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3 Manager Bylaws Ed Warzel Sr. Bylaw Officer Rick Bamford Sr. Bylaw Officer Dave Hornung 12 Clerical Staff Bylaw Supervisor Terry Sampietro Bylaw Supervisor Leagh Gerllays 15 Commissionaires Parking Enforcement 1 Secondary Suite Enforcement Officer 2 Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers 1 Soil Deposition Enforcement Officer 23 General Duty Enforcement Officers SPCA 6 Animal Control Officers 1 Massage Parlour Enforcement Officer

4 Hours of Operation Bylaw officers work 4 days on and 3 days off MONDAY - FRIDAY Dayshift 08:00 – 17:30 Evening Shift 12:00 – 21:30 WEEKENDS 08:00 – 17:30 Signed on with RCMP and carry portable radios After hours urgent calls are directed to the RCMP

5 Areas of Responsibility

6 DISTRICTS D1(Whalley) – 4 Officers D2 (Guildford/Fleetwood/PortKells) – 3 Officers D3 (Newton) – 4 Officers D4 (Cloverdale) – 3 Officers D5 (South Surrey) – 2 Officers

7 General Information Bylaw investigations are complaint based as well as self generated Compliance is the ultimate goal Each bylaw officer has a specific zone in the City and deal with most of the issues within that zone.

8 RCMP Involvement RCMP have authority to enforce most bylaws Urgent after hours calls are directed to the RCMP to determine priority RCMP may attend investigations with bylaw officer for a variety of reasons, including to ensure officer safety

9 Bylaw Investigations In 2010, City of Surrey Bylaw Enforcement Officers recorded 10081 investigations; 9771 of those investigations have been resolved.

10 Investigative Procedures Complaint received Inspection conducted by bylaw officer Bylaw officer will determine bylaw infraction Property owner spoken with to advise what must be done to gain compliance Deadline given after the property owner has been notified of the problem If compliance has not been gained after the deadline has lapsed, the City may proceed either with charges, fines or cost recovery (which forms a part of the property taxes of the property if the property owner does not pay) or involve other agencies.

11 ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICERS CITY HALL – BYLAW DEPT. MON – FRI 08:00 – 20:00 SAT/SUN 08:00-19:00 Animals at large/Animal Infractions Dog Bite Investigations Dangerous Dog designations CALL INFO

12 SURREY SPCA Contracted Out 6706 152 St 604-597-5655 Care of Animals (in distress) Cruelty to Animal Euthanasia Veterinarian Services

13 PARKING ENFORCEMENT Contract to the Commissionaires 15 Commissionaires 7 days/week (604) 591- 4352 messages picked up twice a day during the week Blocked Driveway/Roadway – directed to RCMP after hours

14 MOST COMMON BYLAWS Unsightly Properties – including Graffiti Zoning Violations Secondary Suites Noise Abandoned Residences Soil Dumping Overweight Vehicles on Res. Properties Business Licenses Controlled Substance Bylaw Highway & Traffic Bylaw

15 Unsightly Properties Defined as an accumulation of junk, discarded materials and garbage, dead landscaping, uncontrolled growth of landscaping, and deterioration of fences, buildings or other structures Includes Graffiti


17 SECONDARY SUITES On December 13, 2010, Council approved changes to the Zoning By-law to permit one secondary suite in each single family home in Surrey, under certain conditions. a limit of one secondary suite per property a prohibition on secondary suites on properties with a coach house a prohibition on secondary suites in semi-detached or duplex buildings a requirement to provide one additional off-street parking space. A Secondary Suite is defined as a second dwelling unit (self-contained living quarters including cooking equipment and a bathroom), located within the structure of an owner-occupied single family dwelling.

