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2 AGENDA  2850??  Registration Calendar  Levels of Classes  Helpful Reference Material  9th Grade Schedule  Graduation Requirements  Curriculum Information  Frequently Asked Questions  Questions and Answer Time

3 2850 2850 is our projected enrollment for the 2014-15 school year We currently have 10 “mobile classrooms”—at least 5 more expected Patriot is closed to out of district transfer students for the time being

4 REGISTRATION TIMELINE February 10 th Ronald Reagan MS visit (Mrs. Snoots, Director) February 12 th Marstellar MS February 13 th Gainesville MS March 3rd course selection sheets signed and returned to Middle School June 17 last day to request changes


6 REGISTRATION PROCEDURE The counselors will be meeting with the current 8 th graders to pick classes for next year Current 8 th grade teachers are making or have made recommendations for class levels This year, you have the option of overriding the recommendation (this is not recommended, your current teachers know you best!) in future years switching the level can be appealed to the Administrator (Asst. Principal) in charge of the subject area in question (no parent override)

7 PROCEDURE (CONT.) Please review the course selection sheet with your 8 th grader(s) if you have a change that you would like to make, please clearly indicate that on the form. Please return the form to your middle school counselor (by March 28 th )

8 Typical 9th Grade Schedule: 7 Classes 1 English 9 or Pre-AP English 9 2 World History 1 or Pre-AP World History 3 Earth Science, ADV Earth Science, Pre-AP Biology 1 4 Algebra 1 or Pre-AP Algebra 1 Geometry or Pre-AP Geometry 5 HPE 9 6 World Language or Elective 7 Elective

9 9TH GRADE ACADEMIC OPTIONS STANDARD COURSES Based on rigorous program of studies that go beyond state expectations of SOL Courses provide students with the opportunity to meet graduation requirements while focusing on college/future readiness

10 9TH GRADE ACADEMIC OPTIONS (CONT.) PRE-AP COURSES Courses extend the standard program of studies in depth and complexity May be a stepping stone for future Advanced Placement courses

11 CHARACTERISTICS OF PRE-AP COURSES Strong emphasis on reading and writing In-depth analysis of material Increased number of challenging projects and papers Fast pace

12 WHEN TO CONSIDER A PRE-AP COURSE The student… Is personally interested in the Pre-AP course Is willing and able to work independently and is self- motivated Seeks to understand and explain material instead of just memorizing it

13 AP COURSES **The first AP class available to students who have achieved the recommendation is AP World History 10 th grade year AP Courses Advanced Placement Program  Advanced Placement (AP)  Curricula developed by College Board  College Level Courses  Mandatory AP Exam in May for each course

14 STANDARD DIPLOMA 22 CREDITS English 4 History/ Social Studies 4 Mathematics 3 Laboratory Science 3 Health/PE 2 Econ/Personal Finance 1 Electives 5* 22 total *2 of the required 5 electives credits must be sequential (e.g. Art 1 and Art 2, Basic Technical Drawing and Architectural Drawing)

15 ADVANCED DIPLOMA 26 CREDITS Curriculum Area Units of Credit English 4 History/ Social Studies 4 Mathematics 4 Laboratory Science 4 World Language 3 (or 2+2) Health and Physical Education 2 Fine Arts or Career/Tech Ed 1 Econ/Personal Finance 1 Electives 3 26 total

16 SOL CLASSES English 11 (2 tests-reading and writing) World History 1 World History 2 US Virginia History Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Earth Science Biology Chemistry

17 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Are students who are not in the AP Scholars Program able to take AP classes? YES! Students do not have to be enrolled in the AP Scholars program to take AP Classes Do students have to take Pre-AP level classes to get an advanced diploma? No, the diploma type refers the required classes-not the level of required classes

18 FAQS. (CONT.) Athletics? Mr. Brad Qualls, our Activities Director will be visiting the middle schools in March, in the meantime you can familiarize yourself with our Athletics program online… go to “files & links” to find information about physicals and other requirements like concussion training.

19 RECOMMENDATIONS/REMINDERS Patriot is a very large high school, we strongly recommend that you and most importantly your student get acclimated to the school by attending performances by our students…The Spring Musical is right around the corner as well as many athletic contests, the winter sports are finishing up and spring sports will be beginning in March Freshman Orientation will take place the week before school begins in August… Just to emphasize all of this information and more is available on the school website Go Future Pioneers


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