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Carroll Creek Montessori Public Charter School

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1 Carroll Creek Montessori Public Charter School
WELCOME VOLUNTEERS Carroll Creek Montessori Public Charter School Parent Volunteer Training


3 SIGN IN All visitors and volunteers must sign in and wear an identification badge/sticker. Safety is our number one priority!!

4 FIRE DRILL Everyone must leave the building immediately and exit with the nearest class. No one can re-enter the building until administration gives the “all clear”.

5 LOCKDOWN In the event of a lockdown, everyone must remain within the building until clearance has been given to leave. We are responsible for every individual within the school during a lockdown and safety during this time is crucial.

6 UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS In the event of student injury… Contact the nearest teacher. Contact the office or health room.


8 ATTENDANCE Teachers rely on you to be a key player in the instructional program. Please call the school so we can notify the teacher if you are unable to volunteer on your scheduled day.

9 CONFIDENTIALITY What you see and hear at school stays here Contact the teacher or your administrator with any concern you may have Please complete the Confidentiality Agreement, print it, and return it to the front office

10 FIELD TRIPS All chaperones must complete this volunteer presentation, sign the confidentiality agreement, and complete the emergency contact form prior to attending field trips for the year. Always remember…notify the teacher immediately if a difficult situation arises.



13 LOGGING VOLUNTEER HOURS Please be sure to keep track of your hours and log them into the binder here at school. The log sheet can be picked up here at school, or downloaded from the school website. Hours are tracked from May 1 through April 30.

WHY ARE VOLUNTEER HOURS SO IMPORTANT TO TRACK? Volunteer hours for your school can help our school to obtain a grant. If you have twice the number of volunteer hours than students at our school, our school will qualify for a certificate from Maryland State Department of Education. Finance & Facilities track hours to help school qualify for improvements such as new playground equipment.


16 DISCIPLINE Discipline of all students is to be done by CCMPCS staff
DISCIPLINE Discipline of all students is to be done by CCMPCS staff. If you are working with a student or a small group and difficulty arises, let the teacher know immediately. Remember it is the behavior of the student we disapprove of, not the student.

17 REPORTING SUSPECTED CHILD ABUSE OR NEGLECT Address your concerns with the teacher and/or school administrator.

18 RESPECTING INSTRUCTIONAL TIME When you come in to volunteer, this is not the time to have a meeting with the teacher to discuss your child’s progress. If you need to meet with a teacher, please set up a different time that is convenient for both of you. Please respect the teacher’s planning time.

19 DRESS CODE Dress appropriately for the task
DRESS CODE Dress appropriately for the task. For example, your attire would be different for a field trip than a regular work day at CCMPCS.


21 MAILBOXES If you have a note or other materials for a staff member, please give it to our office staff, and they’d be happy to get it to the staff member’s mailbox.

22 PHONE CALLS Cell phones should be on vibrate during regular school hours. Please check with the office staff, they can assist you with getting an outside line on the school phones.

23 STAFF LOUNGE The Staff Lounge has a fridge, microwave, sink, drinks, and a telephone that you are welcome to use. Please do not use the lounge as a place to do volunteer work.

24 THANK YOU!! Thank you so much for your willingness to volunteer your time here at CCMPCS. We appreciate everything you do to promote the academic success of our students.

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