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R. Nyondo COMMUNITY MEDIA IN ZAMBIA Background research done BY Sr. Rose Nyondo F. Muzyamba.

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1 R. Nyondo COMMUNITY MEDIA IN ZAMBIA Background research done BY Sr. Rose Nyondo F. Muzyamba


3 R. Nyondo THE NEW MEDIA Its all on the NET and thrives on new technology Its Google, Your Tube : Face book, Linked In, Tweeters, My Space, user generated content (UGC) like CNNs I-Report or our won Cop, eye-witness, etc

4 R. Nyondo The New Media Its the blogs -- journalists are creating their own blogs and profiles and generating unique audiences to their sites Its the digital revolution It takes about 15 to 20 minutes of lab time to teach a student to open and manage his/her own blog.

5 R. Nyondo NEW MEDIA Changed information gathering, editing, packaging, dissemination and are re-shaping journalism in ways wed never have imagined possible We can write and edit from anywhere; we can outsource roles such as subbing. The sub editor does not need to be in the newsroom

6 R. Nyondo Informatiom overload, We have lots to choose from, real time news Present the most dramatic form of free flow of and access to information Helps to bypass the censors and anything goes of course at a hidden cost?

7 R. Nyondo DISTINCT FEATURES Heavily technology based Its all about the message, not the MEDIUM Not restrictive -- anybody can use it Multiple platforms all in one go Allows widest reach ever

8 R. Nyondo IMPACT Digital piracy -- copyright issues (Google, Yahoo, All and other content aggregators Has spawned a whole new phenomenon of citizen journalism Crowd of consumers who, empowered by new technologies, have decided that traditional media are no longer relevant in today's society ??

9 R. Nyondo IMPACT So everyone is now a journalist (mobile phone or digital camera – upload content and publish on any of the numerous available sites or on your own blog or send to a newsroom of your choice EXAMPLE OF THE TSUNAMI PICTURES News and info are available anywhere, anytime. A lot to choose from AND ITS ALL FREE New terminologies -- maximization of information -- and this can only be good for society

10 R. Nyondo IMPACT Death of professional journalism? Accountability, ethics, standards are at risk.

11 R. Nyondo Impact How to enforce ethics: how do you tell that growing crowd of non-journalists that you dont control – To check and double-check their stories before sending them to you/ How to keep out hearsay, rumour, gossip or avoid being manipulated?

12 R. Nyondo Impact What about gate-keepers? Have they lost their employment? More of quantity than quality

13 R. Nyondo IMPACT Digital onslaught -- new roles, medium neutral titles. Newsroom integration and convergence – who breaks the news first? Online distribution becoming part of our job description. But the Community media in Zambia are far from being ready.

14 R. Nyondo Impact Notion of Day Two journalism - - background and context More analyses, commentaries, in-depth reporting, investigative journalism, unique and specialist content. You can give more for those who want more. A patient of breast cancer will not mind more space to that story.

15 IMPACT – Plagiarism much easier to do, but also to detect, forcing journalists to be more creative in the way they cheat. Example of Students at Mass Comm.

16 R. Nyondo Impact Research is childs play. All you need to do is Google Story narration is changing – using new tools, its no longer just words and spaces – we can add audio/video, get story subjects bios or information on them Investment in training in the new media

17 R. Nyondo CHALLENGES Resistance to change -- traditional media rivalries persist Higher compensation for publishing on multiple platforms How to maintain professionalism as we know it (ethics, values, etc)

18 R. Nyondo Challenges Taking the newspaper in particular to the next level Newsrooms -- fewer or more journalists Has community media been prepared to meet these challenges ?

19 R. Nyondo Challenges Publication of a small community media House has more audience than just its geographical reach. A Community media paper or radio station in Zambia can reach Russia, South America, Australia etc We need to be more professional than we are now!

20 R. Nyondo Challenges Research done with my colleague F. Muzyamba revealed that: 1. Comty Media houses need training 2. They need the new Technologies and training on how to use them. 3. Urgent need to Resource management 4. Means of generating finances. 5. Knowledge of media laws and Ethics

21 R. Nyondo Challenges Employment patterns have to change A CV. With IT experience will be more than an added advantage. Creativity and new ideas to beat the stiff competition will be the most needed commodities

22 R. Nyondo Conclusion Most Community Media houses in Zambia are not ready for the new Technologies. Training needs to be our next and most urgent priority. Facing the new challenges, the State needs to rethink its regulatory framework?


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