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JUNO BEACH PEACE GARDEN PROPOSAL April 15, 2011 Presented by Terron & Megan.

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1 JUNO BEACH PEACE GARDEN PROPOSAL April 15, 2011 Presented by Terron & Megan

2 IODE Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire A century old charitable organization of women Dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals, through education support, community service and citizenship programs Created to support soldiers of the Boer War

3 Garden Shape Inspiration Poppy is symbol of remembrance

4 Satellite Image Useable area outlined in white

5 Garden Location

6 Layout Red Paving Stone Bench Monument Garden 2 m 6 m

7 Phase 0Preparation Garden design competition Creation of Garden committee (Mike Black, Megan, Terron and Leanna Darling [landscape coordinator]) Concept creation and preliminary design Meeting with CBE Grounds Services to determine best site location Site approval signed Fundraising (in process) Budgeting (in process) Needs assessment from all stakeholders (students, teaching staff, parents, administration, area residence) Location of phone lines, natural gas, electric, cable TV, data, water lines, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, catch basins (1 (800) 242-3447) Landscape Architect (Stantec) to help create Master Plan Submit Mater Plan to CBE Grounds services Obtain approval from Community Association, City Parks Association Notify grounds services prior to construction (4 weeks) Secure contractor Purchase of materials

8 Phase 1 General Spring Clean-up Removal of fence Clean up of brush around evergreen green Raking and general maintenance Install security fencing Construction of round raised garden

9 Phase 2 Construction of poppy with red paving stones Option to pursue: poured red concrete

10 Phase 3 Addition of 4 benches Garbage can

11 Phase 4 Centre memorial Planting of ferns around memorial

12 Phase 5 Addition of sidewalks From north west corner of park From school driveway across from front entrance

13 Phase 6 Inspection from Principal and Grounds Services Final Construction Approval signed

14 Raised Centre Garden Image Note: garden will house memorial, memorial will be surrounded with local, low maintenance plants

15 Centre Memorial Stone Potential text: Lest we forget Potential image: dove Approximately: $1000

16 Red Paving Stone

17 Benches 4 concrete benches (each approx. $1000) Wooden benches inappropriate because of risk of carving rampant in the neighbourhood

18 Contractors Members of IODE do not have the skills and knowledge necessary to create a high quality product, a contractor is necessary Initial quote: Contractor Dave Pauls ~$30-35/square foot Garden area is approximately 400 square feet Estimated total: $12 000-14 000 Is there another way???

19 Fundraising All donors to be recognized on the memorial itself or with a separate plaque

20 Timeline Timeline is entirely dependent on funds available If total funds are raised and contractor can be secured, garden will be completed by fall of 2011 If funds are not raised, project will be completed phase by phase until completion Garden usable for Remembrance ceremonies and basic uses prior to ultimate completion

21 Financials Costs: (excluding labour) Paving stone: $1500 Raised central memorial stone: $200 Raised central memorial:$1500 Dirt/sand: $200 Plants: $150 Benches: $4000 Stone garbage can: $300 Total: $7850 Money raised thus far: $1100

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