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Swimming in a sea of News Brian OKeefe Director of Product Management 617 797-5282.

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1 Swimming in a sea of News Brian OKeefe Director of Product Management 617 797-5282

2 About Us Treemaps The Problem The Solution: Get Visual ! Why Visual? Pre-Attentive Processing Treemaps News Demo - Panopticon Explorer v1.4 Q/A Contact Information Agenda

3 Pioneer in real-time visualization software Flagship product : Treemap Offices: Stockholm, London, New York Founded in 1999 Immediate ROI for customers 40+ person-years of development 5 th generation product Technology agnostic.NET, Java SDK, zero-footprint, desktop About Us

4 The Problem World is facing an unprecedented information explosion News, data, text, images, structured and unstructured data Every organization or person are becoming an information business. Much work on the back-end & pipe but limited investment on the front-end We are collecting and disseminating News at a greater rate than our ability to Consume it! Simply Put…

5 Manage, customize and aggregate your news flow… …then stream it to your business users. The Solution… get Visual !

6 Why Visual ? Visual Processing & the Brain "Because half of the human brain is devoted directly or indirectly to vision, understanding the process of vision provides clues to understanding fundamental operations in the brain." --Professor Mriganka Sur of MIT's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences 35 different areas in the brain that have been identified as being primarily or totally involved with the processing of visual information All lobes of the cerebral cortex are involved in the processing of visual information More area of the brain dedicated to vision than to all the other sense modalities combined --Robert B. Sanet, O.D., F.C.O.V.D; IV International Congress of Behavioral Optometry

7 How quickly can you identify this image? Pre-Attentive Processing 128173687561789765469845069 856049828676298098584538224 509856458935098450980965859 091030209905959595772564675 050678904567884578980982137 765487266490856093294968641 How many 3s? 128173687561789765469845068 560498286762980985845382245 098564589350984509809658590 910302099059595957725646750 506789045678845789809821637 654872664908560932949686897

8 Treemaps Display large amounts of row data as groups of rectangles Rectangles can be arranged, sized, and colored graphically to reveal underlying patterns, trends, biases Treemaps allow users to easily recognize complicated data relationships Treemaps have 3 key elements: 1. Aggre ga tion 2. S i z e 3. Color

9 News Demo - Panopticon Explorer v1.4 Demo

10 Please Contact us @: London: 44 20 7877 0640 New York: 646 216 8863 Stockholm: 46 853 480 480 Summary Upcoming Webinar: Get Embed with our SDK!" Feb 26 th, 2008 @ 10:30 EST --Visualization and Data Plug-ins 1)To date, most of the work has been on Content and Delivery 2)What is needed is a visual and interactive front-end 3)Leverage the Brains ability to process information faster and efficient- Visually

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