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StorSimple Řešení hybridního úložiště Matouš Rokos Infrastructure Consultant Mainstram Technologies.

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1 StorSimple Řešení hybridního úložiště Matouš Rokos Infrastructure Consultant Mainstram Technologies

2 Windows Azure Storage

3 Highly durable and scalable. Multiple copies of your data. Like a GIANT hard driveonly better

4 Windows Azure Storage Defend against regional disasters

5 Security

6 Storage Account

7 StorSimple: Cloud-integrated Storage Technical Overview Matouš Rokos Infrastructure Consultant Mainstram Technologies

8 Agenda Overview Primary Storage & Platform Cloud-integrated Tiering Backup/Restore & Disaster Recovery Security Support Why customers are buying Qualifying questions Case Studies 8


10 StorSimple CiS Overview

11 Storage Challenges Are Broad 11 Primary Storage Disk-Based Backup Storage Tape Infrastructure and Management Archival Storage Replicated Storage for DR Offsite Facility for Georesilience Storage Today = Complex & Expensive Data Management Complexity Backup Issues Untested Disaster Recovery Data Growth and Footprint Equipment Sprawl

12 …and are Challenges with using Cloud Storage Integration HTTP/REST API Integration with existing backup apps & processes Performance WAN latency performance impact WAN bandwidth costs Traditional WAN optimization does not work with public clouds Security Data security & compliance risk Application Servers HTTP/REST API 12

13 Cloud-integrated Storage (CiS) Can Help 13 Azure + StorSimple = 60–80% Lower TCO Thin, Reduced Snapshots Cloud Snapshots Recover in Cloud or Any DC Automated Cloud-as-a-Tier Use Cloud as Secondary DC Cloud-Integrated SAN Storage Primary Storage Disk-Based Backup Storage Tape Infrastructure and Management Archival Storage Replicated Storage for DR Offsite Facility for Georesilience Storage Today = Complex & Expensive

14 Focused CiS Applications and Workloads 14 Capacity Time Data Grows Exponentially (50–60% Annually) However, Most I/O Happens to the Working Set Data CapEx, OpEx of Traditional Storage CapEx, OpEx of StorSimple Cloud Storage Local Storage Target Use Cases File Share CIFS NFS File servers NAS SharePoint Business intelligence Collaboration Content and records management Archives EMR/PACS Legal Construction Media Engineering Logs, records VMs Regional office storage VM sprawl VM archives

15 15 Application Servers Inactive Data + Backup Copies on Azure storage Connects Windows and VMware Servers to Azure Storage in Minutes with No Application Modification Benefits Consolidates primary, archive, backup, DR thru seamless integration with Azure Cloud snapshots = revolutionary speed, simplicity and reliability for backup and recovery Reduces enterprise storage TCO by 60–80% Speed of SSD/SAN + Elasticity of Cloud SAS Local Tier Most Active Data on SSD StorSimple Cloud-Integrated Storage

16 StorSimple Solution Characteristics 16 Scalability / Performance Capacity 5520 10-50TB* usable local 300TB max capacity 7520 20-100TB* usable local 500TB max capacity * Denotes usable local storage capacity with compression and de-duplication, varies by use case. * Additional details about appliance specifications can be found at: 5020 2-10TB* usable local 100TB max capacity 7020 4-20TB* usable local 200TB max capacity

17 Enterprise-class Hardware Platform 1. Full MPIOs 2. Dual controllers with auto-failover 3. Dual power 4. Dual cooling 5. RAID drives 6. Hot-spare drives 7. Non-disruptive software upgrades 8. Certified by Microsoft & VMware Highly available - no single point of failure 17 * 5020, 7020, 5520 and 7520 appliances are built and distributed by Xyratex

18 Primary Storage & Platform

19 StorSimple Cloud-integrated Architecture Seamless iSCSI integration Highly efficient storage Thin provisioning Primary storage de-duplication High performance + cloud elasticity Integrated tiering: SSD, SAS & cloud Full security for the cloud Local keys + encryption of all cloud data Protecting both data-in-motion and data at rest Fast, automated data protection + recovery Automated snapshots to cloud Fast online restores and elimination of tape Integrated disaster recovery – lowest cost & complexity 19 On an Enterprise-Class Platform Certified: VMware-ready and Microsoft Windows Server-certified HA: full redundancy + hot swaps + non-disruptive upgrades SAN Storage iSCSI SAN with auto-tiering (SSD/SAS) Automated snapshots Primary dedupe/compress Seamless Cloud Integration for: Tiered primary + archives Cloud snapshots: mountable for DR With Cloud Data Management

