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Cruz Bay Waterfront Plan

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1 Cruz Bay Waterfront Plan
Ferry Dock Alterations Main Parking Area Alterations Creek Alterations Enighed Pond Alterations Presented By Paul Devine Overview of Plan

2 Existing Waterfront View of Cruz Bay waterfront from the air

3 Areas Affected Alterations To Include Ferry Dock, Area Along Existing Parking Area Near Ferry Dock and Creek Area Ferry Docks, Creek and Enighed Pond Enighed Pond

4 Approximate Dimensions of Existing Dock
Existing Ferry Dock-Approximately 150 ft X 50 ft Existing Dinghy Docks Ferry Boats Existing conditions Ticket/Waiting

5 Extended Dock and Building
Extended Dinghy Dock Charter Boats New Marina Area-Overnight, short and long-term slips Dinghies General idea of new ferry dock area Enlarged Building All Ferries Moved To North Side of Dock

6 Alterations To Ferry Dock Area
Extend existing ferry dock to twice its length Remove and re-install existing south dinghy dock to twice its length Remove north dinghy dock completely Install slips on north side of new dock Install new marina-type metered shore power with water Install new dumping station at far west end of extended dock Allows new marina and more space for ferries Double width of existing ticket/waiting area and install Customs/ Harbor Master/public bathroom addition Install Additional lighting at dock and dinghy dock areas Provides income to PA through hook-up fees

7 Extended Dock and Building Approximately 300 ft X 50 ft
Existing retail area Extended dinghy dock/charter boat space approx 150 ft Optional dock Extended dock Slips Slips shoreline Optional Dock Shore Power/water for each slip Marina with optional dock Enlarged ticket/waiting/customs building Extended room for additional ferry boats

8 New Dock At Ferry Area Existing Ferry Dock The “Battery” Area
Existing Ticket/Waiting Area New Dock w/Vendor and Fish Market areas Allows for new St. John Fish Market Existing Parking area Existing Roadway

9 New Dock At Ferry Area Extends the length of the existing parking area and is at least 35 ft wide Is well lit and has provisions for electric and water/sewer hookups for vendors and fish market Provides immediate access to vendors upon arrival of visitors Allows Park to be used for intended purpose-beautiful grounds, rest and relaxation Provides a better visitor first experience Provides vendor area and better visitor experience Provides income to PA through vendor space rental fees

10 Main Parking Area Outline
To “Creek” Existing bathrooms and Customs areas Existing vendor areas Existing area Existing Openings

11 Alterations to Main Parking Area
Remove existing bathroom entirely Remove Customs and Harbor Master building Remove existing vendor buildings, build new vendor area at corner Infill existing boat ramp Install parking area lighting Install new bulkhead from infill area to Creek bulkhead to create continuous waterfront break Provides a dedicated taxi parking area close to ferries (waterfront parking to remain) Provides more parking and dedicated taxi area Provides 40 additional Parking spaces Provides a larger Carnival area Provides PA with income from vendors

12 Renovated Main Parking Area
Adjoins “Creek” Area Renovated Main Parking Area The “Battery” Area Taxi Parking Area only New opening Public parking New opening In-filled ramp Relocated Vendor Area Existing opening to remain Waterfront Roadways Existing P.O.

13 The “Creek” Area Add new dock- 200 ft X 20 ft (NTS) Slips
New dinghy dock Main Parking Area Parking Parking New possible marina with TSA incorporated New Public Bathrooms, Customs, Harbor Master Building Continuous access to Main Parking Area NPS Area All fencing removed

14 Creek Renovations Provides a new dock with provisions for a 40 boat marina Provides new Customs, Harbor Master Building (TSA requirements remain intact) Provides bathroom facilities for public and boaters Provides additional 20 parking spaces PA collects fees from overnight and short-term boats Allows continuous parking to Main Parking area Provides additional revenues to local businesses Advantages Allows greater access to NPS facility

15 Enighed Pond Barge Area
Secondary Barge Docking Proposed Harbor Master Bldg. Optional Area For International Ferries Road Primary Barge Docking Area Mangrove Alternate Ferry area Spoils Area Entrance Road

16 Alternative Enighed Barge Area
Line of old break/dike New Dock w/ticketing Contant Area Buoys arranged for Barge and Ferry Traffic Road Enlarged view Mangrove

17 Alternative Enighed Barge Area
Optional ferry docking Line of old break/dike New Dock w/Ticketing Contant Area Buoys arranged for Barge and Ferry Traffic Road Enlarged view Mangrove

18 New Enighed Dock Provides new dock and ticketing area for international travel Frees Creek area of large boat traffic, allowing for marina Proposed new Enighed Harbor Master building could also be Customs The new dock can be up to 250 long

19 Proposed Enighed Parking Area
Barge Area Relocated Harbor Master/Customs w/Public Bathrooms General location of spoils area Dedicated Taxi Area 150 Parking Spaces Proposed entrance/exits

20 Alternate Proposed Enighed Parking Area
Fenced walkway to ferry dock Barge Area Customs/TSA/Ticketing Relocated Harbor Master w/Public Bathrooms General location of spoils area Dedicated Taxi Area 150 Parking Spaces Proposed entrance/exits

21 Enighed Pond Area Parking/Buildings
Re-locating Harbor Master/Bathrooms would provide public facilities. (The public cannot enter a TSA area) Grouping Customs/Ticketing would provide a secure TSA area International travelers can purchase tickets and go through Customs Dedicated taxi area would provide immediate transportation New parking area would allow short and long-term parking for international travelers and local parking Customs close by would allow greater ease of checking of imports

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