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Love’s Travel Stops Expectations Big Sky Training

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2 Love’s Travel Stops Expectations Big Sky Training
Within this presentation you will read about Love’s Travel Stops Expectations for service, service procedures, repair authorization, invoicing procedures, and training for our new service call dispatching system called Big Sky. All service providers will be required to utilize this system. By signing into Big Sky, you are also acknowledging Love’s expectations for service.

3 Store Personnel Dispatching
Can the Love’s store personnel contact you directly? Yes! As the managers of our facilities, they are responsible for all repairs & maintenance of their facilities, BUT Proper communication is key to getting repairs done quickly and correctly. When should the site management contact you directly? After performing the appropriate trouble-shooting the store management team can make a judgment call if the nature of the service call is an Emergency or High Priority to initiate the service call for the fastest response time possible. The site will THEN use Big Sky to document the service request and mass communicate to the proper people. The work order will be sent over from Big Sky where proper call progression/ updating can take place from there. If you do not receive a work order soon after a site has contacted you for emergency service, please notify

4 Service Needs & Expectations
24 hour, 7 days a week service availability. Preferential emergency service. Competitive hourly rates. Competent, courteous and professional service technicians. Call backs/ recalls/ return service for recent repeat issues at no charge. Use of two or more technicians prohibited without prior approval from the office. Timely response and repair times. Different problems/situations call for different responses, the following will outline the appropriate response time expected unless otherwise stated on the call: Level 1 – Emergency Priority, 4 hour response time– Store has the inability to use a complete system and/or the situation is causing endangerment to customers/employees health and safety. For example, all Diesel is down and/or above ground leak situation, water heater goes down, Heat down in winter, AC down in summer, etc. Level 2 – High Priority, 24 hour response time– Inability to use a piece of equipment which results in customer dissatisfaction. The problem needs immediate attention but is not causing a complete shutdown of business function or health/ safety hazard. For example, a single fuel dispenser is down, Hi-rise signage pricing issues, etc. Level 3 – Medium Priority, 48 hour response time– In need of service but item does not impede on store ability to fulfill customer satisfaction. For example, a dispenser needs a part but is still operational on at least one grade of fuel. Level 4 – Low Priority, 72 hour response time– In need of service but the problem is not directly impacting business function. For example, a dispenser is in need of cosmetic repairs, cosmetic building repairs, parts needed but does not impact functionality of equipment/ service to customers.

5 Service and Repair Procedures
Provide us with ETA/ updates via Big Sky when dispatch is received, through-out call, including completion. If further help is needed (beyond this power point training) for signing into Big Sky contact Dawn or Check in with a member of the management team upon arrival. Keep manager in charge informed as to the status of the repair while on site as well as updating the service call in Big Sky. If tech is on site for a fuel call to calibrate at Love’s request or a calibration is required after a part replacement; the BEFORE cubic inch readings AND after cubic inch readings MUST be recorded and attached to the service call in Big Sky, faxed to , or ed to When calibrating a high flow diesel; no less than a 50 gallon calibration will be performed prior to the dispenser being put back into operation. If there are problems obtaining parts (i.e. backorder) please sign into Big Sky and alert us via message within the service call so we can check and see if another distributor has the part readily available. If the problem with the fuel system involves the POS system, Allied ANDI or NexGen box and the tech is on site, technician must contact Love’s Store Support department at (405) and ask for 2nd level support to assist in trouble-shooting and resolving the problem. Be sure to update Big Sky. Review time and materials on your service ticket with the manager in charge. Receive manager’s signature of approval on your service ticket. Receive completed Love’s R&M Work Order with manager’s signature of approval. Invoices submitted without a complete R&M Work Order will cause delays in payment. All defective parts must be left with the manager in charge, except for items with core credit (unless part provided by Love’s). Facilities Maintenance must be updated when call is completed via Big Sky; sign in and update status including resolution details (how the problem was corrected).

