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Using applied research for Project DataBase, Projects and Proposals helping Sponsors to make a chooise ProjectCare Dick Slikker, Msc.

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1 Using applied research for Project DataBase, Projects and Proposals helping Sponsors to make a chooise ProjectCare Dick Slikker, Msc

2 1.Who I am, what I did, examples 2.Research&Project steps: Research and projects in the Bible (Nehemiah) 3.Why is research important 4.Case, Philippines 5.Sponsors, who, how, their rules 6.Next steps Program ProjectCare

3 Master in public health epidemiology and statistician Was researcher in OD, now much for different missions, worked for former Soviet Union, Middle East, etc. How can we bring much NT into Iran, what method (train, truck,, bus, etc) from what country (Armenia, Turkey, Dubai, etc) Internet project Saudi Arabia, what is their filtering How to setup a chain of Christian health centers in India Mission-Net (big mission congress): factor analysis gave 4 types of visitors, needed for marketing plan 1. Who I am and some projects European un-churched Youth project evaluation Small survey country leader Food, medical and rehabilitation project proposal Pakistan Survey NL Member Care Mission-Net, surveys under participants, volunteers, exhibitors and national motivators Etc ProjectCare

4 2. Research&Project steps Research and projects in the Bible 1.Desk research (Neh 1:2,3) 2.Analysis of options (Neh 1:4-11) 3.Field research (Neh 2:11-16) 4.Baseline (Neh 2: 17) 5.Project proposal (Neh 2:17-20) 6.Project implementation (Neh 3-7) 7.Project supervising (Neh 3-7) 8.Evaluation & recommendations (Neh 7-13) ProjectCare Conclusion: research is not a modern method (see Nehemiah) only the techniques are different (we have easier access to data and information) Walking the talk

5 2a. Project composition Initia- tion Determi nation Preparati on Execution Termi- nation Sub-projects ProjectCare Problem identification Prioritizing problems Literature / Desk research Analysis Sufficient information Effects Resources Documents Approaches Conditions sponsor Field research Research Who, what, where, when, how Local law, licenses Management plan Financial plan Quality plan Risk plan Dealing with situation Deadlines Cooperation Communication Project team (organization) Project leader Check culture (ethics) Partners Tests Research Effectiveness Delegating tasks Delegating responsibilities Monitor & control Continuing Research Decisions Managing Activities Resources Finances Organization Results Situation Personnel Close administration Improvement Reports (e.g. accountability to sponsor) Inform Evaluate Process Effect (control group) Conclusion: a project is not easy, but very complex, many factors, dont forget one. Without research you will make the wrong decisions in all phases of a project. Write in Project DataBase in what phase the project is.

6 3. Why is research important Applied research Social problem / need Research question Data collection / analysis Knowledge Application / use Change in policy, organization, project What is difference between data and information, how to use Information is a vital production factor Conclusion: not everybody in your team is a good researcher (the same for playing piano, it is not a shame), take the good ones to help with research and analysis Description of a researcher, qualifications Advanced analytical skills Loves details Creative Patience Diplomacy and sensitivity Initiative and problem solving skills Acknowledging that he knows very little and there is so much to learn Non-judgmental open-hearted attitude Research is important because we are able to learn more about things, people, and events. In doing research, we are able to make smart decisions. Research is another word for gathering information. The more information we gather, the closer we get to our career target. Research skills help us make our own decisions. ProjectCare

7 4. Case: Philippines Type of Projects Spiritual Social ProjectCare From a Project DataBase about the Philippines Background: The Filipinos are a kind, warm-hearted and hospitable people. Time is far from the most important part of life, and a laid-back attitude is a great help in getting through the heavy Manila traffic or in coping with the hardships of life. Poverty is rife, and street-children are a common sight in the big cities. What is missing? Why?

8 4a. Case, Philippines ProjectCare What type of social projects can you do in the Phillipines? General brainstorming The most important conclusion is: you need more (always more) information. What information do you need to know to get ideas for social projects? 1) General desk research Start with the factsbook of CIA, see: Start with Wikipedia, see: Education Health (Aids, Obesity, etc) (Un)EmploymentThis all was mostly missing in Background Project DataBase Economics Literacy All social problems

9 4b. Case, Philippines ProjectCare 2) You make selection, e.g. street children Continue Desk research: type in Google social problems Philipines children unemployment under youth is high child labor child prostitution (75000) 3) Start your Field research e.g. interview children what is their future what is main reason of this problem how see the children that you can help what see the authorities how you can help (City Social Welfare and Development (CSWD)) etc, etc 4) Make a project proposal (see next) for yourself and a sponsor (in cooperation with a country leader) What makes this project attractive for a sponsor. Put info in Project DataBase: Outcome: e.g. to see 100 girls per year going back from prostitution into normal life Activities: e.g. contacting girls in streets, have a farm to house 40 girls, train them in a job, …. Conclusion: Collect information and THINK OUT OF YOUR BOX, Translate information into a practical project

10 5. Sponsors, who, how, their rules Luke 1:3 since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to write an orderly account for you; different translations: Carefully, Orderly, Accurately, Great care, Put the facts Different kind of sponsors Individuals - facts and emotion, stories, personal involvement in project (like sponsering a child or building a school) A church - the same Sponsor Organization - (like ICCO, Prisma, EO-Metterdaad) want facts, transparant, according to their rules, overhead 8%), professional, evaluation EU, USAid – facts, professional, evaluation Conclusion: every sponsor is asking for a different approach and project proposal Conclusion: build a good relation and communication with Organization country offices to see what type of sponsors they have. Country leaders are often more interested in a project (field) than their own work. ProjectCare

11 5a. Make project Proposal for (specific) Sponsor; Après-Project DataBase Example of items in a proposal Ambition Introduction Problemsituation/background Goals Results Activities Targetgroup(s) Capacity Manpower Timeplanning Budget Organization Projectorganization Information The purpose of a project proposal is to make your project better, more efficient, less risky, better control, etc. The second purpose can be to get money from a sponsor Conclusion: Make always a project proposal, clear, simple, complete ProjectCare

12 5b. Criteria of Sponsors Country list (selection of countries which they see as needed) Often special topics (e.g. education, healtcare, Hiv, woman) Criteria: e.g. woman equality, sustainability, working with local partners, environmental, etc Want to see the project is structural Want to know a lot about you as organization, even salary director, Want to know all about your partners Loyalty and transparent, Holistic & healing, Professional and participatory, Responsible and innovative How reliable is a project How reliable is project leader (&team) Does this project fits in rules / conditions What risk is this project for sponsor Use their form / template if available Win / win Pay often a part (often 50%) Almost all sponsors are not willing to pay continuous for a project. Try to make your project self supporting within 3-4 years Many sponsors want to see new projects as a pilot for more, reproducible ProjectCare Conclusion: sponsors has money, but also a lot of rules / requirements

13 6 Next steps (Activities ProjectCare) Research (desk&field) Analysis Statistical analysis (SPSS) Coaching in Proposal writing and grant solicitation Project planning Support logistics Implementation Pioneering Strategy Development Monitoring Assessment Evaluation Business planning Training / coaching in applied research Intermediary for sponsor ProjectCare Just like MemberCare is for all kind of aspects for members, I want to introduce ProjectCare for all kind of aspects of projects.

14 ProjectCare

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