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Data Collection Strategies An Overview. How Do We Assess ?

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1 Data Collection Strategies An Overview

2 How Do We Assess ?

3 Data Collection Strategies BEFORE collecting data, your first question should be.... Has someone already collected the information from my sample of interest?

4 Data Collection Strategies Personal interview Focus group Telephone poll Telephone interview Classroom assessment Paper/pencil survey Web survey Database/Warehouse Existing Reports Naturalistic observation Direct ContactIndirect Contact

5 Assessment Instruments Standardized Build Your Own When selecting assessment tools you have a choice …

6 Existing Standardized Instruments Proven item pool Reliability / Validity Clarity of directions Scoring Benchmark comparisons Data analysis Reporting formats Cost Processing Delay Item pool Inappropriate norms Pros Cons

7 Build Your Own Instruments Relevant item pool Stakeholder involvement Theory/Model based Lower Cost Processing control Data analysis control Report format Long development time Local technical expertise Unknown reliability/validity Length Poorly worded items Pros Cons

8 Evaluating Existing Instruments Does the title convey the content to student? Review content of EVERY item by team. Are items relevant to ALL students?

9 Evaluating Existing Instruments Does manual report reliability ? Does manual report validity evidence? How appropriate is normative/benchmark data?

10 Evaluating Existing Instruments Are results timely? Is the cost worth the benefit?

11 Sources for Assessment Instruments Instrument Sources

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