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TechINK The Business. In the 1990’s a group of individuals at one of South Africa’s first digital printing companies were faced with a dire problem. In.

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1 TechINK The Business

2 In the 1990’s a group of individuals at one of South Africa’s first digital printing companies were faced with a dire problem. In their desperation to improve the quality of prints of their flagship printer, they had addressed all but one part of the printer and printing process. The Ink. But the solution, and the beginnings of a global ink manufacturer, lay therein With the assistance of an ink chemist, the team began designing an ink, optimized for use with their troubled printer. After countless trials and errors, an ink was produced that not only increased the quality of the printed images, but also reduced nozzle drop outs and down time, drastically enhancing the printer’s capabilities far beyond anything the team had anticipated. The “Magic” ink as it was called, was selected by the printer’s manufacturer as the preferred ink for the printer type The opportunities facing this newly founded Ink business were far too great to be confined to a department of a printing company. And so, in 1998 a separate specialist ink development and manufacturing company was founded. TechINK was born TechINK was subsequently acquired by the printer’s manufacturer and the combination of these two companies strengths have been instrumental in TechINK’s emergence as a leader in the manufacture of solvent-based digital printing inks and accessories. That same commitment to innovation that was responsible for the birth of TechINK is the drive behind everything the company does today Our History

3 TechINK is a global company specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of digital printing solvent-based pigmented inks, liquid laminates and UV cured inks of the highest international standards. The increasing demands of the modern printing world call for constant product innovation and TechINK answers that call with rigorous product development. Dot Control Technology (DCT™), a TechINK patented technology is one example of this – increasing print quality and speed of printers utilizing TechINK’s Platinum inks TechINK’s ISO 9001:2000 world-class quality management system is our customers’ ultimate assurance of quality in anything that carries the TechINK name. Extensive testing and continuous process ensure that every TechINK product conforms to the highest international standards All TechINK products are supported by TechINK’s highly trained ink personnel who facilitate a full spectrum of support services. From colour management expertise to maintenance of ink delivery systems and ink conversion procedures What we do

4 Mission Statement TechINK’s mission is to provide digital printing ink solutions in support of our client’s requirements, through product innovation, technical support and superior customer service Recognising that people and expertise are its primary resource, TechINK will continue to focus on training, product development and meeting the specialized needs of its customers

5 Beliefs and Values TechINK is one of the world’s foremost digital printing ink companies, driven by a culture of innovation, a passion for uncompromising quality and a dedication to offering complete solutions for the modern digital printing industry

6 Brand Positioning It is said that necessity is the driving force behind ingenuity. This is most certainly true of TechINK. From our humble beginnings to our emergence as a global authority in the production of specialized digital printing inks, we have always answered the necessitating demands of our industry with innovative products and service Today, the culture and innovation that brought our business into being continues to pervade everything we do – driving us towards delivering digital printing inks and solutions that set new standards in precision and quality

7 Features and Attributes 1.Innovative product development 2.Innovative manufacturing process 3.A solution-focussed, product-driven company 4.Low unit-cost producer of digital printing ink 5.World-class quality management systems 6.State-of-the-art Research and Development equipment 7.Global infrastructure and distribution network 8.Manufacturing process of international standards 9.Full service technical support and training teams

8 Features and Attributes continued 10.Highly integrated business, not dependent on external suppliers 11.Reputation for excellent client relationship 12.Reputable Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners 13.One of the world’s largest digital printing ink producers 14.Humble and honest approach to business 15.Transparent and accessible business structure 16.Passionate about the industry 17.Dedicated to attention to detail 18.A modern business with a forward-looking approach

9 Benefits TechINK is a company that, through a culture of innovation, delivers cutting edge solutions and products to our customers Through rigorous research and development, TechINK offers a more in-depth understanding of our customer’s individual needs As a company obsessed with quality and attention to detail, TechINK always meets and exceeds customer expectations By backing world-class inks with an equally high standard of service/support, TechINK’s offering meets and exceeds global expectations Because we are passionate about solutions and not just sales, TechINK has a primary interest in providing solutions to customer challenges Relationship building is highly valued at TechINK. Because we treat our customer’s challenges as opportunities to gain new insights, dealing with TechINK is always a pleasurable, painless experience As a transparent, contemporary, forward-thinking company, TechINK takes pro-active, and pre-emptive measures in solving both current and future challenges Through a global network of distributors, suppliers and support providers, TechINK offers an internationally accessible product range

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