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Bizmuth Engineering (PTY) Ltd

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1 Bizmuth Engineering (PTY) Ltd
Company Brochure

2 Summary Bizmuth Engineering Mission Statement: Services: Products:
Bizmuth Engineering is dedicated to offering a technical service of unparalleled calibre to the customer with the support of one of the most powerful forces in the engineering industry – BMG (previously known as Bearingman). With a crew of qualified engineers offering their services at your business’s doorstep to find the best possible solution to your Hydraulic or engineering problem, a call out service allows us to some to your place of business saving you time, money and hassles. Listed below is the comprehensive services we offer and a list of our main products on offer. Combining these well established and reliable products with s full comprehensive range of services, we believe that you need not look further for your Hydraulic engineering needs. Services: Call Centre Off-Site Hydraulic Repair Service Off-Site Hydraulic Testing Service Project Engineering, System design and a Technical Consulting Service On-site Mobile Workshop Service Off-site fluid analysis service including: Drawn Down Particle Isolation Procedure for an Impurity test Karl Fischer Water-In-Oil Test (ASTM D4928 IP386) Viscosity Test (ASTM D445/IP71) Fluid Analysis Reports Fluid Cleanliness Target Levels Trend Analysis Recommendations Hydraulic Cylinder Design and Manufacture Off-site Hydraulic Cylinder Repair and Testing Manifold Design and manufacture Engineering assistance with hydraulic system analysis and start-ups Products: Accumulators Bieri High Pressure Hydraulic components Cylinders Filtration Heat Exchangers Hydraulic Motors Hydraulic Plumbing Larzep Hydraulics Hydraulic Pumps Reservoir Accessories Valves Steel tubing

3 About Us Introduction Welcome to Bizmuth Engineering, specialising in hydraulic engineering in Southern Africa. With a focus on quality, Bizmuth Engineering combines intimate knowledge and experience with state of the art technology and raw power, to deliver the most powerful and reliable hydraulic solutions money can buy. In today’s challenging industrial environment it’s not enough to deliver pin-point Precision, Herculean strength and near immortal reliability. You must offer all of this at once and compliment it with instantaneous back up in the form of expert technical assistance, repair and maintenance facilities, and much more. These are our values, and this is what you can expect from a pioneer at the cutting edge of hydraulic engineering. We are a brand new distributor for the newly owned BMG Hydraulics, once Goldquest International Hydraulics previously VICKERS systems. Our company is primarily focused on offering technical expertise within the industrial field, particularly the mining field – through from, the removal of minerals to the refinery of the respective minerals, with the support of BMG, Bizmuth Engineering is in a situation to offer the client a range of tried and tested solutions to many problems encountered within the field. Bizmuth Engineering is not only a specialist within the mining field, the expertise of the staff goes far beyond just mining and can offer solutions to any hydraulic engineering problem.

4 Vision and Mission "Our affirmed vision is to be acknowledged throughout the North Western Region of South Africa as the first choice provider of hydraulic technical expertise, products, services and solutions" In pursuing our vision, We are passionate about: Supplying the widest range of Superior Quality Products and Services Providing Technical Service beyond our customers’ expectations Providing only Competent Advice and Execution Innovating in terms of new product designs, applications and service delivery Empowering people We will be the best by: Employing only the best people, products and materials Continuously monitoring the needs of our customers Innovating in terms of product and service delivery Keeping up to date with the latest forms of Hydraulic engineering and products available in the market place.

5 Premises Quality Management Human Resources
Bizmuth Engineering has an office located in the Northcliff area within the North Western suburbs of Johannesburg. Our supplier BMG Hydraulics manufacturing and warehousing facilities are based in Benrose, at the heart of Johannesburg. The facilities in Benrose span 7 794m2 with workshops and machine centres covering over 2 200m2 of the site. The remainder consists of warehousing facilities and offices. With immediate access to both the N1 and N3 national highways, and close proximity to Johannesburg International Airport. Quality Management We appreciate the importance that our valued customers place on quality, and assuring them that Bizmuth Engineering takes every step to ensure that they receive only the highest quality products and services is of strategic importance to us. Each system is tested under the watchful eye of a senior engineer at Bizmuth Engineering to ensure that the customer is receiving only a top notch product. Bizmuth’s supplier – BMG Hydraulics has been audited and awarded ISO 9001: 2000 accreditation from an internationally recognised accrediting body, DQS, affording you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that any work carried out by BMG Hydraulics complies with the ISO’s strictest quality assurance standards. Human Resources Bizmuth Engineering has four main members making up a specialised team that can offer a technical service like no other hydraulic distributor can. Each member is a BSC qualified Engineer in the Mechanical, Electrical and IT fields. The combined experience and knowledge of these individuals shall ensure that you receive the most precise engineering solutions. The company employs casual staff to assist on site situations. Bizmuth Engineering is fully BEE accredited to level 6. BMG Hydraulics employs over 110 men and women from diverse backgrounds. In an industry such as ours, where skills and experience are scarce, the competencies developed and retained within our workforce give us a distinct advantage over our competitors. With a keen focus on people development, the full staff compliment, comprised of Qualified Engineers, Skilled Artisans, Technical Sales and Service personnel, Semi-Skilled workers and Clerical staff, are continually trained and coached to ensure that we not only maintain this position, but continue to grow and learn both as individuals and as an organisation.

