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By: Olivia Zielaskowski No End in Sight Iraqi War.

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1 By: Olivia Zielaskowski No End in Sight Iraqi War

2 The lives lost, and wounded Sinc e Han dove r (6/2 9/04 ): Sinc e Oba ma Inau gura tion (1/2 0/09 ): American Military Casualties in Iraq Date TotalIn Combat American Deaths Since war began (3/19/03):44273496 Since Mission Accomplished (5/1/03) 4288 3388 Since Handover (6/29/04) 3568 2863 Since Obama Inauguration (1/20/09) 199 91 Sinc e Oper atio n New Daw n: Since Operation New Dawn 9 2 Ame rican Wou nded OfficialEstimated Tota l Wou nded Tota l Wou nded : Total wounded:32900Over 100000 Last updated: 10/27/10.

3 Iraqi Casualties Source Iraqi casualties Time period Iraq Family Health Survey 151,000 deaths March 2003 to June 2006 Lancet survey 654,965 excess deaths March 2003 to June 2006 Opinion Research 1,033,000 deaths March 2003 to Aug 2007 Business survey Associated Press 110,600 deaths March 2003 to April 2009 Iraq body count project 150,726 civilian deaths March 2003 to Oct 2010

4 Iraq government An election was held in Iraq on March 7, 2010. The election decided the 325 members of the Council of Representatives of Iraq who elected the Prime minister and president. The election resulted in the Prime Minister being Ayad Allawi, which won a total of 91 seats.

5 Iraq Army Disbanded in 2003 -Paul Bremer III, signed the second Coalition Provisional Authority order in Ma y 2003, changed the course of the war. This disbanded the entire Iraqi military, defied the Bush administrations view that 150,000 home grown troops would be necessary in occupying postwar Iraq.

6 How much has the war cost since 2003? The White House is downplaying published reports of an estimated $50 billion to $60 billion price for a war with Iraq, saying it is "impossible" to estimate the cost at this time.

7 The Iraqi War Today - Spent and approved War spending about $900 billion of US taxpayers funds spent or approved for spending through September 2010. -Lost and unaccounted for in Iraq, $9 billion of US taxpayers money and $549.7 million in spare parts shipped in 2004 to US contractors. Also, 190,000 guns, including 110,000 AK-47 rifles. -$1 billion in tractor trailers, tank recovery vehicles, machine guns, rocket propelled grenades and other Equipment.

8 decisions/iraqi-army-disbanded.html decisions/iraqi-army-disbanded.html 01/politics/sproject.irq.war.cost_1_war-with-iraq-cost-cost- estimate-saddam-hussein?_s=PM:ALLPOLITICS 01/politics/sproject.irq.war.cost_1_war-with-iraq-cost-cost- estimate-saddam-hussein?_s=PM:ALLPOLITICS bers.htm bers.htm

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