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Edu 560 Session #5 May 20, 2013

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1 Edu 560 Session #5 May 20, 2013

2 Welcome Back! O Todays Agenda: Check in Tim & Alis Tech in Ed Presentations Tech Tac Toe Revisited Digital Storytelling: Big and Small Wednesday Webinar Instructions Web 2.0 Cool Tools: Quizlet, Newsmap & Piclit

3 Check In O Checking in: How are things? O Anything Nicole needs to know?

4 Tech in Ed Presentations O Tim: Khan Academy O Ali : Digital Storytelling

5 Tech Tac Toe Revisited Requirements: Choose THREE DIFFERENT TOOLS (from our list) 1.Create a sample of the technology tool you have chosen. For example if you were showing BibMe you would create a sample bibliography. If you were showing Prezi you would create a sample Prezi. 2.Add a link to your sample (embed the sample) on your professional website. You may choose to have all three samples together on one page of the website or give each tool their own page 3.Create a separate blog post for each tech tool (a total of 3 blog posts). Give some background on what your sample is showing us. Reflect on the tool: was it easy to learn and use? Can you see it helping with student instruction? Would you use it in your classroom? Embed or place a link to your sample for us to see. Remember: the best blog posts should be written for total strangers!

6 Tech Tac Toe FYIs Sample, Blog Posts, Assignments on Blogs Due June 10 th (please note: there is a PLN assignment due June 9 th so dont wait til the last minute!)

7 Tech Tac Toe Idea Exchange

8 Break!

9 Digital Storytelling: Big & Small

10 Digital Storytelling What is Digital Storytelling? old fashioned storytelling + technology digital stories weave images, text, music, narrative, and video

11 Digital Storytelling Elements of Digital Storytelling 1.audience 2.purpose 3.content 4.voice (perspective) 6.connections 7.economy (tells enough to get the point across)

12 Digital Storytelling Ideas for Digital Storytelling: personal narrative (both serious and entertaining) instructional informational historical

13 Digital Storytelling Example:

14 Digital Storytelling Digital Stories can teach a lesson (even to self)

15 Digital Storytelling Digital Stories can be reflective:

16 Digital Storytelling Digital Stories can be just for fun!

17 Digital Storytelling Student examples: Madeline: IAN: Stacy: Milka:

18 Digital Storytelling Software for Digital Storytelling: iMovie/Garageband (Mac) Windows Movie Maker (Windows) PhotoStory 3 (Windows) Adobe Premiere Elements (cross platform $)

19 Digital Storytelling Web 2.0 for digital storytelling:

20 Web Resources O Consider these tools for use with digital stories

21 Digital Storytelling: with Students Start Small

22 O Although this isnt a true digital storytelling tool it can be used with students as a starting point Blabberize is a program where students can upload a picture, record audio and make the picture talk with a moving mouth Use with Students: Have students research an animal and blabberize it Blabberize a historical figure Give an all about me speech

23 Web 2.0 Digital Storytelling Tools Animoto is digital storytelling in its simplest form. Upload your images and order them as you wish. Include text, music, and even video. Animoto renders the video for you. Anyone can try for free (videos are limited to 30 seconds) but educators can get an unlimited account for no charge Use with Students: Book Trailers All about me presentations Take daily pictures and create a slideshow to show off your classroom on a class website, blog, or during report card pick up

24 Web 2.0 Digital Storytelling Tools Three components: Collage, Express & Studio Collage: Add video, photos, music, and audio Choose backgrounds, colors, and textures to create a collage panorama Express: Choose images from an RSS feed, add a style to them, and add into your collage Add in photos, video, music, text, and even maps Embeddable, and easily publish to YouTube or Facebook Themes available Text to speech available

25 Web 2.0 Digital Storytelling Tools Add photos, video, effects, text, and music Free for up to 30 second videos Allows the ability to purchase high quality DVD of your video

26 Web 2.0 Digital Storytelling Tools Free program downloadable to PCs Available for XP and Vista (already on systems) Was abandoned after Vista, but was replaced by Microsoft Windows Live Essentials (also free) US/windows/downloads/get-movie- maker Create slideshows using your digital photos. With a single click, you can touch-up, crop, or rotate pictures. Add stunning special effects, soundtracks, and your own voice narration to your photo stories. Then, personalize them with titles and captions. Small file sizes make it easy to send your photo stories in an e-mail. Watch them on your TV, a computer, or a Windows Mobile– based portable device. Quoted from Microsoft website

27 iMovie iMovie is a paid program for Apple computers Create movie trailers Audio editing available Effects Sports and news themes available

28 Digital Storytelling Assignment Create a digital story. It should include a minimum of 3 of the 5 elements of a digital story (images, text, music, narrative, and video) Narration is required. It should be between 2-4 minutes. Be creative! Take pride in your work!

29 Web 2.0 Cool Tool: Quizlet O O Online flash card service

30 Web 2.0 Cool Tool: Piclits Student Samples:

31 O

32 Wednesday Webinar You MUST sign in with your name. Not attending or signing in results in an absences for Wednesdays class.

33 Wednesday Webinar Assignment: Do NOT start until AFTER the webinar! Part 1: Blog Post Reminders: Please remember that each post should be substantive. It should be evident that you took your time and gave serious thought to the blog prompt. Please reread; checking for spelling and grammar errors before you publish your post. A reminder that the best blog posts are not written as answers to assignments, but are written for someone who is not familiar with the content you will be blogging about. Finally, a reminder that the questions included in the prompt are guiding questions. Please feel free to add content of your own where appropriate. Common Sense Media Webinar (everyone responds to this question): What are your thoughts on tonights webinar: tonights topic, pace, webinar format, etc.

34 Wednesday Webinar Assignment: Do NOT start until AFTER the webinar! Part 2: Choose 1 of the following questions to respond to (in addition to the question above). Please use the title provided as your blog post title: #1: Participatory Media and Todays Youth: Tonights presenter stated, Kids grow up in a participatory media culture where they are encouraged to participate, share their voice, and interact online. Do you agree? If so, do you think this is a good thing? Do educators bare any responsibility (or liability) regarding this or is it a parental concern only? #2 Digital Footprints: Google your own name. What comes up? Does this surprise (or concern) you? Can you use this as a lesson for your students? #3 A Parents Point of View: Explore the Common Sense Media website as a parent. What features do you find most valuable? Is anything missing? Is there anything that stood out that you would use in the future with your children? #4 Scope and Sequence: View the Educators Scope and Sequence area on Common Sense Medias website. Choose one lesson (please state the name of the lesson and the grade level) and read through the lesson and materials. Would you add anything to the lesson? Would you change it in anyway? Is there any content you would remove?

35 Due by Sunday@ Midnight O Reflective Blog Post #4: Webinar Reflections O be-a-21st-century-teacher/ be-a-21st-century-teacher/

36 Upcoming Classes: O May 29 th : Off campus Tech Tac Toe worktime O Due by June 2 nd at midnight: 20+ weblinks on professional website (must be clickable links) O June 3 rd Digital Stories Due and presented O Sara & Jazleen Tech in Ed presentations

37 Web Link Examples Annotated Categorized

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