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2 Table of content The Ethic and Islamic Finance Association Conferences
Academic Trip Annex

3 The Ethic and Islamic Finance Association Overview
The Ethic and Islamic Finance Association is carried by the Executive Master of Principles and Practice of Islamic Finance at the University Paris-Dauphine This association now has over 100 members with very different profiles contributing to the development of its network. It has set itself the objective of promoting Islamic finance in France and abroad The association distributes all news on Islamic finance in France and worldwide Finally, through institutional partnerships, both professional and academic, it can be a showcase for all partners involved in a better practice of Finance in France and worldwide

4 The Ethic and Islamic Finance Association Hierarchy
Honorary Chairman Elyes JOUINI Honorary members Chairman of the Development Program Anouar HASSOUNE Office President of the Association Kader MERBOUH Treasurer Hassan NACIRI General secretary Binta CISSE Vice- President Mohssin KERRAOUCH Head of the diploma Kaouther JOUABER

5 Presentation of the 2013 Association project Community Management
The website of the executive Master represent a 45% frequency of the overall visited in the Paris Dauphine University. 1 284 13 997 407 4 659 Every month, an article is published on the Islamic Finance News, relating the activity of the Association; the opportunity to communicate on our event (conference, trip ...) and thank our partners. Our partnership with France 24 will allow us to diffuse our event as well as our partnership with other sponsor.

6 Presentation of the 2014 Association project Community Management
This year, a Newsletter has been launch in order to gather all study initiate by the student, diffuse our conference and keep update on the News about Islamic Finance to our Database of Alumni Student as well as all our partners like: Our presence in different social network allow us to spread the main information about the Islamic Financial Market, our activity and our partnership: Group « DU Principes et Pratiques de la Finance Islamique (PPFI) » Paris-Dauphine Univ. Group « Executive Master in Islamic Finance - Paris Dauphine University » Les étudiants en Finance Islamique - Université Paris Dauphine

7 Table of content The Ethic and Islamic Finance Association Conferences
Academic Trip Annex

8 Conferences Association Activity
Since its creation in 2009, our master organizes annual conferences to promote Islamic Finance and extend its reputation. All the conferences held throughout the academic year are free admission to students, professionals and university professors. These events are opportunities to meet participants and will provide an overview of the new developments of Islamic Finance business. Each conference is organized in the form of roundtable discussions where interveners and experts of Islamic Finance from France and abroad are invited. The Master’s students are closely involved in the organization of these events. Our main ambition is to continue moving the work forward, with the aim of increasing highlighting and promoting the fundamentals of the Islamic Finance.

9 Conferences Association Activity
The conference that took place on the 7th of February 2013 was the outcome of the common interest expressed by both sides : Our Executive Master of Islamic Finance and Swiss Life Group. Swiss Life, a global leader of retirement pension insurances, aimed to create an event around the launch of its new contract of life insurance in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance : Salam Pax Savings. This conference, entitled “Financial innovation and ethics in the service of the real economy”, was the starting point for communication about this product.

10 Conferences Association Activity
Swiss Life has awarded us an unlimited credit, which allowed us to hire outside professionals such as a graphic designer, a caterer, etc. Besides, we were given real freedom in our choices and decisions. In addition to that, the two roundtables were animated by imminent journalists : Mr. SERROUYA from the magazine “Monde Argent” and Mr. PICOT from BFM Business who gave us the opportunity to talk about the event and our Executive Master during his radio show. The conference gathered professionals of Islamic Finance and Ethical Finance experts. It was the first time such a connection was made around high quality lecturers, such as: Christian DE BOISSIEU, Economist Anouar HASSOUNE, HEC and Paris-Dauphine professor Christian WALTER, IAE Professor, Director of the Chair Ethics and Finance Nicolas HAZARD, President of Comptoir de l'Innovation Jean-Marc DE BONI, CEO of the Financial Corporation of NEF Arnaud POISSONNIER, President and Founder of Babyloan

11 Conferences Upcoming Event
DATE THEME Partners April 2014 The annual conference with the renowned law firm Baker & McKenzie May 2017 Quel Avenir pour la Finance Islamique en France ? (LLM in Business Law of Arab countries)

12 Table of content The Ethic and Islamic Finance Association Conferences
Academic Trip Annex

13 Academic Trip 2013/2014New Destination (Bahreïn/Dubaï/Abu Dhabi)
The trip will take place from 2014 April 27th to May 8th The objectives are: Strengthening the relationship with select professionals of the region; Creating job opportunities for Dauphine students; Implementing a research cooperation between Dauphine and the middle eastern financial institutions; Promoting Dauphine Islamic Finance Executive Master in the region.

14 Academic Trip Supports
Our first academic trip organized to the Middle East, in order to promote Islamic financial Institutions, the Middle East and a French Executive Master in Islamic Finance, is supported by: The ambassador of The Kingdom of Bahrain in Paris Nasser Mohamed Yusef Al Belooshi The embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Paris Paris EUROPLACE Chaabi Bank Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance (BIBF) Taking part of that Academic Trip as a partner of the Association will provide you a visibility through out the different Institution we will visit and during the conference held in the DIFC.

