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Howden Overview This is a relatively short presentation giving an overview of the company – its organisation, history, markets, products and services.

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1 Howden Overview This is a relatively short presentation giving an overview of the company – its organisation, history, markets, products and services. Separate presentations are available for:- Howden Products Howden Markets Howden Services Howden Business Units – (one page profile for each unit) Various additional or alternative slides are included at the end of the presentation so that the actual presentation may be tailored to the audience and the degree of detail required.


#2 GLOBAL MANUFACTURER OF WELDING & CUTTING PRODUCTS; TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION LEADER KEY STRATEGIES/FOCUS Build customer responsiveness Aggressively improve operations Strengthen organizational structure and talent Drive differentiated product/ application development Welding & Cutting Consumables CUTTING Equipment WELDING Equipment Gas apparatus Personal Protective Equip. WELDING & Cutting AUTOMATION Source: Company filings

4 Company Overview Company relationships Howden is a subsidiary of Colfax Corporation, as are ESAB and Colfax Fluid Handling. Colfax Fluid Handling ESAB Howden Precision pumps and systems Sales in 2012 – $646m Employees in 2012 – 2200 Welding and cutting equipment Sales in 2012 – $2,000m Employees in 2012 – 6900 Fans, heat exchangers and compressors Sales in 2012 – $1,255m Employees in 2012 – 4400

5 To be the world’s leading
Strategic Vision To be the world’s leading Number one in the segments we choose to operate in application engineer Where our knowledge of product and process makes a difference providing lifetime solutions From project inception to plant decommissioning in air and gas handling Performance critical products which move, treat, clean, heat or cool gases incl. air

6 Howden History

7 History Technical pedigree
Development of the forced draught system for boilers (1882), dramatically reducing fuel consumption. The commercialisation of screw compressors in the 1940s and development of oil injected screw compressors. Development of the rotary regenerative air preheater in conjunction with Frederik Ljungström of Sweden in the 1920s. Forced draught system - Trials with the prototype boiler on a ship in 1883/4 fitted with the forced draught system increased output by 3% whilst reducing fuel consumption by 35%. Howden worked to develop the screw compressor with the inventor, Professor Lysholm of Svenska Rotor Maskiner (SRM), and took the first licence in 1938. Frederic Ljungstrom approached Howden in 1923 with a proposal to develop his design of rotary heat exchanger. Howden Ljungstrom preheateaters (Land) ltd. was set up 50% owned by Howden and 50% by AB Ljungstrom Angturbine. It had factories in Glasgow and USA. Samuel Davidson devised the Sirocco fan in Davidson had a factory in Belfast and his become became a main UK fan manufacturer in addition to Howden. The companies were merged in 1988. H Corblin invented the diaphragm compressor in 1916 in France. His business joined with that of Burton who made piston compressors to form Burton Corblin that has become Howden BC Compressors. The Stork brothers produced an aerofoil bladed centrifugal fan in the Netherlands in the 1940s. Developed with Howden to give 90% efficiency. Other technical firsts Invention of the ‘Sirocco’ fan with forward curved blades. Invention of the diaphragm compressor by H Corblin. The development of the aerofoil bladed centrifugal fan.

8 History Acquisition timeline – The growth of the Howden organisation Airscrew Turbowerke Meissen (TMH) (1898) KWCA / Howden Ventiladores Burton (1884) Corblin Aeolus (Brazil) Thomassen Compression Systems JAMES HOWDEN 1854 1971 1974 1988 1991 1993 1995 1997 2008 2010 2011 2012 Carter Stork Canadian Blower Ventilateurs Neu American Blower Berry Westinghouse Davidson ‘Sirocco’ (1898) Sturtevant (1860) Buffalo Forge (1878) Voith Novenco Aerex Engart Sheldon Nordisk Ventilator ‘Variax’ (1947) Joy Green (New Philadephia) (1904) Bryan Donkin (1803) AustCold Covent Fans A slide showing legacy brands is one of the additional slides at the end of the presentation. Carter was a manufacturer of industrial fans based in Birmingham. Airscrew Howden was set up as a company, subsequently disbanded with Howden taking the industrial fan ranges and Airscrew, no longer part of Howden, making small fans for aircraft and military vehicles. Major acquisition/merger took place in 1988 when Davidson of Belfast and Howden, the two dominant UK fan companies joined to form Howden Sirocco. Davidson also had companies in N America and France. A decade of acquisitions followed. Stork was the part of the Dutch company that became Howden Netherlands. Buffalo Forge became Howden Buffalo, now Howden North America. “Variax” became Howden Denmark but with some fan ranges from the Nordisk Ventilator group being absorbed by other Howden units. Burton Corblin (France) became Howden BC Compressors.# KWCA/Howden Ventiladores became Howden South America. Joy Green became part of Howden Buffalo, now Howden N America. Howden took over the compressor division of Bryan Donkin of Chesterfield. (This Donkin has no connection with Howden Donkin in South Africa) Subsequently Howden took over Aeolus in Brazil in August 2008 and Austcold in 2010

