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Longfellow Middle School February 18, 2014 Welcome to Curriculum Night.

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1 Longfellow Middle School February 18, 2014 Welcome to Curriculum Night

2 LMS Curriculum Night Welcome and Introductions – Carol Kihm, Principal – Nancy Magistro Kazakos, 7 th and 8 th Grade Assistant Principal PTA Welcome – Katie Fallon, PTA President

3 LMS Curriculum Night Objectives – Jill Tucker, Director of Student Services, Bruce Walker 7 th Grade School Counselor – To become familiar with the course offerings and after school programs available to Longfellow students for the 2014-2015 school year – To gain an understanding of the Longfellow academic advising process

4 Rising 7 th Grade Information All middle school students take the following courses: English, Math, Science, History, PE and electives Three possible combinations of electives: 2 full year electives 1 full year, 2 half-year electives 4 half-year electives

5 Registration Events For Rising Seventh Grade Students February 13 th, 2014 – Curriculum Night February 6-28 th – Longfellow school counselors visit feeder elementary schools to present registration information to students, students receive course offering book cd and selection sheets. Parent(s) and students should review form and information together and return the form to the elementary school according to their due date. Please choose wisely as our master schedule and class sizes depend on your choices. April 21 st – 24 th – Elementary feeder schools tour Longfellow (TBA)

6 Rising 7 th grade Registration Activities and Events How to Thrive PTA and LMS Student Services parent program – Thursday, April 24, 2014, 7 p.m. May or June 2014 – Families receive list of courses that students are enrolled in, requests for changes in courses should be sent to the students Longfellow counselor liaison and must be received by June 20th August 12 th – 15 th – Start to Success program at LMS Week of August 26 th 2013 – Rising 7 th Open House/Locker Night (details TBA)

7 LMS Elementary School Counselor Liaisons Mrs. Samantha Kramer 703-533-2638/ Haycock and Timberland Mrs. Liane Paulson 703-533-2639/ Chesterbrook and Franklin Sherman Mrs. Margaret Veenstra 703-533-4528/ Churchill, Lemon Road and Westbriar Mr. Bruce Walker 703-533-2627/ Colvin Run and Spring Hill Mrs. Debbie Peel 703-533-2637/ Kent Gardens, Westgate and private schools

8 Considerations for Academic Advisement for Parents Develop an understanding of your students strengths and interests to give them a rigorous and balanced schedule that challenges them but does not overwhelm them.

9 Frequently Asked Questions - Honors vs. AAP Enrollment Honors Classes Open enrollment Wider range of abilities in Honors classes Rigorous Students should possess a strong work ethic No class changes until the end of the 1 st quarter AAP Classes Test into the AAP Program Rigorous Students must commit to all 3 AAP courses (English, Social Studies, Science Possibly more extensions / projects in the AAP courses

10 Frequently Asked Questions Math Enrollment Math 7 Honors – 8 th grade curriculum, 6 th grade compacted math and strong grades ensure success in this course Algebra 1 Honors – Elementary schools administer assessments – students must earn 91 st percentile on the IOWA and pass advanced on the 7 th grade Math SOL for this placement

11 Frequently Asked Questions Support Classes Read 180 Action Literacy Algebra Readiness

12 Electives offerings video Video Frequently Asked Questions available on LMS website: – 4-2015FAQCurriculumNight.pdf 4-2015FAQCurriculumNight.pdf

13 We look forward to having your students at Longfellow!!!

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