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Order Letter Gladys Hung.

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1 Order Letter Gladys Hung

2 Letter example on p. 44 Following our telephone conversation this morning, I would like to order 3,000 deluxe tweeters, and 3,000 super woofers. Could you deliver the items in accordance with the purchase order attached? Please send the items by express freight. I would like to confirm the prices are unchanged form our previous order, and include a 10% discount. As before, we will pay by certified check within 15 days of receipt of the order.

3 Sample order letter Dear Mr. Lee This is an order for the merchandise described below. 10 EA. AMMONIUM HYDROXIDE EA. CHAMBERS INDUST. SOLVENT. HI-CONCENTRATE 55 GAL Please ship as soon as possible. Payment terms shall be standard 2%-10/NET 30. Method of shipment: UPS. Any questions regarding this order should be directed to MIKE CHAMBERS AT     EXT. 243 in the Florida office. Thank you for your prompt and expeditious handling of this order.

4 Sample order letter Dear Sir
Your estimate, dated Oct. 24, for providing 10 sets of lathes (Model 1233) has been approved and we are therefore enclosing our purchase order # for this transaction. We must reiterate that this order has to be delivered on or before (date) due to commitments we have made to our customers. Thank you for all of your cooperation in this matter.

5 The structure of order letter
Acknowledge the previous correspondence State your reactions to the prices, discounts, samples, etc. Place the Order Confirm the terms of payment or suggest methods of delivery Set deadline for delivery Close the letter and add a formal ending.

6 Answers on P. 45 We would like to order 500 pairs of FASTA jogging shoes, Model No. F342. Can you deliver the items by June 10? I would like to order ten dining table sets, model no. JS Please ensure delivery before the end of February.

7 Order Letter - Acknowledge the previous correspondence
Please find enclosed our Order No. B4521 for 25 ‘Clearsound’ transistor receivers. The enclosed order (No. R154) is for 50 packets of A4 copier paper.

8 Order Letter - State your reactions to the prices, discounts, samples, etc.
As agreed, you will draw on us at 30 days, D/A with the documents being sent to our bank, The National Mercantile Bank. We would like to confirm that payment is to be made by irrevocable letter of credit. We would like to thank you for the 30% trade discount and 10% quantity discount you allowed us.

9 Order Letter - Set deadline for delivery
It is essential that the goods are delivered before the beginning of November, in time for the Christmas sales period. Delivery before 28 February is a firm condition of this order, and we reserve the right to refuse goods delivered after that time. Delivery by 30 April is essential, and we reserve the right to cancel the order and return the shipment at your risk and expense at any time after the date.

10 Order Letter - methods of delivery
By airfreight By express freight By DHL

11 Order Letter - packing instruction
Each piece of crockery is to be individually wrapped in thick paper, packed in straw, and shipped in wooden crates marked ◊ and numbered 1 to 6.

12 Type of orders TYPES OF ORDER ORDER TRANSACTION Trial order
Sample order Purchase order Official Purchase Order Bulk order Regular order to place an order To acknowledge an order To cancel an order

13 Vocabulary of packing Packed Wrapped Marked numbered

14 certified check 保付支票 A certified check is a check that your banking institution guarantees with funds in your own bank account.

15 Payment term Money order 30 days T/T on receipt of shipment
T/T in advance Irrevocable letter of credit (LC) Certified check D/A, D/P

16 p. 50 Find Confirm Process Receive contact

17 Vocabulary (in textbook)
acknowledgement accordance attached previous ensure invoice discount process subtotal

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