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3 Established in 2001, PowerLink is committed to the researching and manufacturing of generator sets and other engineering equipment. Over 70,000 PowerLink gensets and mobile lighting towers are in operation in nearly 100 countries all over the world. One R&D Center located in Shanghai; 3 plants established in the UK and Shanghai. (2 in Shanghai, and 1 in the UK) Subsidiaries established at 6 countries, and distributors covered nearly 100 countries and districts around the world. More than 450 staffs. 1. About PowerLink - Company Profile UK Plant Shanghai Manufacturing Plant-1 Shanghai Manufacturing Plant-2

4 To be Your Partner for Power…… For Customers: providing global customers with high quality electrical and engineering equipment. For Partners: providing support for distributors sustainable development. For Employees: creating win-win relationship and conditions for employees to realize their dreams. Our Corporate Mission

5 Our Corporate Value Honesty Professional EfficiencyInnovation Responsibility Development Abide by the business ethics of integrity and honesty Always do the best Provide high quality service Encourage employees to develop their potentials Encourage employees self- development For consumers For customers For corporate For society

6 PowerLink International Group Product Supply Chain System Shanghai Manufacturing Plant-1 PowerLink (UK) Plant PowerLink (AU) Warehouse PowerLink (USA) Warehouse PowerLink (INDO.) PowerLink has established manufacturing plants in China and the UK, sales subsidiaries in 6 countries, and more than 200 distributors in nearly 100 countries around the world. Manufacturing Plants and Marketing Institutions Sales Subsidiaries & Warehouses Shanghai Manufacturing Plant-2

7 PowerLink Group in China PowerLink International Group PowerLink China Established in 2001. Headquartered in Shanghai. More than 450 staffs, with 100 R&D members. State-level high-tech enterprise. PowerLink China Products Export Performance

8 PowerLink UK Established in Feb. 2010. Located in Yorkshire. Corporate functions: researching, manufacturing, marketing, sales and services. Main products: soundproof Gensets, and Gensets of EP Series and WCS Series. PowerLink UK Products Export Performance PowerLink International Group

9 Gasoline gensets Diesel gensets Genset accessories High voltage gensets Mobile lighting towers Diesel-driven compressors Motor-driven compressors Portable compressors Post treatment equipment Complete accessories Gensets for the rental market Mobile lighting towers for rental Power EquipmentAir CompressorsEngineering MachineryRental Products Super Five 2. PowerLink Products and Services

10 2.1. PowerLink Product Family Features:

11 80-2000 6-2200 22-150010-606-306 kVA 2.2. Electrical Equipment 1-1800KW kVA We have all kinds of electrical equipment such as open type, soundproof type, containerised type, mobile type, etc to comply with all kinds of standards around the world.

12 Major Applications Un-interrupted Power Supply Solutions ATS Mains Load Generator Sets

13 Small Power Station Solution Circuit Control Center Load or Grid Communication line and wiring trench Standby Gensets Gensets Large Fuel Tank Transformer

14 Solutions-Potable Lighting Solutions Major Applications

15 2.3. Un-interruptible Power and Lighting Solutions Rental Generator Sets Major Applications

16 Un-interruptible Power and Lighting Solutions Portable Lighting Tower Major Applications

17 2.4. Air Compressor 60-1050 cfm, 7-30Bar Major Complications Motor Driven Screw Air Compressors

18 Compressed Air Supply Solutions Motor-driven Air Compressors 60-1535 cfm, 7-13 Bar

19 Compressed Air Supply SolutionsPortable Air Compressors 60-1050 cfm, 7-30Bar Major Complications

20 Welding Air Supply Lighting Power Generating Cutting 2.5. Municipal Construction and Mining SolutionsSuper 5 5 Basic functions:

21 Municipal Construction and Mining SolutionsSuper 5 Applications Major Applications

22 3. Powerful R&D Team- PowerLink Adheres to Innovation Different kinds of products to meet the needs of major customers and also customized products for special requirements. More than 30 new models are launched every year. Investing 5% of sales revenue into R&D.

23 4. Quality Management PowerLink products are all strictly examined with signed test reports before delivering to customers to comply with all kinds of industry standards. Conformite Europeenne (CE) China Compulsory Certification (CCC) TLC Quality Certification (TLC) ISO8528-1995 GB/T2820-1997 AS 3000-1997 AS 3010.1-1988 Genset Load Detection System Compressor Load Detection System Lighting Equipment Lumen Detection System Multifunction Data Detection System Heat Balance Detection System Noise Detector Equipment Vibration Detector RNW Compressor Oil Content Meter Applicable Standards Testing tools

24 Technical documents Special project 5. Distributor Service and Support 3D products application solutions Product training Customers visit and factory support Products inventory searching Exhibitions support Products selection

25 PowerLink takes part in all kinds of large-scale exhibitions in several countries every year to promote PowerLink brand and products. PowerLink brand is now becoming increasingly recognized all over the world. Exhibitions Support for Distributors Exhibition & Events How should I get supports for a fantastic show? Please contact your account manager for exhibition support.

26 Getting technical documentsConfirming product standards Communications in specific project implementation 5.2. Order Execution Confirming product by model-diagram Logistics arrangement Orders status inquires

27 Operation and maintenance training 5.3. After-sales Service Site technical guidance and training(optional) Management and supply of spare parts Products technical guidance Technical training Getting technical documents Compliants handling Product lifetime management

28 5.4. Lifetime Spare Parts Management and Supply Efficient and Fast Spare Parts Supply 2D Parts Manual 3D Parts Manual

29 Our products are widely used in all kinds of industries. 6. Major Application of Products Hospital, Bank and Telecom Military and Aviation Construction, Mining and Outdoor Projects Industry and Factories Residential Areas, Schools and Shopping mall

30 Our gensets, lighting towers and compressors have become the partner of many large- scale manufacturing factories. Product Application CaseManufacturing Factories

31 Product Application CaseBuildings Our gensets have been widely used in hotels, residential and office buildings, shopping malls, post offices and schools all over the world.

32 Our gensets have the characteristics of stability, instant startup, low noise, low emission and high safety, which made PowerLink gensets the best choice for hospitals standby power supply. Product Application CaseHospitals

33 PowerLink gensets, lighting towers and compressor are capable of smoothly operating in harsh environment. Product Application CaseMining and Outdoor Projects

34 PowerLink gensets advantages help to protect the security of bank data and telecom signal. Product Application CaseBank and Telecom Center

35 PowerLink gensets, compressors and lighting tower are widely used in many ports all over the world. Product Application CasePorts

36 PowerLink genset, compressors and lighting towers are widely used in oil fields. Product Application CaseOil Fields

37 PowerLink gensets are also used in power plants as standby power. Product Application CasePower Plants

38 Small Power Station Solution Many PowerLink gensets are used in mines and islands as small power stations to supply power for mining business and domestic consumption of local people.

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