Involve me and I will remember. -Benjamin Franklin

44 Summary Questions

45 What is the function of a Training Institution?

46 What is the function of the Primary Instructor Training Program?

47 What are the requirements for certification and re-certification for a Primary Instructor?

48 What is the function of following documents?
Course Application Approval Letter Practical Skills Examination Reservation Form Report of Training Remediation Form

49 What are the attributes of a good Primary Instructor?


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