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Facilities Management Review William Kenealy Facilities Management Review.

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1 Facilities Management Review William Kenealy Facilities Management Review

2 Summary of Presentation What is Facilities Management (FM)? How do we manage FM now? What are we going to do in the future?

3 Facilities Management Review What is Facilities Management? Answer “Facilities management is the integration of processes within an organisation to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities.” Quote from European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and ratified by BSI British Standards.

4 Facilities Management Review What is Facilities Management? Lighting Fire protection Portable Appliance Testing Ventilation Wire Testing Handyman Services Plumbing Services AC S Electrical Services Security Alarms General Maintenance

5 Facilities Management Review What do we do for FM now? Answer Multiple contractors for concessions – managed centrally Ad-hoc maintenance for service contracts – managed locally At the beginning of 2007, we did not really know At the end of 2007, we know we had to change

6 Facilities Management Review




10 Table Facilities Management Review £604K 81 798 £756

11 Does what we do now work? Answer Limited H&S involvement No central monitoring or control No consistent approach No FM at some contracts Facilities Management Review

12 What were the objectives at the beginning of the strategic FM review? Answer Identify liabilities on a contract-by-contract basis. Outsource planned and preventative maintenance to a reputable contractor with correct indemnity Implement a system to provide complete control of cost and who is allowed to work for us Reduce our supply base Facilities Management Review

13 What is proposed to better manage FM in the future? Answer One nationally recognised contractor Facilities Management Review

14 Who is Nationwide Maintenance? Answer A multi-disciplined building services maintenance company Provider of full planned and preventative maintenance services Capability to support any mechanical and electrical projects Big enough to support us – Small enough for us to be an important client Turnover for 2006 was £28 million. Facilities Management Review

15 Why Nationwide Maintenance? Answer Competitive Tender – Interviews / Site Visits / References / Review of Documentation National Coverage Customer Care Standards Staff Training and Involvement Health and Safety Facilities Management Review

16 How will they support our UK wide operations? Answer Head Office Guildford Regional Offices Daventry, Leeds, Winchester, Bristol & Covent Garden Employed Resources Employ 390 people, including 250 Service Engineers Subcontracted Resources Manage a comprehensive network of specialists Facilities Management Review

17 Do they have a Vision? Answer Differentiation through service and technical solutions Blue chip client base Strong brand name associated with best in class service and solutions Attracting and employing top performers in the industry Facilities Management Review

18 What services will Nationwide Maintenance provide? Answer Senior Contract Manager Central Helpdesk at Guildford Helpdesk will assign calls & dispatch Engineers Each contract will have a log book for monitoring Real-time computerised monitoring and management Facilities Management Review


20 Who will pay for this service? Answer Each contract will pay for the services they use Facilities Management Review

21 How will the new contract be implemented? Answer Phased implementation Full review of assets and liabilities Full asseting and logging for all contracts Interim service until February / March 2008 Facilities Management Review

22 How does the Interim Service work?

23 What will be included in the full contract post February 2008? Answer Comprehensive planned and preventative maintenance regime Emergency response service Call-out maintenance service Ad-hoc projects Facilities Management Review

24 Who will be responsible for what? Facilities Management Review

25 What is not included under the new maintenance contract? Answer Signing Lining Lifts CCTV These will be covered by separate Framework Agreements with known specialist suppliers and partners. Facilities Management Review

26 Does this new regime apply to all contracts? Answer Yes, but with a few exceptions……… London Borough of Bromley London underground Ltd These will continue under their current established and audited maintenance regimes. Facilities Management Review

27 Summary To make this work, we need your help! Once implemented, our facilities management will be undertaken to the same premium level as our contracts Facilities Management Review

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