15 Academic Trip Institutions to be visited (Bahrain)

16 Academic Trip Institutions to be visited (Dubai)

17 Academic Trip DIFC Conference
We are planning to organize a conference at DIFC, for 2 hours, opened to the public, on May 6th. Our intervention will deal with the following subjects: Keynote address: presentation of the University and the executive master in Islamic Finance Presentation of the Islamic Finance industry in France Presentation of several initiatives of Islamic Finance products launched in France Executive Master students professional presentation After the conference, a country-risk seminar (given in french) will be taught by Anouar Hassoune. Anouar is an expert in Islamic Finance, he spent 11 years in the rating industry (Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s) where he contributed to the expansion of the rating of Middle East issuers. He was also highly involved in the elaboration of analytical methods used for the rating of Islamic financial institutions and sukuk. He work now in Dubaï.

18 Table of content The Ethic and Islamic Finance Association Conferences
Academic Trip Annex

19 Overview of the past association activity Conference organization – 2009/2012 (1/3)
DATE THEME SPEAKERS 15 Nov. 2010 1st Edition of the Islamic Finance News – Roadshowin Paris (Redmoneygroup) Paris Europlace, CIMB Islamic, Bursa Malaysia, Moody’s May 2011 First edition of the seminar- Islamic Finance Project Nazim Ali, PhD, director of « Islamic finance project» Harvard Law Business School 29 June 2011 «Opportunities and Challenges in the Maghreb and Mashrek following the Arab Spring» HEC Paris, Président de la Conférence Mondiale des Religions pour la Paix, France 2, Le Monde Diplomatique, AFD, France 24 22 Sept. 2011 Workshop : International Sustainable Finance : Responsible Finance, Ethical Finance, Islamic Finance, Social Finance, Micro Finance KOF Swiss Economic institut, Chair Finance & Sustainable development, … 4 Oct. 2011 Kuala Lumpur Islamic Finance Forum – Participation of the head of the diploma Mme Jouaber et de Mr. Hassoune, Chairman of the Board development program Finance Minister and Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, CEO of Inter. Instit. of Islamic Studies, Pres. the Shariah Advisory Council of the Bank Negara 13 Dec.2011 The future of Islamic finance in France: Fantasy or reality? ACP, France Sukuk Courage, Chaabi Bank, Corum AM, Hassoune conseils

20 Overview of the past association activity Conference organization – 2009/2012 (2/3)
DATE THEME SPEAKERS 20 Nov. 2009 The inaugural conference launch of the diploma: “ ISLAMIC FINANCE : OVERVIEW AND PERSPECTIVES IN FRANCE AND IN THE WORLD “ Moody’s, Ambassadeur du Bahrein en France, Kuwait Finance House, CIMB Islamic Bank, Paris Europlace, UBS, Baker & McKenzie, membres du parlement francais,… 18 Janv. 2010 First Conference on Management Risk in Islamic Finance Dexia, Lyxox SGAM, HSBC, S&P Moody’s, Banque Al Baraka , UBS, Acerfi, IESH, IFAAS, … 29 Mars 2010 Private conference : Real estate transactions « Shariah Compliant » The firm Lawyer Baker & McKenzie Paris 29 May 2010 « Perspectives social science on islamic finance » in partnership with the EHESS Three international researchers (Fletcher School de Boston ; American University de Washington and National Uiversity of Australia de Canberr) 28 April 2010 « Law and Islamic finance outlook for France and the Arab countries? » in partnership with Paris II and Lunalogic University Panthéon Assas (Paris II), Counsel - August et Debouzy Avocats, Mme Rachida Dati (ex Ministre de la justice), Lunalogic

21 Overview of the past association activity Conference organization – 2009/2012 (3/3)
DATE THEME SPEAKERS 6 Feb 2012 Sponsoring the seminar Coffis - "Successful experiences of Islamic Finance in the world: What prospects for a real start in France?" Mohamed NOURI, Anouar ADHAM (Banque Islamique du Qatar), Othman Hamad Mohamed KHAIR, (Gouverneur du Khartoum Stock Exchange), Carole D’ARMAILLE (Relations investisseurs Paris EUROPLACE) … April 2012 Communication and Marketing Seminar in collaboration with the school Intuit.lab Dauphine University and Intuit.lab students 4 May 2012 Islamic Finance structuring techniques applied to real estate investments in France (legal and fiscal aspects) Marc Mariani, Pierre-Marie Ouchet and Eva Leygonie. With the participation of Pierre Auba (National Bank of Kuwait), Christine Daric et Olivier Mesmin (lawyer at Baker & McKenzie) 14 May 2012 The opportunities of ethical investments that Islamic Finance offers Myriam Coince (President of AEIF), Tarik Bengarai (CIFIE), Mohamed Boulif (Al Maalya Consulting), Anouar Hassoune (Hassoune Conseil), Mansour Khalife (Corum AM) and Patrick Zen (CFCI) 7 June 2012 What is missing in the retail Islamic banking industry to be fully integrated in France? Anouar Hassoune (Hassoune conseil), Amine Al Alami (Chaabi Bank), Didier Peny (ACP), Dr.Syed Nazim Ali (Harvard) and Mufti Abulkadir Barkatullah (IBB & Lloyds TBS)

22 Overview of the past association activity Previous academic trip– 2011/2012
The trip took place between July 9/17th 2011, organized with the support of the embassies of France and Malaysia, group Paris Europlace and authority for the Malaysian Investment Development. Institutions visited: KHF, BNP Paribas, Securities Commission, Dinarion Capital, CIMB, Bursa Malaysia, Bank Negara, MIFC, IFSB, HSBC Amanah, INCEIF, Credit Agricole Media coverage of travel were double; firstly it has expanded its network media in France and also became known in Asia, particularly Malaysia. Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) France embassy in Kuala Lumpur


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