6 Repair Authorization & Invoicing
Original & completed Love’s R&M Work Order must accompany original invoice to be considered for payment. Invoices submitted without a complete R&M Work Order will cause delays in payment. (See next slide for further detail) Invoices must be itemized by time & materials, including hourly rates, if applicable travel/mileage, # of technicians, parts description, quantity & cost, taxes broken down with amounts (even if 0), etc. Lump sum invoices will not be accepted unless our signed proposal or purchase order is attached. Any work approved by signed proposal or purchase order must have a copy of the signed proposal or PO submitted with the invoice. Single invoice per project. Invoices for work in progress not acceptable. Payment terms available: Net 30 Invoices must be submitted in a timely fashion. Requests for payment after 90 days must be justified in written form or request may be denied. Invoices 120 days or older will not be considered for payment. Submit all complete invoices directly to Love’s Corporate offices. Store General Managers are not responsible for invoice payment. Submit any new equipment/parts warranty information with the original invoice. Warranty information must be received prior to payment. A current Certificate of Insurance must be on file. Please send a current copy each policy update or change. Mailing address for invoicing, warranty information, and Certificate of Insurance is: Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores Attention: Facilities Maintenance PO Box 26210 Oklahoma City, OK 73126 Invoices may also be submitted to: or faxed to Please submit once only (postal mail, fax or ) as duplicate submittal will result in delay of payment. To follow up on status of a previously submitted invoice; you may contact or Be sure to include company name and invoices numbers with each amount that is in question in order to assist us in researching the status.

7 R&M Work Order/ Proposals & Bids
Loves personnel fill out completely 2 part copy - white to vendor, yellow left at the site with management Purpose: on site work authorization- must be submitted with invoicing to corporate for payment to be considered Proposals & Bids Detailed description of work to be done (what is included and what is not included) Detailed breakdown of Labor ($/Hr and how many hours) Detailed breakdown of Materials (How many units and price per unit) Detailed breakdown of Trip/ Travel charges if applicable Detailed breakdown of tax (if not included must be noted as such or included in breakdown with “0” dollar amount)

8 Introduction into Big Sky
Big Sky is an internet based software application that supports a wide range of retail facility management tasks including facility maintenance, project management, asset management and purchasing.

9 Access to Big Sky
There are 3 methods to respond to, update, and close out work orders you receive from Love’s Travel Stops through Big Sky Log into Big Sky via the Big Sky internet website Phone into the Big Sky IVR system , option 2 for vendors Have your contractor ID ready Have the work order number ready Log into Big Sky via the WO# link received on the dispatch / messaging sent from within work orders. This will take you directly into the work order for the service call

10 Logging in via Internet

1. Internet– Log In Username will be determined on survey to follow training Password credentials provided soon after survey completion One username/ password per company branch (unless other branches are managed from a Primary branch) Enter User Name and Password Click on “Login” After the first time logging in, you need to change your password. When clicking a WO# link from an ; follow the same steps as above to log into the system.

12 1. Internet– Log In
After the first time logging in, you need to change your password. Select admin, change password. You will need to enter your old password, the new password, retype your new password to confirm, click “change”. If you later forget your password, it can be reset from the login screen.

13 Home Page Menu Bar: shortcuts to main page functions
Task Bar Menu Bar: shortcuts to main page functions Task Bar: shortcuts to functions used the most Messages: work order specific correspondence Tabs: area to review existing work orders broken up by various status Message List Tabs

14 Viewing your Work Orders
There are multiple ways to do this Work Orders from the menu Allows options for you to choose how to view/ manage your open work orders Date, Type, Store Number, Status, Priority Manage Work Orders on taskbar View and Update Multiple Work Orders View Work Orders on taskbar By date with further details New Work Orders tab Oldest date on the top

15 Telephone Access 858-244-7165 option 2 for service providers

16 2. Telephone Access 858-244-7165, option 2 for service providers
Using the Vendor ID number from the dispatch to log into the IVR system you can then perform the following functions for the work order number entered Accept/Acknowledge Work Order: enter date/ ETA for service Decline Work Order: record reason for declining service request Log in to begin work for today on the work order Log out for today for the work order Report work has been completed for the work order Have a member of Facilities Maintenance paged

17 Logging in Using the Work Order number from the Dispatch Email

18 3. Dispatch - Log In When receiving a dispatch from Loves, click the work order link to be redirected to Big Sky, and directly into the service call. If not already logged into Big Sky, you will need to log in, and it will proceed to open the work order.

