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SCM (CareVISION) Update Patient Care Orders Pharmacy Orders Cancel Reasons.

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1 SCM (CareVISION) Update Patient Care Orders Pharmacy Orders Cancel Reasons

2 When to use Patient Care Orders These orders tend to be overused Communicate only with nursing Since the orders are seen only by nursing, they will not be seen by other ancillary departments Whenever possible, use specific orders NOTPatient Care orders!

3 Med Order Communication to Pharmacy Do not enter pharmacy orders under Patient Care Orders! –Pharmacy will not see these orders –If the order is complicated, enter a Med Communication order Type med to find this order This order will go directly to pharmacy

4 For complicated medication orders type med Then click on Medication Communication Order

5 Pharmacy IV orders Do not enter any IV orders, including initiation, changes or discontinuation as a Patient Care order As before, these orders will not be seen by the Pharmacy Instead, filter for the IV under the orders tab –Set status filter for active –Set order selection filter for Intravenous

6 Select Active Select intravenous fluids

7 Change or Discontinue an IV Right click on this filtered order To discontinue IV, click on dc/cancel To change IV, click on dc/reorder –Enter password to discontinue order –Click active order entry icon and find order in the summary window –Double click on order and change rate as needed

8 To cancel order To cancel and reorder

9 To reorder, click active order entry icon

10 Find order in the Summary window. Edit as necessary.

11 Pharmacy Orders - STAT Order stat in the priority field, not the frequency field Order the frequency in its field

12 Never order STAT in a frequency field Order stat in the Priority field

13 Pharmacy Orders - Tidbits Once only orders should include the time of administration When entering the name of a medication, type only 3-4 letters –Typing only 2 letters will take the system longer to find a match –Typing too many letters may exclude the medication

14 For routine pharmacy orders try to enter at least 3 letters

15 In this example, too many letters were entered to find Aqua-Mephyton

16 This Once Medication is to be given STAT. You could select specify time in box to right to enter a specific time.

17 Dose to be given once A short comment to reinforce your intent Specify time Specify tomorrow s date

18 Pharmacy Orders Do not use the comment field to enter instructions that contradict what you entered in the dose or frequency field.

19 Cancelled Orders – Finding the reason Sometimes an order is Cancelled by Performing Department To find out why, right mouse click on the order and chose History and then Status NOTE: Entering a cancel reason is not mandatory for many departments so this may be blank.

20 Click on Status

21 The cancel reason in this example is physician cancelled order

22 For Questions or Help- Call Beeper #1267 Or Call Marc Silverstein M.D. 350-3710

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