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Orders: Placing orders, Acknowledging/accepting, refusing orders

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1 Orders: Placing orders, Acknowledging/accepting, refusing orders
Chapter Six Orders: Placing orders, Acknowledging/accepting, refusing orders

2 Section 1 Introduction Understand the following basic terms “purchasing order” (P.O.) the acknowledgement of order (= order confirmation) “decline” or “turn down” an order

3 Section 2 Specimen Documents
Specimen 1: Placing an order in an informal form Identify the main items in an order Be alert to the typographical features of listed items Know the terms: banker’s draft , debit note

4 Specimen 2: Covering letter accompanying an official order form
Dear Mr. Mingus We have received your catalogue with the price list for men’s leather shoes and found your price and quality satisfactory. Enclosed is our Order No.1122. All these items are urgently required by our customers, so we hope you will arrange immediate shipment. Delivery is required before November 15. Please confirm by fax if you can fulfill our order. We look forward to your early confirmation. Yours sincerely (signature)

5 A sample official order form
Learn about the layout: how information is shaped out Be alert to the items as listed for high skim value(一目了然) Remember the abbreviations: Art No. (article number) Basic terms and expressions: 1. CIF London net ; 2. each pair in a box lined with moisture-proof paper, 24 boxes to a carton; 3. confirmed L/C available by draft at sight

6 Specimen 3:Ordering by fax
Fax Distinctive Features Date: 5 March 2012 To: T-shirt Slogan Attn: SALES DEPT---Sun Pompela From: Roger Chen, Elite Jeanswear Exim Co. Ltd Pages: 1 Typographical features: listed items (omitted) Basic terms and expressions Marks 运输标志 CAD 14 days less 2%, 30 days net

7 Specimen 4: Suggesting D/P payment for a trial order
Payment for Order No. 1357 Thank you for your letter of January 15, 2012, informing us that you are interested in promoting the sale of our electric toys in your market. We greatly appreciate your trial order for electric toys, but we are unable to accept your request for payment by D/A term since L/C is our usual practice. However, in order to promote the sale of our goods in your market, we are prepared to accept payment by D/P at sight for your trial order. In other words, we will draw on you a sight draft through our bank on a collection basis. We hope that our proposal is acceptable to you.

8 Specimen 5:Rejecting the buyer’s delivery terms
Thank you for your fax of Order No for men’s leather shoes. However, we regret to inform you that it will be impossible to meet your required shipment date before November 15, 2012. The reason for this is that our factories are heavily committed to outstanding orders throughout November. May I suggest that the delivery be made by December 14, 2012. We hope that you will accept our proposal and send us your revised order accordingly. Yours sincerely

9 Specimen 6: Acknowledging the purchase order
We have received your order No. MTJ/135. We accept the order and are enclosing our Sales Confirmation No. 345 in duplicate. The details of your order are as follows: (omitted) USD 200 per doz. CIF Antwerp Please countersign and return one copy of

10 Section 3 Useful Expressions
We have received your offer of 15 August 2012 and are now interested in ordering dozen men’s shirts. The details are as follows: Thank you for the samples of curtain materials you sent us a few days ago. We enclose our order for … We enclose our order No. 3375, which is placed on the following conditions: … Please accept our order No for the sewing machines on our usual discount terms. Our trial order is enclosed, and provided the goods are up to expectations, we will place substantial orders with you. Prompt delivery is essential, and we understand that you are arranging for immediate delivery from stock.

11 Please give this order your immediate attention, and ensure that the items reach us within the date stipulated. Please fax us immediately if any of the goods ordered are not available from stock. If the first order is satisfactorily executed, substantial business will follow. A difficulty with processing your order now is the heavy backlog of previous commitments. However, as soon as we are able to begin processing new orders, we will give priority to yours, and anticipate that this will take no more than one week. We regret to inform you we cannot now proceed with your Order No. 334 at the prices we quoted nine weeks ago. Since both freight and the cost of materials have risen substantially during this time, we have been compelled to adjust our prices upwards to some extent. We have booked your Order No covering yards of Article No. 60. Please open the relevant L/C, which should reach us here one month before the date of shipment. In reply to your letter of 5 July, we are delighted to accept your order for men’s shirts. We are sending you herewith our S/C No. 100 in duplicate, one copy of which please sign and return for our file.

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