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Federal Employment A How-To Guide.

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1 Federal Employment A How-To Guide

2 Who Is Eligible? To determine eligibility for a specific position read the “area of consideration” section of the job announcement.

3 Areas of Consideration
All Sources - any U.S. citizen with designated qualifications may apply. Limited to Department of State employees. Family Member Appointments in INWS may apply.

4 Areas of Consideration continued
Status Candidates, Noncompetitive, Reinstatement, ICTAP Eligible & Eligible Veterans Family Members who have earned Executive Order Eligibility may apply. To earn Executive Order Eligibility you must have worked in an overseas PIT/FMA position for a minimum of 52 weeks. PSC positions do not earn Executive Order Eligibility. Must be within three years of returning to the U.S.

5 How To Search Open Positions
Office of Personnel Management’s website - Family Liaison Office’s newsletter - The Network U.S. government kiosks in government buildings

6 Qualifying For A Position
Level of education and work experiences determine qualifications. Civil Service Personnel interprets levels of non-government work strictly by government standards When addressing qualifications use terminology common to government work Without previous government service qualifying can be very difficult.

7 Completing An Application Package
Many excellent candidates never make it to a government job interview because their application package is incomplete. A separate application package is required for each position!

8 What Does A Complete Package Contain
An application (OF-612, DS 1950, or SF-171) or a federal resume. A separate paper addressing candidates qualifications in the required ranking factors. Copy of SF-50 (personnel action forms) proving your eligibility. Most recent Performance Appraisal Report. Cover Letter.

9 Application All listed forms of application are accepted. Just be sure the information is complete. The Career Development Resource Center (CDRC) maintains computer programs with each of the accepted application forms. You can make an appointment, complete your application, save it for future use and see a career counselor for a critique. CDRC is located in Columbia Plaza in room L The telephone is (202)

10 Ranking Factors Most Federal job announcements contain the qualifying factors for the specific position being advertised. To be considered for the position you must address these factors separately from the application. Use specific, concrete accomplishment statements proving ability in each factor.

11 SF-50s The U.S. government provides employees with an SF-50 (personnel action) for each action taken. SF-50 proving 52 weeks of service is required when using Executive Order Eligibility SF-50 proving previous salary is required when requesting Highest Previous Rate of pay.

12 Performance Appraisal Report
All Federal employees, regardless of location, must submit their most recent PAR to demonstrate successful experience. Family Members must obtain a PAR from their overseas supervisor if they are considering Federal employment. For further information on PAR see Family Member Employment pages of FLO website.

13 Cover Letter Not required but absolutely necessary to include.
Address Executive Order Eligibility in letter. Many Federal personnelist are unaware of this eligibility. Perfect opportunity to introduce something special about yourself

14 When To Apply All Federal job announcements have a specific closing date Some agencies require application package to be in personnel office by closing date. Check job announcement! Be sure not to use Federal government envelopes. Applications arriving in Federal government envelopes will not be considered.

15 What Happens Next Only applications received by the closing date are considered. Personnel reviews each application for qualifications. A list of certified applicants is sent to the hiring office (this step takes about a month).

16 Next Step Hiring Office then chooses a candidate from the applications or interviews everyone on the certified list. All candidates will be informed of their status. Either Personnel will inform them that they were not determined qualified, were not chosen for the position or the hiring office will contact for an interview.

17 Further Assistance Family Members of USG Foreign Service employees may call the Family Liaison Office’s Employment Program office, (202) Civil Service employees and family members of USG Foreign Service employees may call the CDRC, (202)

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