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Focus on 2011-2012. ? ? ? ? ? Can you spell each ? ?? ?? word ? ? ? ? ? ? ? correctly ? ? ? ? ?

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1 Focus on 2011-2012

2 ? ? ? ? ? Can you spell each ? ?? ?? word ? ? ? ? ? ? ? correctly ? ? ? ? ?

3 Do you know the definitions of each word?

4 Essential Question What are the definitions of words students must know for CRCT testing?

5 oTopic Sentence oParagraph oTitle Page oTable of Contents oGlossary and Narrator Words to help students do well on the CRCT.

6 Topic Sentence Topic (main idea) – a subject that people write, think or talk about. A TOPIC SENTENCE tells the main idea of the paragraph.

7 Paragraph paragraph- a group of sentences that are about the same idea. Paragraphs usually begin on a new line and are indented.

8 T itle Page Title page- a page at the front of the book that gives the title and the name of the author and publisher of the book. Can you find the Title Page in every book you read?

9 Table of Contents Table of contents- a page at the front of a book that lists the chapter names and the pages of where to locate each chapter in the book.

10 glossary glossary – a list of hard words at the end of a book that tells the definitions or explanations of each word.

11 narrator narrator – a person who tells a story. narrate - to give a continuous account or details of an event.

12 Essential Question What are the 3 purposes an author has for writing? (Remember PIE) P.I. E.- to persuade, inform and entertain.

13 persuade persuasive paragraph- a paragraph that tries to win you over to one side. To persuade is to argue your point. Persuasion is a firm belief.

14 inform inform- a paragraph or story written to give knowledge of something. (Something told or facts learned.) Factual information written in a paragraph.

15 entertain entertain- a paragraph or story that is pleasing, amusin g, or interesting to read.

16 What are the (4) four types of sentences? Interrogative Declarative Imperative Exclamatory

17 Interrogative interrogative-a sentence that asks a question. Who read for one hour last night?

18 Imperative imperative – a sentence that gives an urgent command. Stop in the name of the law.

19 Declarative declarative – a sentence that tells you something and ends with a period. Alex is going to attend Duke University and become a doctor.

20 Exclamatory exclamatory – a sentence that shows excitement and ends with an exclamation mark. (!) Hurrah! We all made 100 on the test!

21 Essential Question What are the parts of speech students must know for the Georgia CRCT?

22 noun noun - a word that names a person, place or thing. boy, girl, dog, dress, coin, book, school, store, key,

23 conjunction conjunction - a word that connects words, phrases, clauses or sentences. (and, but, though and if are conjunctions.) I like hot dogs and pizza.

24 pronoun pronoun – a word used in place of a noun. they, you, we, I, she, he, it She loves to receive parent notes.

25 adverb adverb- a word that tells how, when and where something happened. Mrs. Brink spoke softly to the students.

26 What are transition words that can be used in a paragraph? First, next, finally, then, later,…. In addition to, In conclusion….

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