6 Hydraulic Repairs Centre
We have the capacity to repair a full spectrum of products throughout the hydraulic field including; variable and fixed displacement pumps, industrial valves, mobile valves, Staffa low speed torque motors, high speed motors, accumulators and many more. All repairs are carried out by qualified and experienced artisans, and carry the same comprehensive warrantee as our high quality manufactured products. The only way to avoid problems down the line with hydraulic components in any system where high pressures and stresses and close tolerances are in play on a constant basis, is to employ only genuine spare parts, ensuring the integrity of the system as a whole. In respect of this Bizmuth Engineering repairs are undertaken using only the highest quality genuine spare parts. Accurate diagnosis of component failure and appropriate repair is only achieved through years of experience. Consequentially each repair follows strict ISO accredited works procedures that are based on this hard-earned experience, ensuring that the component is returned to maximum efficiency. Furthermore, our artisans benefit from training by the original equipment manufactures, guaranteeing an absolute understanding and intimate knowledge of the product they are working with. Every repaired product is assessed by our testing facility, affording you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your equipment has passed Bizmuth Engineering and BMG Hydraulics strictest performance standards. Hydraulic Test Centre Bizmuth Engineering makes use of the BMG hydraulics test facility and expertise where the expert technicians confidently assess the state of your equipment in the test centre, which is on a par with any hydraulic test facility in South Africa. The test facilities includes: 4 variable speed drive test bays, capable of testing vane, piston, gear and other pumps with power input requirements of up to 132kW Full Dynamic Torque Testing of hydraulic motors up to 35 kiloNM of torque on our dynamic load cell, a capability unparalleled in South Africa Complete CETOP valve testing facility Pressure control testing Flow Control Testing Proportional control testing including integral electronics Manifold block and cartridge valve test facility Cylinder test facility capable of testing a wide range of sizes up to 1000 Bar working pressure Accumulator shell testing Test certificates are issued on request for component tested, affording you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your equipment has passed Bizmuth Engineering and BMG Hydraulics strictest performance standards.

7 Project Engineering and Consulting
Bizmuth Engineering is focused on delivering turnkey solutions and projects with skill and knowledge that the engineers possess. With one of the most accomplished projects department within the hydraulic field supporting the engineers at Bizmuth Engineering. The projects department at BMG Hydraulics has assembled an impressive portfolio of success stories over the years involving some revolutionary projects. The process begins with the scope of the project being accurately defined through extensive on site consultation with the client. Thereafter, the appropriate solution is devised by drawing on the collective expertise of the engineering team. Each solution is unique, and developed to exacting specifications using our sophisticated CAD technology. 3D "Solid modelling" allows us to present a virtual image of the design in our drawing office prior to manufacture, keeping the client informed of our progress and the design that shall be implemented, and providing added piece of mind. Many people still associate hydraulics with a cylinder going up and down, but there is a lot more to hydraulics in this day and age. Technology and techniques have moved past the simple pump and cylinder stage and we are now seeing systems, integrated through the use of smart technologies, which are stretching the boundaries of traditional hydraulic design. Key to our success is the broad range of competencies manifested within the team. Bizmuth Engineering engineers, due to their vast experience and varied backgrounds, have the ability to integrate different technologies, from Hydraulics and Pneumatics, to Electronics and Information Technology. Mobile Service Workshop We identify that unscheduled shutdowns as a result of system failure are a massive point of concern for any production- orientated business. Therefore the concept of the mobile service workshop was devised, to perform as a hydraulic- ambulance. Travelling to you at a moments notice to get your system up and running again in the shortest time possible. The mobile service workshop is fitted with all the tools, spares and equipment necessary to perform the following functions: Troubleshooting Technical assistance On-site repairs Installations and commissioning System flushing On-site fluid analysis (Draw down particle isolation and particle count) Hose and pipe assembly