9 Organisation Organisational Structure Our companies are organised into one regional and three global divisions with a strong segment focus. Howden Heavy Fans & Heaters Power, Mining, Steel Segment marketing & Key Account Management (KAM) Howden Denmark Howden Ventilatoren Howden UK Howden Netherlands L&T Howden Howden North America Howden Hua Howden India Howden Australia Howden South America Howden Spain Compressors Oil and Gas Segment marketing & KAM Howden BC Compressors and other subsidiaries Howden Thomassen and subsidiaries Howden Compressors Howden Process Compressors AustCold Russia / Middle East Sales Offices Industrial Fans Other Processes Howden Covent Howden France Howden Turbowerke Africa Region Howden Power Howden Fan Equipment Howden Projects Howden Donkin Map key Product Company Regional Company Joint venture with L&T in India

10 Organisation Leadership Team
Sam Strahan Programme Director Ian Brander CEO James Brown Financial Director Donna Malone HR Director Ken Ramsay Marketing Director Thomas Bärwald Exec Director Howden Africa Elias Zabaneh Exec Director Heavy Fans & Heaters Greg Duffy Head of Risk Management Jim Fairbairn Exec Director Compressors John McKnight Exec Director Industrial Fans Rosie Garrigan Chief Legal Counsel Updated to include latest organisation changes in Autumn 2012

11 We employ 4400 people in 23 countries throughout the world.
Organisation Global Presence We employ 4400 people in 23 countries throughout the world. Australia – Brazil – Canada – Chile – China – Denmark – Dubai – France – Germany – India – Mexico – Netherlands – Russia - Singapore – South Africa – South Korea – Spain – Taiwan – Thailand – United Kingdom – USA – Venezuela – Vietnam

12 Our global footprint covers our major markets and potential markets.
Organisation Global Locations Our global footprint covers our major markets and potential markets. Chesterfield Rheden Glasgow/Renfrew Birkerød Næstved Belfast Hengelo Moscow Montreal Kingswinford Warsaw Lille Coswig Weihai Canton Buffalo Paris/Nogent New Philadelphia Heidenheim Plymouth Meeting Beijing Seoul Cartagena Columbia Raleigh Oran Xi’an Tokyo Wuhan Shanghai Delhi Monterrey Dubai Chengdu Taipei Mexico City Pune Guangzhou Bangkok Caracas Hong Kong Singapore Sao Paolo Rio de Janeiro Sasolburg Johannesburg Santiago Port Elizabeth Sydney Melbourne Map key Sales office Site with no manufacturing Site with manufacturing

13 Products and Services Products High integrity fans, heat exchangers and compressors for key industries which demand the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and availability. Centrifugal fan Axial fan Rotary heat exchanger Compressor Cooling fan Special and local products Separate presentation gives more detail on products

14 Products and Services Acquisitions Over the years Howden has acquired many well known technologies, companies and/or brands in the air and gas handling field. Brand/Company Main country Aerodyne Fans Australia Fantecnic Fans Pitstock Fans Phoenix Fans Powermax Fans Wolf Fans Wheeler Fans Aeolus Brazil Canadian Blower Canada Sheldon Fans Covent Fans Nordisk Fans Denmark Variax Fans Berry Fans France Burton Corblin Compressors Periflow® Compressors Sofrair Blowers Ventilateurs Neu Turbowerke Meissen Germany Voith Fans Airtech Fans South Africa Donkin Fans Majax Fans Brand/Company Main country Safanco Fans South Africa Tallares Sanchez Luengo (TSL) Spain Stork Fans The Netherlands Ventilatoren Sirocco Howden Thomassen Compressors Aerex Fans United Kingdom Airscrew Carter Fans Davidson Fans Donkin Blowers Engart Fans Godfrey Blowers Howden Sirocco Fans & Heaters James Howden Reavell Centrifugal Sirocco Waller American Blower USA Buffalo Forge Joy Green Fans Sturtevant Fans Westinghouse Fans Howden Buffalo USA/UK Some brands were acquired with the company, others eg Joy, we do not own but continue to provide aftermarket services to installations

