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Taavi Tamberg 2009. What is screen? Device User Interface Information Service Innovation.

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1 Taavi Tamberg 2009

2 What is screen? Device User Interface Information Service Innovation

3 Technically... this is not the topic of this presentation

4 Real question? who decides we need another screen? what must be in the screen?

5 Architecture and Design levels: Mission, Vision (Enterprise Architecture) Goods and Services, Organization (Business Architecture) Information and Data, Knowledge Management, (Information Architecture) Systems and Technology (System Architecture)

6 Software Systems Computers Contacts Prices How to... Goods and Services Our mission is... VISION Just to show animation power

7 User Interface part of a software application that a user sees and interacts with aggregate of means by which people--the users--interact with the system. The Web Interface is a required component in any environment where users access their applications using a Web browser

8 Usability (User Experience) Visual Design Colors, banners, pictures, text size.. Interaction Design Navigation, User friendliness, Accessibility Information Architecture Content, Information structure

9 Systems design is the process or art of defining the architecture, components, modules, interfaces, and data.. for a system

10 Information Architecture is a description or design specification for how information should be treated and organized. In web design, the term describes the organization of...

11 Information Subject based a message received and understood knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction A collection of related data Data is a structured collection of facts... Knowledge about a topic Knowledge is ability to put information into action

12 Information architecture What information we need value, outputs (clients, stuff, labour, management, owners...) Where it comes from inputs, quality How is it organized structure, objects, documents Security

13 Service Design is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service Service delivery is the method used to provide services to a client is our service attractive and usable, who are our visitors and what they are looking most? when and where they are contacting?

14 Business needs for Information Services Business Needs Technology Solutions

15 Strategy What is our business Client satisfaction Are we serving our clients (mission) Quality Innovation (vision)

16 Witch level? So, if Web is the place, where users interact with system, this is important to look all the levels of the organization (system): Strategic Business Information Technology (Computers) All starts from top level and continues through every level to bottom to ensure quality

17 Questions?

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