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City Council WorkshopSeptember 15, 2008. City Council held workshops on October 16, 2007, March 18, 2008, and discussed at the regular council meeting.

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1 City Council WorkshopSeptember 15, 2008

2 City Council held workshops on October 16, 2007, March 18, 2008, and discussed at the regular council meeting of April 15, 2008 the issue of overcrowded on-street parking which: Prevents street sweeping Prevents police observation of properties Masks presence of abandoned/inoperable vehicles Harms neighborhood appearance and creates blight Jeopardizes neighborhood safety City Council directed staff to prepare an off-street parking ordinance. The Tustin Planning Commission reviewed the draft Off-Street Parking Ordinance on May 27, 2008.

3 Inhibits trash collection Vehicle repairs done on-street Prevent street sweeping Inoperative Vehicles Reduces access to garages Trash/debris piles up Garage Trash receptacles were pushed onto the street to allow pick up.

4 Vehicles for SaleRecreational Vehicles Storage Within a typical city block, 80% of vehicles parked were FOR SALE Boats, jet-skis, or other recreational vehicles are stored on street Cars for sale Boat w/trailer

5 Businesses utilizing public street for commercial vehicles Commercial vehicles are parked on streets

6 Residential Parking Garages are being used as storage or recreation space Garage as StorageGarage as Recreation Space

7 Parking/storage on landscape areas or in front yards blocking access to garage(s) Use of canvas awnings, sunshade, and carport canopies within the front yard area for parking, storage, etc. Landscape area Residential Parking Canvas awning used as permanent storage area

8 Over paving of front yard Residential Parking Concrete paving

9 138 condominium unit project in southwest area of the City adjacent to single family neighborhoods Each unit is required to provide garage and carport 89 illegal garage conversions exist on the project site garage carport Garage converted into living space

10 Perimeter parking spaces are substandard and cause substandard drive aisle width Prevent emergency vehicles from accessing the property Delivery trucks parking along the drive aisle exacerbates current condition Parking spaces not meeting Citys standards Cars encroach onto drive aisle Blocks emergency vehicles access

11 82 unit apartments in southwest neighborhood Approximately 50% of garages are being rented to non- residents Overflow parking crowded the adjacent street. Garages rented to residents and non residents Overflow parking along adjacent street

12 Long-term recreational vehicle parking Parking of boats, inoperable vehicles, etc. Blocking of sidewalks impact pedestrian safety Residential Parking Blocks Sidewalks

13 Garages and accessory structures used as storage of hazardous materials within residential neighborhood Creates safety concerns Hazardous materials dangerous to children and occupants Limits Fire and Police rescue efforts

14 RV storage poses aesthetic issues to neighbors and streetscape RV storage poses potential safety issues (i.e., blocks sidewalk and visibility ) Recreational Vehicles Storage blocks sidewalk Dominates Streets View

15 Recreational Vehicles Storage Visible from street and by neighbors Can dominate front, side or rear yards or be inches from sidewalk Considered as blight by neighbors Block emergency access to residence/yards Side yard access Storage dominates front yard & street view

16 Recreational Vehicles Storage Blocks access to driveways and garage RVs not moved for months or years or are in a deteriorated condition Larger portion of front yard paved instead of landscaping Access to garage Detached Garage Boat has not been moved for an extended time

17 Storage Safety Issues: RVs usually contains combustible fuels (gasoline, propane, etc.). When not properly parked, RVs can pose immediate threat to pedestrians, children riding bicycles, skateboards along sidewalk. May cause fire/electrical shortage when illegally connected to the homes utility Recreational Vehicles Storage Extension cords to home Awning supports encroach onto sidewalk

18 Typically placed against neighbor property line or street - away from owners home Can damage public right-of-way Neighbors home Owners home Neighbors home Owners home RVs are heavy and can damage streets and sidewalks Recreational Vehicles Storage

19 Consolidate, clarify and strengthen parking and driveway regulations, including: Consolidate parking development standards into one Tustin City Code section Require residents to park vehicles in garages Require that garages be available for parking Clarify recreational vehicle storage Establish enforceable parking lot design standards Prohibit canvas awnings, temporary sunshades and carport canopies as covered parking Clarify regulations related to storage of unregistered vehicles, boats, campers, etc.

20 Restrict RV parking and require screening Prevent over paving and preserve landscaping in street front yards Prohibit the use of canopies or tents as garages or carports Provide regulations related to storage of commercial vehicles (i.e., overnight parking) Require commercial parking lots to be used only by business owners, tenants and patrons and prohibit residential parking.

21 üAdopt an ordinance restricting parking on public streets during the hours and on the day the street is scheduled to be swept Residential streets7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Arterial streets 4:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. üAdopt an ordinance prohibiting parking on the following designated arterial streets: Irvine Blvd between Prospect Avenue & Holt Avenue Newport Avenue between Sycamore Avenue and First Street Red Hill Avenue between Sycamore Avenue and Mitchell Street and between San Juan Street and Bryan Avenue



24 Remove on-street parking on the three major arterials: Irvine Blvd, Newport Avenue, and Red Hill St. to increase roadway capacity. Expand the street sweeping program city-wide, prohibiting parking during street sweeping hours for every street in the city.

25 In conjunction with implementation of stripping the arterials of on-street parking, revamp existing preferential permit parking procedures for single family residential zones. The purpose would be to: Respond to potential spillover parking impacts caused by elimination of on-street parking on the arterials, Respond to pending and future preferential permit parking requests from single family neighborhoods impacted by adjoining multifamily neighborhoods.

26 In Single Family Residential zones, policies and procedures for a preferential permit parking zone would include the following: If desired, a resident would apply for a permit parking zone by filing a written request, describing evidence that restricted parking is necessary. The City Council would make the final decision. If granted, on-street parking would be restricted from 2:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m. Residential exemption permits may be granted based upon full utilization of on-site garages and driveways Temporary permits would be granted for overnight guests Other exemption permits would be granted on a case-by-case basis All permits in current preferential permit parking neighborhoods would be void, and residents would need to reapply for new permits in compliance with the new policies and procedures.

27 In Multiple Family Residential zones, through the Neighborhood Improvement Task Force, the City will take a proactive approach to determine compliance with zoning regulations. Starting with the most impacted neighborhoods, the City will determine if the residents and property owners are using approved and required parking spaces and/or garages for their intended purposes. In Single Family Residential zones, the City will take a more proactive approach in responding to complaints and insuring required and/or garage parking spaces are being used for their intended purposes.

28 After one year, staff will return to the City Council and report on the success of the program.

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