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Laws Governing Driver Licenses

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1 Laws Governing Driver Licenses
Motors must carry a valid license or permit, insurance and registration. Motorist on permit must be supervised Legal residents must be licensed in NJ Change of address within 1-week (online) Legal name change within 2-weeks (go to DMV) Out of state drivers have 60 days to get NJ license 30 days with CDL pg 6-7

2 Laws Governing Driver Licenses
All individuals must complete the GDL Program when first licensed Under 18 must submit parental consent form Permits are valid for 2 years All permit and probationary drivers must display (2) reflective decals pg 6-7



5 When applying for your license
Full name Gender Current Address Social security number Age Legal presences All documents must be original and in English pg 7

6 Driver Licenses If convicted of altering or showing an altered license the penalties may be: $1,000 fine Loss of driving privileges and/or up to 6 month imprisonment Obtaining a license illegally $200 to $500 fine 30 to 90 days in jail pg 8

7 Can you spot the fake?

8 Number 4 is the fake!

9 Types of Driver Licenses
Class D or Basic license Valid for 4 years Minimum age is 18 (and complete GDL program) Test required (knowledge, vision and road) Commercial licenses are Class A,B,C Motorcycle are Class E or M as an endorsement Moped license required for mopeds for age 15 and older without a license pg8-10

10 6 Point ID Verification Must present documentation every time you apply for a license. At least 1 primary and 1 secondary Documents must be original In English This is primary reason people fail to receive a license on first visit pg 12-15

11 Graduated Driver License
Graduate licensing has proven to be effect in reducing crash rates – Currently every state has some type of GDL system NJ started theirs in 2001 The GDL programs places restrictions on new drivers Fine for violating any restriction is $100 and possibly increase in GDL time pg 16

12 Early Bird 16 years old – Go to driving school Parental consent
6 hours of behind the wheel training Pass written & eye test Instructor applies for Special Learners Permit you pay school pg 17

13 Early Bird continued After 6 hours then:
6 months (minimum) supervised practice Be 17 and pass road test to receive probationary When 18 and after 1 year with probationary go to MVC and get basic license pg 17

14 Young Adult 17 to 20 years old Parental consent (under 18)
Pass written & eye test Pay fee Go to MVC for Examination Permit pg 18

15 Young Adult continued After 6 months (minimum) supervised practice
Then pass road test to receive probationary After 1 year with probationary go to MVC and get basic license Even if year of probationary is over you are still a probationary driver until you get your basic pg 18

16 Permit Restrictions Adult supervising driver – in front seat, 21 years old, NJ license with 3 years experience Time – no driving 11:01 pm to 5:00 am No electronics Passengers – Parent, guardian, dependants and 1 additional All must wear seat belts Display decals pg 20

17 Probationary License Restrictions
Time – no driving 11:01 pm to 5:00 am No electronics Passengers – dependants plus 1, unless with parent All must wear seat belts Decals pg 20

18 Adult 21 and older Pass knowledge and vision test
3 months of supervised driving must follow seat belts and electronic use restrictions Pass road test 1 year of probationary - belts and electronic use restrictions pg 19

19 GDL Exemptions Time restriction - if and exemption for religion or employment is need you must carry a legible note from religious official or employer If permit holder commits a traffic offense the driver, instructor or adult supervisor get ticket pg 21-23

20 ID & CDL’s 17 year olds can obtain a non-driver photo ID if they can present the 6-pts of ID program There are 3 classes of CDL’s (A, B, C) Class A – Truck of 26,001 lbs or more or trailer of 10,000 lbs or more Class B – Trucks of 26,001 lbs or more, trailers of less than 10,000 or buses of more than 16 Class C – trucks under 26,000, all buses

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