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TRAINING COURSE IT102 Managing staff lists and directory entries in the profile system.

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1 TRAINING COURSE IT102 Managing staff lists and directory entries in the profile system

2 The Profile System Initially developed in early 2003 to hold publication lists for academics. Extended from 2003 onwards to hold other research information and more general information about staff and departments. CMS Staff lists for departments used data from this system in combination with the Directory Used to develop RAE submission in 2006-2007 In 2009, became the source of data for the Directory

3 In this course Basic personal information (name, qualifications) Staff list information (job titles, telephone numbers) Selecting and categorising staff for staff lists and the Directory Role entries for staff Entering information for people outside the University (Visitors) General telephone and fax extensions

4 Not in this course How to format staff lists in the CMS (IT105) How to manage staff publications and other research information (IT106) How to manage departmental information in the Profile System (IT107) How to upload staff photographs (IT103)

5 Finding the profile system Several possible ways to get to it Type in the URL from Guide 181: Go to a CMS staff list in Site Editing Mode, and use the [add to, edit or remove from this information] link. Go to My Pages in the CMS, select Edit My Staff Profile and use the Back to list of options link at the bottom to get back to the main menu.

6 Basic Personal Information Most information about staff is department-specific Staff-specific information is edited separately Go to Select a staff member to edit Enter their email address, ITS username, or Employee ID Go to Edit Basic Staff Details Names, title, initials, qualifications and photograph are all near the top Use the Edit Personal Information button to save the changes.

7 Exercise 1 Find your own staff entry (without using Edit own staff profile) and update any needed fields. Return to the main menu using the Back to list of options link

8 Departmental information From the main menu, use Select a department to edit. The drop-down list will contain the departments (colleges, research centres, etc.) you have administration access to. Selecting the department gives a large list of options related to the departments structure and its staff. The Staff Assignments and Directory entries section contains the options covered in this course.

9 Types of staff list information Types Entries Categories Category Staff and other people University members Visitors Telephone and fax extensions Department Roles IndividualGroup

10 Adding and removing staff Go to Assign staff to this department and edit department specific staff information To add staff, enter their email address at the top. This will add them to the list below. To remove staff, select the checkbox and use the Remove from department button. Not all staff should be removed.

11 When to remove staff Do not remove academic staff (including research postgraduates) who have left the University, as this makes research information management (for the REF and other purposes) more difficult. Remove any staff who are still with the University in a different department. Non-academic staff (including academic-related staff) who leave the University may be removed from the list, but this is not required.

12 Editing a departments staff information Staff in the list can be edited by their linked names This gives telephone, room, fax, job title, and category information. On stafflist controls whether they appear on the CMS staff lists for a department. Turn this off for staff who leave the University. There are better ways to hide entire groups of staff using categorisation. Link visible should generally be left on, unless someone needs to be on the internal list for a department but not visibly so externally.

13 Categorisation Departmental categories are edited via Manage available staff categories Categories have a name and a sort order which controls their display on staff lists Standard categories exist to help migration from an earlier categorisation system. Try to avoid using these as they will be removed eventually and you cannot change the sort order for them. Category order is controlled with sort order. Individual staff are positioned with position in category

14 Exercise 2 Add a new member of staff to your department (e.g. Give them a job title and a telephone number Place them at the start of a category Remove them from the department Return to the main department screen (Edit the details of this department again)

15 Departmental Roles A role might have an email address or telephone number, and might be shared between people or held by an individual Use Administer departmental roles Roles will appear on the staff list even if the role holder is set to not appear on the staff list. As with other types of information they can be categorised and positioned freely.

16 Telephone and Fax extensions The Manage telephone and fax extensions link Number should be the internal extension if applicable, otherwise a full international number. Name describes the extension (e.g. Reception or Level 2 corridor) Extensions do not have to have email addresses but this may be useful for certain role-like extensions (e.g. is 41515) As with other types they can be categorised

17 Exercise 3 Create a new departmental role (e.g. Head of department) including an email address (e.g. Categorise the role Remove the role Add a new telephone extension (e.g. 41234 Test Phone) Remove the telephone extension

18 Visitors This is the Request departmental visitors and edit information for staff who have left link Allows entries to be added for people who need to appear on staff lists but do not have a University email address Enter their email address into the box. If you do not want to use their real address, make one up that ends @department.invalid The following day you will be able to use that email address as if it were a University one.

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