20 De-dupe and compression Maximizes storage of hot or warm data on- premise for higher IOPS and/or lower response times for application access. Minimizes size of data transfer and storage in Azure Works at the block-level and replaces duplicate data blocks with a meta data map (pointers to the original block) Data is de-duped in the SSD tier and compressed in the SAS tier before being tiered to Azure On-premise data capacity can be increased by 2x – 5x based on the type of data stored Backup de-dupe: Cloud snapshots are differential and thereby eliminate copies of redundant blocks across backups Total data capacity required = 10TB D C A A E C B B B F D C A D E D C A C F Data blocks 5x de-dupe ratio De-duped Compressed Metadata map Data blocks + Capacity used = 2TB A B C D EF

21 Cloud-integrated Tiering

22 Optimized cloud storage access Weighted Storage Layout (WSL*) Core of the StorSimple Hybrid Storage Appliance BlockRank All volume data is dynamically broken into chunks, analyzed and weighted based on frequency of use, age, and others Frequently-used data chunks stored in SSD for fast access Real-time data deduplication enables capacity scalability Less frequently-used data chunks can be: Optimized and stored on integrated SAS Optimized, encrypted and stored in the cloud High performance local storage (SSD, SAS) Frequently-used working set data SCSI data from application servers StorSimple Cloud-integrated Storage * Pronounced whistle Infrequently used non-working set data 22

23 StorSimple Tiered Architecture SSD Performance, Deduplication and Auto-Tiering to Cloud SSD Deduplicated SAS Deduplicated Compressed Cloud Deduplicated Compressed Encrypted SSD Linear Tier ABC A B DE C D E DE E 23

24 Backup/Restore & Disaster Recovery

25 Cloud Snapshots: Simplicity in Data Protection & Recovery 25 Primary Volume Snapshots Backup, Restore & DR with StorSimple: Automated, Optimized, Reliable Cloud Snapshots 1.Backup copy of data volume created in cloud 2.Changes to local volume automatically transferred 3.Cloud snapshots mountable for restore Benefits Backup now as easy as snapshots Very fast restores from off-site backups Integrated, easy to test disaster recovery Truly eliminates tape Primary Volume Virtual Tape/ Replication Physical Tape Snapshot Offsite Tape Storage Backup, Restore & DR Today: Inefficient, Complex, Laborious, and Risky

26 …Enables Seamless Scalability and Rapid Recovery 26 Cloud Snapshots Enterprise Data Center 1Enterprise Data Center 2 Connect Many Servers to Cloud Storage and Scale Data Sets with StorSimple Solution Rapidly Recover to Any Data Center, Location-Independent, via Mounting the Cloud Production Data

27 Disaster Recovery Behind the Scenes 1.Configuration import process populates DR appliance with all information from original appliance 2.Registry restore downloads available backup information from the cloud 3.Clone operation fetches volume metadata from the cloud and creates the volume on the DR appliance 4.As and when data is requested, blocks are downloaded from the cloud Benefits Quick restore Download only the required data 27

28 Cloud Snapshots: Up to 100x Faster RTO 28 Application Recovery Times from Offsite Backups in a Disaster Recovery Time Primary Data 1 TB5 TB20 TB50 TB100 TB 15 Min. 1 Hour 1 Day 7 Days 30 Days 90 Days Regular Cloud Backup With 100 Mbps WAN Link Tape StorSimple Cloud Snapshots With 50 Mbps WAN Link

29 Security

30 Industry-leading Security for Cloud Storage Multiple layers of obfuscation through the system Original data is broken to storage blocks Blocks are fingerprinted + deduplicated with data from other volumes Obfuscated blocks are stored in compressed form Encrypt everything before sending to Azure AES-256 CBC encryption is applied before transmission using customer key Additional SSL encryption of all data + meta-data operations with Azure Encryption keys stay only with customer Microsoft/StorSimple doesnt have access to customer encryption keys Keys can be imported from customers secure key mgmt system or generated from pass phrases Encrypted / compressed / obfuscated blocks stored in Azure Data is secure even if account gets compromised Obfuscated Deduplicated Compressed Data in cloud Deduplicated Compressed Encrypted with customer key Application Servers Blocks encrypted with customer key SSL communication: Authentication Metadata Data transfer Local Data Broken into storage blocks, then: 30

31 Risk mitigation and best practices Compartmentalize information Azure subscription can have multiple storage accounts Recommended to use different storage accounts to compartmentalize info – e.g. per dept, project, role, etc. Periodical key rotation Each account has two 256-bit access keys allows easy key rotation without service disruption Only requests with valid access keys are allowed to access stored blocks Data fragments accessed are still obfuscated and encrypted Frequent key rotation (e.g. every 90 days) is recommended Ad-hoc/emergency key rotation if a key is compromised StorSimple allows use of up to 64 storage accounts per system Cloud Storage Access Security Scenario 1: Access key got compromised Scenario 2: Storage admin employee leaves company 31

