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Solarwind solutions The Hybrid Home Customer presentation.

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1 solarwind solutions The Hybrid Home Customer presentation

2 Richards-Stark S.A. Founded in Germany in 1992, Richards-Stark S.A. now manages operating companies in North America, Asia and Australia. Richards-Stark has a key focus on quality island and multi-grid technology. Richards-Stark S.A. operates on shore in Australia with the support of Solarwind Solutions Australia. The local team provide online and telephone support to the Australian market.

3 What is a Multi-Grid / Hybrid inverter ?
A unique and revolutionary power management inverter that allows you to take power from your solar panels, feed to the home, batteries and optionally the grid. When the sun goes down the batteries will automatically kick in to supply the load from the home. The Richards-Stark Multi-Grid seamlessly manages the process without interruption. You can monitor your homes power activity using the detailed LED Screen or the software and USB cable provided to link to your PC or Mac.

4 The Hybrid Home Taking a step off the grid
Becoming a Hybrid home couldn’t be easier. Whether you have an existing solar installation or are considering a new one the Richards-Stark Multi-Grid / Hybrid inverter is a simple plug and play device that takes your home one step off the grid. Instead of installing a traditional solar inverter the multi-grid allows connection directly to the home load, battery backup as well as the grid. For those wishing to have their solar installation work independently of the grid the Multi-grid can be configured to work only with the battery and load support. The Multi-Grid is a highly advanced device that manages the power from your solar pv. It makes decisions based on the needs of your home. Customisation Every home is different and some have specific requirements. The Multi-Grid has advanced configuration options that allow your installer to make specific edits to your system, giving you and your home the most finely tuned system available.

5 The Hybrid Home A typical on grid solar inverter

6 The Hybrid Home The Multi-Grid Inverter

7 The Hybrid Home The basic setup
1. Solar PV > Hybrid Inverter 2. Hybrid Inverter <> batteries 3. Hybrid <> Grid 4. Hybrid > Load

8 The Hybrid Home Typical day 6am
The sun is rising and power starts to flow from the panels to the inverter 2. The inverter detects the battery needs to be recharged and feeds power to the batteries 3. The inverter detects there is power demand in the home. It feeds power to support the load 4. There is an excess of power from the PV. This model is set to ‘Grid Feed’ and therefore sends excess back to the grid.

9 The Hybrid Home Typical day 7pm
As the sun goes down, the PV supply switches off. The recharged batteries begin to feed the load from the home.

10 The Hybrid Home Customisation
The Multi-Grid is highly flexible with advanced programming options available for the installer. Should you wish your home to prioritise feed to the home before batteries, go off or on grid, or even whether you want to feed back to the grid at all, this can all be customised on site with the simple click of a button.

11 The Hybrid Home Monitoring
The Multi-Grid’s can be monitored in two ways. The LED screen The advanced LED display shows a wide array of data including: PV input (Solar panels) AC Input (Grid input) Battery capacity Total Energy per day There is also a useful diagram and Status indicator to show exactly what the inverter is doing and where your power is going. This sample shows a Multi-Grid set as an Off-Grid inverter. The Panels are providing 1.72kw, This is being fed to charge the battery and then the load from the home.

12 The Hybrid Home Monitoring
Monitoring Software Every Multi-Grid inverter comes with a Software CD and USB cable for connecting to your PC or Mac. This software displays a wide array of data with some excellent additional options giving you control of your system.

13 solarwind solutions

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