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Veterinary Science Library presents the. The Case of the Little Rabbit with Information or What does the Veterinary Science Library offer to professionals?

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1 Veterinary Science Library presents the

2 The Case of the Little Rabbit with Information or What does the Veterinary Science Library offer to professionals?

3 What is the problem?

4 Nothing about behavior disturbances in this book.

5 Let us see what we learnt in Library Informatics?

6 There are many useful links on their homepage. *Catalogue *Hungarian Veterinary Bibliography *Databases *Link- collections *Fulltext materials, journals *Tools *Services

7 Let me see what I can search in from home?

8 Let me see Hungarian articles first! I will surely have some of them at home. I can search subject headings in English, too.

9 I need a book, too, that I can borrow. What has the catalogue for me?

10 The Medline… Well, they do have some items on rabbits… I have to narrow the search, and maybe there will be something in fulltext as well.

11 There is hope for information among e- journals, e.g. in the Highwire collection.

12 This is more than nothing, but not the real thing. The CAB database should be consulted! It is available only in the library. No problem, they send me the hit set in 24 hours.

13 I got an e-mail request for a search about behaviour disturbances in rabbits! I will do the search in CAB, Zoological Record and Biological Abstracts! I send the hit sets to Doctor Ear in e-mail!

14 Here are the records of which I can select the best ones! These must be relevant, I will order them in full text!

15 Is there anything in electronic journals? I can e-mail them to Doctor Ear.

16 will be copied. What we have in our collection…

17 What we dont have, we order from other Hungarian or foreign libraries. Many times they send the documents in electronic format, but we also receive books in interlending as well.

18 If all documents arrive, we send them by post… …or give them personally to users.

19 Let us see the ideas of my colleagues, and the link collections in the Praxis chapter.

20 I have checked the tutorial and the textbooks to see if I find some good ideas for solving the next problem.

21 This was rapid, I did not think I will get so much material. I will drop a few lines for Meebo.

22 I see she is much better, he threw that agressive poster away and deals with more reasonable things.

23 Well, let me see what is wrong with Doc?

24 The library offers the following services that can be requested and used personally, through telephone, fax, post or e-mail: I. Document services: Inhouse use Use of digital documents on the librarys homepage Archive materials provided upon individual requests Borrowing (only personally) Journals, old books, manuals, notes, disserations and theses cannot be borrowed! Photocopying Making and sending electronic copies Interlibrary lending (books, articles) from Hungarian and foreign libraries II. Information services and information searching on the readers own or with the librarians aid: The librarys collection (till 1986 card catalogue, after 1986 computerised opac on the homepage of the library) Referral services of the collections of other libraries, their address, services, opening hours, etc. Bibliography of Hungarian Veterinary Literature (in printed form between 1971 and 1989; on CD ROM and through the OPAC from 1990 )

25 Bibliographic search in international databases available in the library/campus: agriculture and veterinary science from (1972) 1984- CAB Abstracts medicine and related fields from 1966-: Medline. food science and technology literature from 1990-: FSTA zoology from 1997-: Zoological Record. databases from other consortia or freely available like Toxnet, PubMed. Electronic Information Service: Web of Science, Science Direct, etc. Information on Hungarian legal regulations in force and EU directives (Eurlex)(Eurlex) Information on the standards of the veterinary field in (full text available only from the Hungarian Standard Institution Answering special questions on the bases of the archives, internet resources, etc.

26 III. Services aiding publication and the assessment of scientific achievements: methodological guidance to publication, compilation of bibliographic references, completion of bibliographic data, methodological guidance to thesis writing, information on the impact factors of journals, calculation of publication and impact values for veterinarians, preparation of lists of publications. IV Marketing and user education: newsletter Noctua (on the web or as an appendix of Állatorvosi Kamarai Hírek)Noctua user education: courses in library informatics as a curriculum subject and as continuing education in the computer lab or the library or at other institutions individual training of users in database searching guided tours in the library and the museum service for vets: open website

27 Actors as they appeared: The Little Rabbit - Móka Dr. Ear – József Büki Librarians: Éva Pádár Judit Szabó Szávay Éva Orbán Bea Winkler Katalin Miszori Margit Kurják Ilona Bábás Apostol Anikó Görbe Edit Oláh Aranka Szegedi Nagy Ottília Edelényi Gábor Hajdu

28 Homepage design: Tímea Makrai Ágnes Schönner Gábor Hajdu Music: Rozsnyai Sándor: Dunapalota Ragtime (Piano: György Vukán DM) Camera: Viktor Molnár DVM Gábor Hajdu Directed by Éva Orbán

29 The End Veterinary Science Library 2004

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