19 Dispatch Email Details
Work Order WO# (PO#), date of dispatch and priority Service Request Details what needs service, description of problem, troubleshooting performed, NTE amount, person who dispatched this call, original requestor for the service call, date service is needed by based on priority Location Information Site specific information: city, state, store number, manager name, phone, address Vendor Information What we have listed for your vendor info. If it is incorrect; please notify

20 Priority Emergency – needs immediate attention. The problem is causing a shutdown of business function or health/safety hazard. 4 Hour Response Time High – The problem needs immediate attention but is not causing a complete shutdown of business function or health/safety hazard. 24 Hour Response Time Medium – The problem is not directly impacting business function but is in need of repair. 48 Hour Response Time Low – The problem is not directly impacting business function but is in need of repair. 72 Hour Response Time

21 Acknowledge/ Accept Work Order
Please acknowledge any work orders you receive. Click update status and another box will pop up prompting you to enter the status, estimated completion date, and any additional notes.

22 Call Progression The flow chart on the left depicts the proper call progression steps. Step 1. Facilities Maintenance reviews the work order and dispatches/ sends to contractor as necessary. Step 2. Contractor accepts work and updates status to “Acknowledged by Contractor” Step 3. Contractor starts work and updates work order status to “In Progress” Step 4. Contractor completes work and updates status to “Contractor Done” Step 5. Store Management rates the work with “Satisfactory” which completes the service call or rates the work as “Unsatisfactory Completion”. If Unsatisfactory Completion, the work order will move to the “Unsatisfactory” tab on the service provider’s home page and the provider will need to take steps to rectify.

23 There are further tools to assist in updating and communicating within a work order.
Click on “Add Note” to add more information. Click on “Send Message” to send a message to Love’s personnel about the specific work order (this will stay on the Work Order). Click on “Attach File” to attach a picture, a document, spreadsheet, fax image or any other relevant attachment. All the status changes on the current Work Order are recorded in the “History” section on the bottom of the Work Order.

24 Adding Notes Click on “Add Note” to add more information.
Adding Notes will not send out a notification. Use the Notes feature to document useful information. To communicate use the “Messages” feature

25 Messages Messages can be sent about the work order to the store, FMM, FMSR and other Loves personnel. These messages can be sent any time from within the work order or by replying to messages on the home screen under the messages tab. Click on “Send Message” to send a message attached to the Work Order. The “Also send this message via ” is automatically checked by default and will send an notification when the message is sent.

26 Messages generating emails
An will be generated when the “Also send this message via ” is checked when sending messages within Big Sky. Do not reply to these s. This is a notification only. Log into Big Sky to respond to the messages from your message tabs or click the work order link to get into the call and then reply to the message. Click to log directly into the work order to respond to the message

27 Messages – Home Screen

28 Messages – Open Message
Click the Message to Open. Click “Reply” to respond back. You can select pending if you want to come back to it; this moves it to your pending tab. To clear messages from the message tab, select “Reviewed”, then close.

29 Attach Files Click on “Attach File” to attach a picture, a document, spreadsheet, fax image or any other relevant attachment. Only .bmp files cannot be used *Please note: attaching files will not send a notification. A message should be sent following attachment to notify or the status updated accordingly if quote was attached.

30 Attach Files After you click on “Attach File” link the Attach File pop up will appear. Use the Browse function to locate the file that is saved to your computer. Click on “Attach” button once you have located the file. Note- the name of the file cannot contain symbols or the attachment will fail.

31 Attach Files The file you have selected will be shown as a link under the “Attach File” link

32 Attach Files

33 Questions Regarding Big Sky
If you have any questions or experience any issues with the functionality of Big Sky, please contact Dawn Cahill. Office:

34 Contact Information Loves Corporate Offices Facilities Maintenance Emergency Hot Line ext Live extension, monitored M - F 8am – 5pm CST. After Hours and Weekends forwarded to on call personnel -sites use to report emergency situations or problems 24 hours/day -for technicians on site that need to speak to Love’s personnel immediately during business hours or if called out on afterhours Facilities Maintenance Managers Jason McCain – Facilities Maintenance Manager – Northeast ext Jeff Pyle – Facilities Maintenance Manager – West ext Ted Asbury – Facilities Maintenance Manager – Southeast ext Roger Storie – Facilities Maintenance Manager – Central ext Tim Quinton – Facilities Maintenance Manager – C Stores ext Support Personnel Dawn Cahill – Supervisor of Facilities Service Center ext Van Belk – Manager of Facilities Fuel ext Cindy Haikin - Administrative Assistant ext Tom Squires – Director of Facilities Maintenance ext

35 Next: Enrollment Survey
To complete the enrollment process, please return to your browser and enter the following code: R4E3W2Q1


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