15 Products and Services Installed base Our extensive installed base demonstrates our experience and underpins our applications knowledge. Product Number Centrifugal fans 25,000 V.P Axial fans 3,000 Cooling fans 10,000 Heat exchangers 4,000 Screw compressors 35,000 Reciprocating compressors 12,500 Turbo compressors 1,250

16 Products and Services Services Services to install, service and maintain plant through extended lifetimes. Plant refurbishment and upgrades to enhance performance and efficiency. Erection Spare parts supply Retrofitting Commissioning Servicing Plant upgrades More detail on services given in separate presentation on aftermarket services

17 Markets Major utility and process industries We operate in a wide range of industries, which underpin today's modern industrial society. Power generation Oil/gas petrochemicals Iron and steel Mining Waste water treatment Cement manufacture

18 Company overview Markets – General industrial We operate in a wide range of industries, which underpin today's modern industrial society. Tunnel ventilation Pulp and paper Transport and vehicles Refrigeration Industrial gases Defence

19 (New equipment plus aftermarket)
Markets Sales by Industry and Region Our sales are made throughout the world to key process industries. By industry By region New equipment plus aftermarket (New equipment plus aftermarket)

20 VALUES Howden Culture Our Values
CUSTOMERS TALK, WE LISTEN THE BEST TEAM WINS CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT (KAIZEN) IS OUR WAY OF LIFE VALUES INNOVATION DEFINES OUR FUTURE WE COMPETE FOR SHAREHOLDERS BASED ON OUR PERFORMANCE SPEAKER NOTES: We are introducing an icon to represent each of our values. As Colfax has 14,000 associates across more than 20 countries, we are trying to ensure that the values are understood by all associates in all countries and cultures. Even if Associates can’t recall the words that go with each value we hope the icons will be memorable. The five values are: --The Best Team Wins --Customers Talk, We Listen --Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) Is Our Way of Life --Innovation Defines Our Future --We Compete For Shareholders Based On Performance While most behaviors will be the same across all organization levels, there will be additional expectations to lead by example for those in management roles. These expectations will be described more fully during the upcoming training for our new Performance Management Process. The new PMP will integrate the values and Individual Performance Objectives while establishing a consistent review process across all business platforms.  To reinforce the importance of the values , when we move to the new PMP, living our Corporate values will represent 30% of our overall performance rating.

21 Howden Culture Colfax Business System
CBS is our approach to becoming a world class organisation, our unique business management system. It is designed to achieve world-class performance and results by continuously eliminating waste in all processes, while constantly improving quality, delivery and cost. It demonstrates why we operate under the principle of Continuous Improvement and adhere to the philosophy that there is always a better way. What is the CBS process? It starts by listening to the voice of the customer and establishing measureable goals for delivering world-class performance in quality, delivery, cost and growth. We assemble the best team of people, based on the expertise, knowledge and experience, required to deliver business improvement priorities. The best team of people develop a plan. This can range from a high level plan for a whole business unit, to addressing improvements within an individual process. The plan is supported by a disciplined and structured process which provides our customers with an exceptional level of quality, delivery and cost which enables them in turn, to grow their business. The model is driven and strengthened through a culture of continuous improvement and the result is a reliable and consistent track record of world-class performance.

22 Howden culture Talent Development Talent Development
We have a Talent programme which optimises the skills and capabilities of Howden employees ensuring alignment to current and future business needs. We implement a range of development activities and career paths that will our employees to develop and grow. Engineering Career Ladder Our Engineering Career Ladder provides our Engineers with a robust and clear route to develop and further their career at Howden. Howden is proud of its engineers and their contribution to creating our reputation for Engineering Excellence Worldwide. We want to ensure that we recognize this contribution by providing career development paths and support for Howden engineers at all levels, allowing them to achieve their full potential. Howden Academy Award winning Howden Academy is a suite of e-learning and a three week residential development programme in partnership with a leading university which we provide to our new and acquired engineers Developing Management Excellence Our global leadership programme, 8 days of classroom education in conjunction with personality profiling & e-learning modules, being delivered to all of our managers in current and acquired businesses Our associates have an opportunity to grow, develop and work globally

23 Thank you

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