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Conflict In Iraq By: Robbie Posey & Sam Hettinger F pd 4-25-08.

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2 Conflict In Iraq By: Robbie Posey & Sam Hettinger F pd 4-25-08

3 Introduction The Iraq war has been going on since March 20, 2003 During this month as many as 24 American soldiers have died One hundred thousand soldiers have died since March 2003 Saddam Hussein has killed as many as 30,000 soldiers, all together

4 Effects from the war There are many dead soldiers American taxes are going towards the war People are mad about the war There are nearly 2.5 million people that are poor by the war Gas prices are going up in cost because of war in Iraq

5 Preparations For Invasion The administration plans for the air and ground invasion using 70,000 – 250,000 Armored Trucks A lack of trucks with armor entered Iraq, and never came back, because they were blown up

6 Effects on innocent Iraqi's There are many Iraqis that are against the war. They are not bad but they are suffering anyways.

7 January 29, 2002 President Bush began to build a case for war, including Iraq in the axis of evil. United Nations weapons inspectors returned to Iraq, after a debate, passed a world wide threatening serious consequences if Iraq did not disarm. Congress approved the use of force.

8 January 30, 2005 Voters approved a constitution in October, but many elections were made by a Sunni boycott. The Pentagon put Iraqi civilian deaths at more than 25,000, while the death toll for American troops reached 2,000. 24 Iraqi people, men, women and children, were killed by marines in Baghdad.

9 1. Where is Iraq located? 2. When did the war start? A. Europe A. March 20, 2003 B. Africa B. May 20, 2003 C. Asia C. April 20, 2003 D. Baghdad D. February 20, 2003

10 1.C 2. A


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