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E10 – Common User Interface Features Understanding & Using CoolSIS v.111021-1.

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1 E10 – Common User Interface Features Understanding & Using CoolSIS v.111021-1

2 Introduction At the end of this presentation you will learn; My Workplace feature in CoolSIS How to use Gadgets Colorful icons and meanings Resizable bars and panels Useful icons Quick filtering and reporting feature Buttons, Icons and Menu Elements Right click menu elements and more menu features Estimated Presentation Time: 40 Min. * Some screens in this presentation might have minor differences than yours depending on the location, state, and time zone.

3 My Workplace Shortcut screen as a quick access page for daily use Gadgets feature (Add / Remove Columns) My workplace is configurable by users Gadget columns are resizable School logo brings you to Home screen

4 Gadgets Feature Gadgets work as links such as my assignments to grade, my untaken attendances, weekly schedule, calendar etc... Primary functions of gadgets on the home screen to warn users and transfers to the related pages quickly Print & Excel icons

5 Colorful icons and meanings logs out users securely from the system by saving the layout design of "My Workplace" view. gives "switch location" privilege to view other locations, not visible for all users.

6 Colorful icons and meanings carries users to CoolSIS Helpdesk page to access Knowledge Base, News, Submit a Ticket, and View Tickets screens. "Profile" page lets users change personal information, password and see the schedule. "Switch academic term" takes users back to previous terms and school data which are kept in the system. Only for authorized users.

7 Resizable bars & panels Every column, bar, and panel can be resized vertically and horizontally.

8 Useful Icons Maximize button makes dialog page full screen Print preview shows only the screen you see to print out Reloads new data if anything changed Transfers open columns to Excel sheet

9 Useful Icons Tile view shows images of staff or student screens Searches to find expected data Advanced data filtering works quickly on complicated searching tasks

10 Quick Filtering and Reporting Reports in some screen provides quick reporting such as students/applications detailed list and mailing labels Drop-down menus behave like quick filters such as all groups, all statuses

11 Right Click Feature needs to be made on data icons on the toolbar would differ based on which menu or tab is clicked Right click brings some icons which are shown on the toolbar

12 Right Click Feature Right click on the header provides the following options for users; 1.Sort Ascending/Descending 2.Group by 3.Ungroup 4.Freeze 5.Hide / Unhide columns

13 More Features Order of columns is customizable and savable by users Navigation Bar helps users tour in the similar data

14 Menus & Tabs Feature Multi function menus and tabs for quick data entry in one screen Save, Save & Close, Close buttons for actions Same reports are being generated and accessible under different menus

15 Quiz 1. What is My Workplace? A- It is a useful dashboard allows user to add gadgets and shortcuts. 2. Could you please name at least 3 gadgets? A- My Assignments to grade, Weekly Schedule, My Untaken Attendance, Enrollment Statistic… 3. How do you save the changes on user interface (UI)? A- The system saves them automatically when the user logs out from CoolSIS. 4. What is the purpose of the tile view icon? A- Tile view shows images of staff or student screens

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