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18 August, 2013 Inca Lanes. Silence Your Cell Phones.

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1 18 August, 2013 Inca Lanes

2 Silence Your Cell Phones

3 Rachel Wehr 1040 W. Lakeside Dr. Yuma, AZ 85365 Telephone: (928) 344-0188 Email:

4 Website Electronic-Mail Association Manager Correspondence Awards eNews Social Media League Representatives


6 @YumaUSBC Social Media - Good way to keep in touch with your members and pass along Important information.

7 Available on find a bowler CD available upon request

8 Secretary Instruction Sheet USBC League Application USBC Membership Cards High Score Awards Form Team High Score Awards Form Adult Special Achievement Form Awards Survey Sheet League Operations Handbook Quick-Start Checklist Duties and Responsibilities Rule 400 Mythbusters Registered Volunteer Program

9 Use Dark Ink Print Clearly ORIGINAL submitted to Assoc. Manager Keep a copy for your records Youth Representatives

10 Same Member # No Duplicates Reprint feature Expanded Find a Member

11 PRINT Information Clearly & Legible

12 Jersey Maximum Age Basic membership Roll N Grow (PLUS) Scholastic Membership

13 PRINT Information Clearly & Legible

14 $17.00$21.00 National $10, Local $10, State $1 National $14.50, Local $2, State $.50 Standard Membership

15 Check for specifics on each Members Reward

16 Earned ONCE PER SEASON Our Program – Awards Survey 2014 – 2015 Season High Score Awards become Once-in-a-Lifetime Youth Special Achievement Certificates for 2013-2014 (downloadable from Patches issued until gone

17 2013 Legislative Update Six proposals (one tournament rule and five USBC bylaws) were accepted while five proposals were rejected. Rule & Bylaws Changes in your packet 2013 – 2014 Bowling Season Online ( & Mythbusters Rules Departs busts the common myths Good What If Scenarios

18 Excellent resource to run a successful league Available on League Resources Handbook PDF format at Includes Duties & Responsibilities Sample Accounting Forms Verification Worksheet Suggested League Rules has more resources available

19 Stay in Contact with previous members Special Invitation Mail Phone Email Word of Mouth Friends Family Clubs Social Media

20 When certifying your league be sure to send the following to the Association Manager within 30 Days of the start of your league: Completed League Application – Original Only Completed Membership Cards Membership fees for all bowlers purchasing memberships in your league Dues Worksheet

21 ALL bowlers must complete a Membership Card in every league they bowl in! This Includes: Late Comers Substitutes Lifetime Members Submit additional cards using the Dues Worksheet along with any fees (if applicable) January: Standing Sheets

22 Be sure you have submitted Membership Cards and fees for ALL bowlers Complete the Final Average List and submit within 30 days of League completion Submit Final Standings with the Final Average List All submitted to Association Manager

23 ARE YOU A CERTIFIED LEAGUE OFFICER? Do you know the ins and outs of your current position as a league secretary, treasurer or president? Do you sometimes feel you could be doing a better job with your league duties? Become a certified league officer through an online instructional course and short exam. Courses Available include: $25 Registration Fee (one time) Basic Bowling Knowledge – (prerequisite to other courses) League Secretary League Treasurer League President Register Today

24 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Susan G Koman Tournament during League play Sept 16 thru Oct 13, 2013 BVL Bowlers to Veterans Link Tournament scheduled for May Scholarships to support our Youth Helen Karlovich Scholarship Yuma USBC Stars of Tomorrow Scholarships

25 lots of information posted Like US on facebook Follow us on Twitter @yumausbc

26 Best Wishes for a Successful Season

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