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Making Your SAAB Unique By:Alex Berezovsky. About Me 1) My name is Alex Berezovsky. I'm a successful commercial pilot, and a car wizard on my spare. 2)

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1 Making Your SAAB Unique By:Alex Berezovsky

2 About Me 1) My name is Alex Berezovsky. I'm a successful commercial pilot, and a car wizard on my spare. 2) I own a logistics business that operates all around the world focusing on Importing and specialty loads. 3) I am a huge car fanatic. I own various vehicles and I LOVE to make them unique.

3 My Cars Through out my years I owned various brands and types of vehicles. My Current fleet 2005 M3, 1999 Viggen 2011 ML350

4 The Saab Scene I started with Saab since I was maybe 6 or 7 back in Ukraine My First Saab was a 9000Aero that was handed down to me by my father At the age of 17 I bought myself a 900, although it was a fun car it was heavy to own and working at wal mart I could not maintain it. My current Saab a 9-3 viggen is being built as we speak. Its going to be the most unique Saab ever produced.

5 Big Brake Upgrade Advantage of big brakes can be a plus when you are doing track performance or aggressive driver Most Saab brakes are interchangeable Advantages/Disadvantages Parts Needed Kits VS OEM Saab

6 Advantages / Disadvantages Better Performance Longer Life Better Cooling (if vented) Look Much nicer Could be very pricey Depending on Kit Some OEM rims will not fit over brakes Replacement costs are higher Not much use on regular Street upgrade.

7 So you are ready? Parts Needed going OEM route 1) Brake Pads 2) Dust shields 3) Appropriate Calipers 4) Custom Brake lines Parts Needed Going Kit Route Kits usually come with all the required hardware and instructions. This would include parts listed.

8 Kits VS OEM Any Saab 9-3OG, 900NG, 9-5 can upgrade to the max factory size 308MM. 9-5 AERO 99-02 308MM can be upgraded to vented from 02 -> 02-> Has from factory 308MM all around so OEM upgrade kit is not an option NG 9-3 Can be upgraded to ARC size vented rotors. To go to AERO size some work is required. Kits such as Maptun, Brembo etc are very nice but they do cost a lot of money. Kits are only recommended IF car is used for track purposes.

9 Pictures


11 Basic Tune Up Preventative Maintenance What to look out for. Frequency Fluids, Filters, Belts.

12 Preventive Maintenance Every Car manufactured today is designed to break. There is no such car that is made to drive without putting any money into it. Preventive maintenance can insure you to have a long lasting and pleasurable drive without the unexpected happening. Most of these items can be done by yourself without paying high shop rates.

13 What to look out for? Car running rough hard to start, or simply just does not feel right? Most of these items can be fixed by taking about 1hour of your own time and diagnose the issue. Check your vacuum lines Frequently they tend to crack causing air leaks which leads to problems. Maintain your battery SAAB does not like voltage lower then 10V Dont ignore rattles, clunks as this can lead to much more serious issues. If diagnosed in time you can save an engine, a pump, or a seized caliper. Most important rule DO NOT BE CHEAP.

14 So Alex how often should I look at my engine bay? Look at least 2-4 fill ups, check the oil inspect the condition. Check your brakes visually Preform the required service ( most can be done yourself) Inspect engine for leaks. If there is a leak FIX it, chemicals are corrosive and they will eat other seals.

15 Fluids, Filters,Belts Fluids are very important in any car. Many can argue about they type, the brand the quality. My suggestion BEFOR you put anything in the car REASERCH REASERCH REASERCH. Just because it has a name does not mean its good for your car. Oil – use only approved oil. No it does not have to be 0w40 Mobil 1. Coolant – Again use the appropriate coolant. My recommendation is the basic AC Delco DexCool. Its cheap its good and its from the factory. Power Steering – Ac Delco works the best. Transmission – ONLY and I repeat ONLY use approved transmission oil. This can be a life and death situation for your transmission.

16 Fluids,Filters, Belts Continuation. Filters – They should be changed often. Engine works on 2 things Air and Fuel. A bad air filter will make your engine dirty and cause problems. You dont need to go with brand name filters. T7/T8 – Stay away from k/n filters. They do nothing but block up your MAF and send check engine light codes. Cabin filter – This is what you breath in. If you have a cheap filter this will let all the dust inside making your ride not enjoyable. Belts - Continental Only.