8 Cylinder Design and Manufacture
A key to specialized hydraulic service is the addition of manufacturing hydraulic cylinders according to the application, very few Hydraulic companies will manufacture cylinders to your application, they would rather you change your application to suit the design of a standard cylinder. Bizmuth Engineering together with BMG Hydraulics follows the approach of designing a system to the customer’s needs and will supply hydraulic cylinders according to the application of the client. BMG Hydraulics has built this reputation cylinder by cylinder for decades, creating hydraulic masterpieces upon which the industry is built. All cylinders are designed and produced from start to finish by Bizmuth Engineering engineers and BMG Hydraulics ISO accredited Cylinder Design and Manufacture Department. Starting with computer assisted design and advanced 3D modeling, and progressing right up to fabrication, where experienced and highly qualified artisans make use of the highest quality imported honed barrels and chromed bars. Unlike the majority of South African manufacturers, the engineered cylinders do not use peeled steel bars that are finished, flash chromed and polished. All our bars are ground and plated with micro cracked chrome. The roundness, straightness and corrosion resistance of these bars is infinitely superior to any locally produced bars. Bizmuth Engineering cylinder tubes are cold drawn steel DIN ST 52 BK+S (stress relieved) manufactured in accordance with DIN 2391-C (seamless). The tubes are straight within 0,5 : 1000 mm with an I.D. tolerance of H8. Bizmuth Engineering has access to a full machining facility at BMG Hydraulics, the manufacturing capabilities comes from the use of high-speed CNC lathes, which facilitates high speed, repeatability and accuracy. As well as high-spec facilities, which enable us to produce customized cylinders of any size. Fluid Analysis Service An often over-looked, but critical element in any hydraulic or lubrication system is contamination control. The benefits of a system maintained through the use of high quality filtration equipment coupled with a regular sampling and testing program can be measured in terms of increased performance and longevity of components. Ultimately these improvements reflect in lower maintenance costs. Bizmuth’s systemic approach to contamination control consists of three key steps that allow you to obtain and maintain the appropriate cleanliness level for your hydraulic or lubrication system. Determine the Target Cleanliness Level for the system Take Action to achieve the Target Cleanliness Level Monitor & Maintain Fluid Condition Ascertaining the current state of your system fluid, as well as monitoring and maintaining fluid condition once corrective measures have been taken is made easy through Bizmuth Engineering and BMG Hydraulics comprehensive Fluid Analysis Service. The laboratory is fully equipped to perform an exhaustive range of test procedures, specifically designed for the analysis of hydraulic and lubrication system fluid. The equipment in the lab is at the technological apex and is routinely calibrated to ensure that accuracy is verifiable. Solid particulate contaminants are arguably the most common cause of failure in hydraulic components. Ensuring that particulate contamination is not a factor in the failure (catastrophic, intermittent, or degradation) of any component in your system, is the first step in creating a risk management envelope for the system. This test determines the level of particulate contamination in your system fluid through the use of an automatic particle counter. The automatic particle counter uses a high intensity laser light source coupled with a photo sensor. This actively counts the number and size of particles contained in a fluid sample. The quantitative results of the count are reported in a detailed particle size distribution table, sorted by size and quantity. This quantitative data is then translated to produce an ISO 4406 cleanliness code for the sample (e.g. 18/16/14). The cleanliness code for the sample can then be compared against the cleanliness level recommended for the system.

9 Cylinder Repair and Testing
Bizmuth Engineering are also engaged in the refurbishment of cylinders, which are subsequently tested by our test facility to ensure quality and reliability. The BMG Hydraulic cylinder department boasts a staff compliment with decades of experience in cylinder repair and design evaluation. Chronic cylinder problems are normally the result of inadequate initial design and/or incorrect prior repair. Our engineers will quickly identify the root cause of chronic cylinder leaks and other plant failures. If your plant or equipment requires regular overhaul, please contact one of our engineers for assistance. The types of cylinders that Bizmuth Engineering can supply are listed below, but remember that this is a guide, Bizmuth Engineering can custom build a cylinder according to a customer’s application. High-pressure cylinders with operating pressures up to 70 Mpa Multi stage telescopic rams, both single and double acting Constant velocity telescopic rams Heavy duty mill type cylinders Low friction - high speed cylinders Belleville spring actuated hydraulic release clamp cylinders Standard Cylinders Bizmuth Engineering offers standard cylinders that have an extremely quick turnaround time; a full catalogue is available listing all the series of standard cylinders. The range has been designed for use in industrial and mobile applications with operating pressures to 25 Mpa. Standard cylinders are useful when designing new systems, a large range of literature is available on the standard cylinders and many options are available for the specific design application.

10 Manifold Design and Manufacture
Bizmuth Engineering offers design and manufacture of hydraulic systems and manifolds with the backup of BMG Hydraulics experience of more than half a century. Manifold design and manufacture department at BMG Hydraulics is one of the most technically advanced facilities to be found in the continent. Complete end-to-end service from initial design to the finished product all takes place in-house using Computer Assisted Design and Manufacture (CAD & CAM). Our sophisticated 3D "solid" modeling technique means that both interior and exterior dimensions of the manifold can be viewed in a virtual environment prior to fabrication. The advantage being that any potential flaws in the design can be identified and amended to the client’s specifications prior to manufacture. Milling and machining takes place in the highly advanced CNC machining centres. In addition to the high quality finishes produced by this machinery, accuracy and repeatability in high volume runs is also ensured by the CAM process. Bizmuth’s manifolds are fabricated with quality assured Durabar steel plate imported from the USA, and because all fabrication takes place on BMG Hydraulics’ premises, complete control over quality is exercised through a ISO accredited works procedures. This degree of control over quality is to our knowledge unparalleled in Southern Africa

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