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Valve, Damper and Actuator Take-Off Service Honeywell Take-Off Service.

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1 Valve, Damper and Actuator Take-Off Service Honeywell Take-Off Service

2 2 File Number Take-Off Service Overview What it is? How to Use It Next Steps Q&A

3 Take-Off Service What is it?

4 4 File Number What is it? The Honeywell Take-Off Service: Will allow for customers (contractors and distributors) to submit job specification and engineering documentation Honeywells well trained technical team will then perform the take-off and submit a product schedule to the customer with Base Price

5 5 File Number What Products does it include? Valves Valve Actuators Dampers Damper Actuators

6 6 File Number Who can use it? Current Customers (Contractors and Distributors) Potential Customers (Contractors and Distributors) Sales Reps

7 7 File Number Types of Takeoffs - Complete Schedule Creation Complete schedule from original job spec - Partial Schedule Assistance Determine the correct Honeywell Line that is needed for the job - Cross-Reference Service Convert competitive quotes to Honeywell Update Honeywell to Honeywell OBS occurrences

8 Take-Off Service How to Use it

9 9 File Number Information that is needed Fill out the requested customer information in the service spreadsheet (to be posted on the B2B) Specification Information: - Use Honeywells specification submittal form - Customer submittal forms are allowed if the correct customer information is provided

10 10 File Number Submittal Process Fax or Email Fax: Tollfree 877-880-3386 Email: Confirmation of receipt will be sent Critical Requirement: Information submitted must be complete or a delay may occur.

11 11 File Number Take-Off Completion Take-Off begins once receipt submission is sent - The take-off team will contact the customer if there is any need for clarification or missing information in the initial request 24 hour turn around if initial request is complete Price and availability are subject to change

12 12 File Number Questions/Comments/Concerns Connect with the Take-Off team - Spec Take-Off Telephone Number Tollfree 1-888-664-4092 Local 612-951-1027 Contact Marketing Team - Sophia Bellos 763-954-4803 - Stacy Gregg763-954-5788

13 13 File Number Questions?????

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