32 Risk mitigation and best practices Data at-rest is obfuscated Data is broken to individual small blocks and fingerprinted to comprise a global de-duplication dictionary – no volume, file system or file context ~16 Million obfuscated blocks per 1TB of Azure storage, spread across multiple hard drives Data at-rest is encrypted StorSimple systems encrypt data stored in cloud with a customer-provided encryption key. Federal standard AES-256 encryption used. Up to 64 different encryption keys can be used in one appliance for data-at-rest isolation to complement access compartmentalization practice. Encryption key is derived from Customer Passphrase or Key generated by Key Management System. Only entered input is accessible in appliance UI. Microsoft or 3 rd parties cannot read data when physical drives are lost, replaced, or repaired in Azure DC Cloud Storage Data-at-Rest Security Scenario 3: Cloud Provider decommissions server hardware or loses physical hard drives in maintenance process. 32

33 Support

34 Support for the StorSimple solution is provided by the ODM (Xyratex) Support Offerings 34 Complete detail about the StorSimple warranty and support services can be found at:

35 Support Offerings Platinum Support The ODM (Xyratex) will provide customers with Platinum support and onsite spares kit (includes all field serviceable components) Field engineers are in place to go onsite and help with replacements (4 hour SLA) For international countries, ODM (Xyratex) has a contract to help with replacement (4 hour SLA) Gold Support Gold support customers get replacement parts shipped from UK Parts replacement will be done NBD (Next Business Day) Customs or other port-of-entry processing may delay shipments 35

36 Case Studies

37 Live archives Automatic Backup Disaster Recovery Customer Case Study: Major Semiconductor Co. Large data storage footprint for storing engineering docs and chip designs for various products Rapid data growth (1.8TB/month @ single location) 95% of data not used Eliminate expensive on-premise storage 3x 7520 StorSimple systems with Azure Systems in two different locations for providing file share/archive across multiple volumes (~600TB) 5-week PoC $900K Azure commit over 3 years Dramatic cost savings, ease-to-use, secure data storage in Azure Adoption of additional use cases Total data size = 300TB Vol1Vol2VolN … Vol1Vol2VolN … Total data size = 300TB DR site Phoenix, AZ Austin, TX 7520 appliance 7520 appliance Chandler, AZ 7520 appliance

38 Customer Case Study: Fortune 500 Global Contractor Massive unstructured, geographically- dispersed data Struggled to deploy SharePoint for data consolidation and sharing On-premise storage needed for specific performance and scalability requirements Multi-tiered BLOB storage and data management with StorSimple Optimized database layout with SSDO (SharePoint Database Optimizer) Data stored across 5 appliances $600K Azure commit over 3 years Azure Storage footprint to double to >400TB over 2 years

39 Appendix Appliance configuration and Use

40 Initial Appliance Configuration Use serial console for initial setup Connect serial console to the Active controller Run setup command and enter the network info for MGMT interface Run show command to display current configuration of MGMT interface Access StorSimple Web UI using MGMT IP address 40

41 WAN bandwidth usually a scarce and expensive resource for most customers At the same time theres often a surplus capacity after regular work hours and over weekends StorSimple Quality of Service (QoS) feature can help control how much bandwidth available during what periods StorSimple QoS supports multiple schedules Managing WAN Bandwidth Example: 7AM – 7PM on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur Fri 40 Mbps 7AM – 7PM on Sat, Sun 60 Mbps All other times Full WAN bandwidth consumable

42 Alerts and Notifications Alerts and Notifications helps in determining any deviation from the normal working of StorSimple appliance 1.Alert Emails are sent to administrators and optionally to StorSimple Support for proactive support 2.SNMP traps are sent to monitor any change in the network interface settings 42

43 Email Alerts Email Alerts can be enabled or disabled for specific alerts Hardware Status – Change notification for hardware changes Licensed capacity consumption – Capacity consumption thresholds Cloud Access – Cloud connectivity issues Upgrade state change Alerts related to upgrade state changes Appliance restart - Controller restart or cluster failover alerts 43

44 Reports Reports provide charts for monitoring current and historical metrics. Some key metrics are; Capacity Metrics De-duplication Ratio Host Capacity Consumption Storage IO Latency IOPS Read Write Bytes per Second System CPU Network Utilization 44

45 Reports Current stats can be automatically refreshed on the displayed chart Historical stats are averaged over a period of time for time resolution Enabling monitoring on Volume or Cloud allows collection of metrics for individual objects 45

46 Disaster Recovery Process 1. Import configuration on the new appliance using configuration file 2. Restore registry settings to bring all backup information from the cloud 46

47 Disaster Recovery Process 3. Select latest backup and clone the required volumes 4. Create new ACR for hosts in DR data center and modify volumes to reflect this information 5. Mount the volumes on new host servers after establishing iSCSI connections to the StorSimple appliance 47

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