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2 WHY THE NEED FOR CHANGE The current airspace structure will be unable to handle the sustained forecasted traffic growth within the MID region. Open Skies agreements Traffic growth at major airports National / Regional airlines investments

3 OBJECTIVE Develop a scalable ATM system in the MID that is: Performance-based Addresses ATM community expectations Cost-efficient Environmentally sustainable and Globally harmonized

4 SCOPE Optimal access to the route network from departure and destination airports within the MID as well as with adjacent FIRs Take into account national security issues Make optimum use of Performance Based Navigation and Continuous climb/descent operations. Increase access to all MID Airports Most efficient route structure within the MID Include the Military Forces, national and regional airlines as well as international organizations. Make optimum use of Performance Based Navigation Increase MID airspace capacity Make optimum use of Performance Based Navigation Enhance Air Traffic Management Safety Reduce coordination and workload due to harmonization Improve safety

5 GROWTH RESTRICTIONS Special Use Airspace Military airspace Airspace Structure CNS infrastructure Fragmented Airspace Flow restrictions Neighboring FIR restrictions Over flights VS Domestics Non Optimized en-route structure Inefficient SIDs/STARs Lack of CDM Non Optimized TMA Operations

6 GROWTH RESTRICTIONS Sectorisation Equipments Procedures Non Optimized Air Traffic Control Runway throughput Slot allocations Parking & Ground Handling Airport Operations

7 PROPOSAL – PROGRAM PHASES Phase 1 - The MID Airspace Study Phase 2 - The MID Airspace Design and Implementation Phase 3 - The MID Airspace Post Implementation Review.

8 PHASE 1 - STUDY The study objective is to assess the MID Airspace, ATM procedures and CNS infrastructure in order to: Increase MID Airspace Capacity; Increase access to all MID airports; Improve airspace safety and efficiency; Reduce Environmental impact of the increasing traffic by providing more efficient ATM operations.

9 APPROACH Stakeholder Findings Stakeholder Sessions & Plans Review Current Situation Analysis 2020 Gap Summary End Stage Statement Final Report Current Situation Gap Analysis Con-Ops Future Situation and Gap Analysis 2025 Gap Summary 2030 Gap Summary Recommendations

10 DELIVERABLES 1.Project initiation: Project plan reflective of the actual start date with Timelines – Deliverable milestones – Communications plan. – Stakeholder presentations and questions

11 DELIVERABLES 2.Assessing the Current State (How we do business now) – Evaluate current ATM, Airspace and CNS operations based on stakeholder consultations – Validate and integrate growth forecasts and ATM assumptions – Evaluate MID Current Structure and Classification of CTA, CTR, SUA

12 DELIVERABLES 3.End Stage Statement (How we will do business in the future) Develop an End Stage Statement based on the ICAO GANSP, ASBUs, ATM Strategic plans and MID region priorities, in order to validate the MID ATM strategy and to properly set the standard for the Gap Analysis. 4.Gap Analysis Conduct a gap assessment on current capabilities and compare those to the END STAGE statement. Evaluate optimum capacity and efficiency, en route, safety, and environmental issues

13 DELIVERABLES 5.Formulate Concept of Operations Plan – considerations: – An Agreed Scope and Objectives – An Agreed ATM/CNS assumptions – An Agreed PBN performance criteria – National security requirements – Defined safety and performance criteria – Operational requirements – Most efficient route structure – High level CDO/CCO/SID/STAR integration with current and planned airports

14 DELIVERABLES 6.Review Draft Concept of Operations Plan with All Stakeholders (MAEP SG) Evaluate further input on Concept of Operations from all stakeholders Revise Concept of Operations in response to CDM input Produce high level Concept of Operations 7.Detailed path towards implementation Develop a detailed path towards implementation of the recommendations of this study as an RFP for Phase II of the MID Air Space Project

15 TIMELINES DeliverablesDeliverable IDStart DateEnd Date Contract SignatureD01-COS Project InitiationD02-PPL Stakeholder Consultations Findings ReviewD03-SCF Initial Quick Look - Current MID Airspace and ATM Assessment D04-IQL End Stage StatementD05-ESS Gap Analysis reportD06-GAP Gap Analysis PresentationD07-GPP Findings and recommendations Second Quick Look reportD08-SQL Concept of operations presentation to all stakeholdersD09-COP Final MID Airspace Study ReportD10-FRP

16 CONCLUSION Requires written commitment to MAEP – Memorandum of Agreement – State acceptance of technical control by MAEP-SG Requires Financial solution

17 RECOMMENDATION States commit to MAEP The establishment of the MAEP-B and MAEP-SG Nominate a member state to act as the MAEP- PMO Draft MAEP-B & MAEP-SG TOR MAEP-SG to prepare initial project documentation (SoW, RFP, etc)

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