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Assessing Higher-Order Thinking Skills.

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1 Assessing Higher-Order Thinking Skills

2 What counts as higher-order thinking?

3 Cognitive Taxonomies Blooms Taxonomy 1. Knowledge 2. Comprehension 3. Application 4. Analysis 5. Synthesis 6. Evaluation Cognitive Processes 1. Remember 2. Understand 3. Apply 4. Analyse 5. Evaluate 6. Create (Revised in 2001 by Anderson et al. to distinguish knowledge from types of thinking)

4 From a Curriculum Document…


6 Applying the Principles of Backward Design Beginning with an Overall Expectation that identifies or requires a higher-order thinking skill… Define the skill as clearly and precisely as possible. Develop success criteria for that skill (At this point the success criteria should be generalized so that it can be applied to different contexts) Select/develop a task or learning experience that would allow students to develop/demonstrate this skill in the context of the overall expectation. Describe how the success criteria would look in this context.


8 Instructions choose a curriculum expectation that identifies or implies a higher-order thinking skill agree on a definition of the skill (may depend on the subject or strand) describe general success criteria for this skill select a task that will allow for the demonstration and development of the skill (and the OE) discuss how the success criteria might look for this task What opportunities are there for feedback that will help students deepen their understanding and to develop their skill?

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