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2 CURRENT SITUATION: GLOBAL The Air Transport Action Group released a study conducted by Oxford Economics showing that aviation supports 56.6 million jobs around the globe, including 8.4 million direct jobs and $2.2 trillion of economic activity, representing 3.5% of global GDP. If aviation were a country, it would rank 19 th in terms of GDP. In terms of actual numbers, Oxfords study reveals that within the region, air transport supports 2.7 million jobs, and $129 billion in GDP. Furthermore, aviations role in the region is set to grow rapidly over the next two decades as international passenger numbers rise from 77.1 million in 2010 to 220.4 million in 2030.

3 Global and Regional Growth Reference ICAO DOC 9956

4 CURRENT SITUATION: MID Region Information contained in ICAO DOC 9956 (Global and Regional 20-year forecasts) suggest that an annual increase in traffic of 5.2% is expected in the Middle East over the next 20 years. As an example: The total number of flights within the UAE FIR will increase from 740,585 flights in year 2012 to approximately 1,589,000 flights in year 2030 based on the UAE Studies. The current airspace structure will be unable to handle the sustained forecasted traffic growth within the UAE

5 UAE Daily Movements Reference UAE NASAC Traffic forecast

6 MID Region Growth Factors Strategic Location of the MID region Birth of new regional airlines Expansion of existing airlines operations Construction of new airports Expansion of existing airports Regional and Global Connectivity

7 CURRENT MID AIRSPACE The MID Region airspace is still characterized by: Fragmented airspace structures; High-levels of tactical intervention by ATC; Choke Points; traffic bunching; and queuing; and Reliance on conventional technologies.

8 EXISTING INITIATIVES - FRAGMENTED ICAO ARN/TF (under the auspices of MIDANPIRG); CANSO MIDRAR; IATA – in response to individual airline proposals; and Isolated initiatives by states or organizations (e.g. UAE Airspace Study) There is a strong need for a collaborative approach to unify efforts and harmonize seamless ATM Operations in the region

9 MAEP PROPOSAL MAEP is an ATM enhancement program that would provide the basis for a collaborative planning and implementation strategy that takes into account current and forecasted traffic levels for major airports and major traffic flows in the region. As well as designating regional priorities and mechanisms so that ATM planning and implementation efforts by individual States can be harmonized and coordinated in a timely manner at the regional level.

10 MAEP PROPOSAL 1.Establishment of the MAEP Board (MAEP-B): Consists of decision making representatives of each State Tasked with overall strategic and organizational guidance Reports directly to MIDANPIRG

11 MAEP PROPOSAL 2.Establishment of the MAEP Steering Group (MAEP-SG): Consisting of technical expert representatives of : State ATM; State Regulator; IATA; ICAO; Any other expert as assigned by the MAEP-B Tasked with overall technical guidance Reports to MAEP-B

12 MAEP PROPOSAL 3.Establishment of the MAEP Project Management Office (MAEP-PMO): Consisting of project management and technical experts from state(s) Tasked with overall project management and facilitation Reports into MAEP-SG

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