18 NOISE COMPLAINTS The Noise Bylaw intent is to regulate noise that disturb the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort, or convenience of the neighbourhood RCMP will attend parties and construction after hours (priority based) Construction Noise allowed 07:00-20:00 NOT ALLOWED ON SUNDAYS Private Property Owners allowed on Sunday if it is not for Profit or Gain

19 ABANDONED PROPERTIES Insecure Residence, Bylaw Officer will contact the owner to board up – if not the Fire Dept is contacted to board up at the owners expense (under the Fire Act) In extreme cases a Bylaw Officer can order to Demolish if owners are non-compliant

20 ABANDONED VEHICLES One Bylaw Officers deals with all unlicensed vehicles on city roadway. Authority given under Highway & Traffic Bylaw to tow vehicle as abandoned Vehicle towed after 72 hours UNITOW 13065 76 Ave

21 Soil Deposition In order to ensure that placement of materials on sites does not affect neighboring properties or local storm water system operations and is in conformance with the Agricultural Land Reserve requirements, the City of Surrey requires soil permits for fill material to be placed on properties within the City Soil Permits are required for deposition or removal of soil in excess of 15m3 (slightly less than 3 single {5 – 6m3} truck loads) or soil placed to a depth of 0.5m (whichever is less) on a given property. Under certain conditions a Notice of Intent letter from the City of Surrey may be approved for volumes between 15 and 100m3. Permits require fees and bonding and permit must be posted on site. Exemptions: soil volumes associated to building permits Considerations: ALR related Soil Permits

22 Overweight Vehicles in Residential Zone An overweight vehicle is defined as any vehicle with a licensed gross vehicle weight exceeding 5000 kilograms. Overweight vehicles are not permitted on any residential property in Surrey Agricultural zoned properties have limited restrictions on OWV

23 Commercial Vehicle Enforcement CVE By-law Enforcement Officers work with Provincial Motor Vehicle inspectors and the RCMP Trailers must be hooked up to a vehicle with motive power when parked on a city street Heavy Commercial Vehicle is any vehicle with a licensed gross vehicle weight over 5000 Kilograms prohibits the parking from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM on any street can only park temporarily in a residential area for the purpose of loading or unloading at any time of day A Heavy Truck is any commercial vehicle with a licensed gross vehicle weight over 10,000 KG not allowed in residential areas for the purpose of deliveries between 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM If the delivery destination is off a truck route, arrival and departure from the destination must be the most direct route from the NEAREST truck route to your delivery point


25 RECOVERY HOMES Defined as a building which contains sleeping units for persons receiving on-site care and support for recovery from alcohol or drug dependency which is regulated under the Community Care Facility Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c.60. Care Facilities and Alcohol & Drug Recovery Houses which accommodate no more than 10 persons where not more than 6 of whom are persons in care, may be located in any residential Zone

26 ROOMING HOUSE Where boarders or lodgers are permitted, the following conditions shall apply: Not more than 2 patrons shall be accommodated within 1 dwelling unit; No cooking facilities or other facilities for the keeping of food shall be provided for within the bedrooms intended for the said operation; Parking of cars, trucks, house trailers, campers or boats operated by the patrons shall be provided for within the lot; and Where more than 2 patrons are accommodated, a valid business license has been issued for the use. Where the bed and breakfast use and boarders or lodgers are permitted the maximum number of patrons accommodated for both uses shall not exceed 6. The bed and breakfast use and boarders or lodgers are not permitted in a building containing a secondary suite.

27 CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE BYLAW Cost recovery in place to pay for resources on Grow Ops & Clandestine Labs (cooking drugs) EFSIT (Electrical Fire Safety Team) Mitigate safety risks Inspectors determine if grow was/is on site Most Grow Ops have been dismantled upon re- inspection Red notice posted on front door – no occupancy until remediation Basic cleanup is approx. $5000

28 Health Enhancement Centers and Body Rub Parlours Bylaw Dept with RCMP support have been working together in eradicating sexual activity in Commercial Businesses in the City. Must have evidence of engaging in misconduct in accordance with the Business or Premise to suspend/cancel Business License License holder has the right to be heard and reconsidered by Council

29 FALSE ALARMS City to recoup money spent on sending RCMP & Fire to false alarms If fines are not paid they are added to taxes $105 Fine ($80 if paid within 14 days)

30 AUTHORITIES Community Charter Sec 16 Authority to enter on or into property ( 2) The authority may be exercised by officers or employees of the municipality or by other persons authorized by the council (3) Authority to enter on property, and to enter into property, without the consent of the owner or occupier 4(a) reasonable times and in a reasonable manner, and must take reasonable steps to advise the owner or occupier before entering the property

31 List of all City Bylaws



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