17 Mechanic VS DIY Saves you a lot of money Great Fun You will understand your car much more Save money for more important things or maybe even future upgrades.

18 I saved $1900.00

19 Leather Cleaning Leather can be very tricky to clean. Cleaning with wrong products can lead to ruining your leather. Dye Vs Upholstery.

20 Cleaning Products There are lots of products available in todays market. Lots claim to protect your car and give a shine but really are they worth it?

21 Leather Leather is very picky and hard to clean and maintain. Some manufactures like SAAB use lower quality leather which is prone to sunlight and cracks. To fix this only use products that have no SILICONE in them. Silicone makes it shiny but it eats on the dye. Only use very fine water based cleaner. Do not use any fancy stuff as you will do more damage.

22 Leather Recommendation My personal favorite leather cleaner is Leaons couch cleaner (yes I did say couch cleaner) Saddle Soap. This has to be used with care. It is VERY strong and will take out your dye. If done right you will have a nice clean interior that will be long protected and a nice smell in the car also.

23 Saddle Soap

24 My leather looks like this


26 Step 1 Clean the leather Leatherique has an awesome kit that comes with all the right stuff you will need to clean the leather.

27 Step 2 Apply Special putty on the cracks

28 Step 3 Apply the dye and you have amazing seats

29 Another Option If you do not want to go as far as re-dying the seats but want to take out some cracks on the seats. Use some Leatherique rejuvenating oil. Not only does it clean but it also stretches out and rejuvenates the leather making it almost like new.



32 LED Exterior Upgrades LED bulbs are much brighter and better in color LED bulbs last longer and do not generate heat LED bulbs are almost resistant to water damage LED bulbs usually are plug and play.

33 Important things to remember LED bulbs have a very low load. When buying a bulb you have to make sure it has a built in LOAD resistor otherwise you might get Bulb out error or hyperflash. Some LED bulbs are longer and will not fit in stock housing. Cheap LED bulbs will only emit light into one direction making them useless.

34 Types 1)Typical basic LED. 2)Commonly used for stop lights, turn indicator lights, Reverse lights. 4) Plug And Play 5) Do not have a load resistor built into them

35 Projector LED Good for fog lights Projects the beam into direction of projector Most time much brighter.

36 Load Resistor LED Used for turn signals or any other light that is monitored by the car. Simulates a load Some LED have them built in. Ideal for Saab





41 Saab Audio Upgrade There are many ways to upgrade and Audio system on the car. Know what you want Some limitation (9-3 03-06) Good sound requires good knowledge.

42 Easiest Solution Speaker Upgrade

43 My old speaker

44 Important to remember Saab 900 94-99 9-3 99-03 -Door Speaker – 5 ¼ some 6 ¾ fit - Dash Speaker 3.5 - Rear Deck – 6x9 - Convertible 6 3/4

45 Saab 9-5 Saab 9-5 99-07 Dash 3.5 Door 5 1/4 Deck 6x9

46 Saab 9-3 NG 9-3 03-08 Same as 9-5 Best option for some bass is to add a set of good 6x9 in the rear Car is pre-wired 03-06 You cant upgrade headunit

47 Headunit

48 Many options are available. With different features. Double Din – Takes up 2 spaces. Usually a 7 screen used. Some modification required to dash to make it fit Single Din used to provide higher sound quality then normal. Usually requires a cubby but can be installed on any vehicle.

49 Dash Modification

50 Amplifires Amplifiers make a night and day difference in how your car sounds. Choosing an amplifier requires you to know what kind of system you are running. Amplifiers can be used to bypass factory system.

51 Installation Proper wiring harness Proper bezel Proper sound dampening Correct speaker size Correct amplifier and wire gauge

52 HID Lights There are 2 ways to upgrade your light output. Kits Projector Retrofit.

53 HID KIT Hid kits are inexpensive and provide a plug and play installation for your car. HID kits should be used with caution because you can install on the wrong type of lenses and upset oncoming drivers. Hid kits can be installed if your car has stock projectors. Kits are not needed if your car came factory xenon.(HID)

54 Typical HID kit.

55 Projector Retrofit Expensive solution but worth every penny Provides OEM look and best output Can be upgraded if you have stock projectors. Longer longevity then OEM and Kits Does not work on glass lenses.

56 My Custom 9-3 Conversion

57 Is it a big deal? Yes!

58 Questions Contact me at (416) 890-0127 Any car not just SAAB Parts, Labour, Shipping Import from USA A Beer or two.

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